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A Life Without Living (Chapter 1 of Forêt)


Chapter 1

As I sit in this huge mansion, so great it could take anyone’s breathe away. Outside the windows a beautiful meadow, grass so green nothing could compare, a sky so blue you could mistake it for an ocean, so many beautiful flowers you could open up a flower shop. This would be such a great place to start a family and live out my life and grow old with the woman I love, surrounded by our grandchildren. I was so close to that life, so close to that happiness. Alexandria was, is the women I love and I’m going to get her back no matter how many people I have to kill to do it.

I’m Alexandria but people call me Alex, I just turn 18 a week ago, I also just started my senior year of high school. I’ll be graduating in exactly 10 months and I have nothing to show for it, my life sucks. I know, that’s what typical teenagers would say about their life but I’m serious, for starters I’m writing in a journal/diary right now, a birthday present of course. But let’s go down the list, 1st my family is the total opposite of me, their always happy, have the best town spirit and want to be involved in everyone’s life. They think there’s something wrong with me because I don’t like to be at parties and be in the middle of everything, it’s really nice to sit at home read a book and dream of the life I wish I had, is that so wrong. 2nd my mom only cares about my sister, so I’m pretty much invisible to her and 3rd my sister Amber is miss popular, perfect hair, perfect grades, perfect boyfriend, friends and the list just keeps going on and on. I have one friend, my grades are average and I couldn’t get a date to prom to save my life. I mean I think I’m `pretty; well I’m OK for the most part. I’m an average looking person not too tall about 5’5, I’m not fat not skinny either and I’m half black and half white, well my mom half black and half white and I guess my dads white seen I’ve only seen pictures of him I don’t really know and every time I ask my mom about him she ignores me. But back to the point, I should be able to find someone, anyone in this horribly small town called leeway. So small you probably couldn’t find it on a map, just a little spec on the edge of England’s coast.

I don’t know why my mom decided to move here in the first place I loved Arizona, it was my home, and it was the place I could understand. It was so warm and hot there, unlike here and I had friends with an “s”. My life there was kind of perfect, I was even on the verge of having a boyfriend but then my mom just pick up everything and decided to move here in the middle of my freshman year. Of course my perfect sister adjusted perfectly fit right in at our new school Leeway high. I hate the fact that she is so smart that she had to skip a grade putting her in the same grade as me, she’s like a floating ball of perfect that I can’t get away from, you might as well call me the little sister cause I’m always in her shadow. You can’t choose your family but the good thing is you can choose your friends well in my case friend without an “S”.

A Life Without Living

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