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A Junkyard Dog General, Story Two: Rex and Dot

Mike is a long-time supporter of procrastination and enjoys doing as often as he can.



Rex woke up to a strange tingly feeling running down his body and a mouth full of pain. He struck at the lead deer and found it to be a fake. Rex ripped out its throat and was electrocuted for his trouble. He knew the feeling from the Boss’s fence in the back and how he knew never to touch it again. Rex didn’t know how long he was out, but the other animals had left him and the fake deer alone. In his mind, he stopped calling them deer-meat. His mind had expanded in his time on the road and while he was knocked out. New concepts came into his head along with the ever-present voice from the strange boxes saying he should kill humans. The boy went west and came from the east, so he would go east hoping to find any signs of the boss or just maybe more trouble.

The other animals gave Rex a wide birth as he walked down the middle of the road. He would see an occasional deer, but they would see him and run. Near a town, his boss called an open sewer he heard suffering. In a small cage, he found a white dog trapped underneath the half-eaten body of what had to be her owner. Rex knew this white dog was in a way just like him, so he pushed the body off the cage and gently pulled it out. The strange markings on the cage began to make sense, and he was able to open it. Rex didn’t have to smell her butt to know she was afraid of him. He backed away and gave her enough room to get out. The white dog got out and went to the dead woman in the car, hiding under her lifeless arm.


You Understand Me

Rex didn’t have the time or the ability to convince her to come with him, so he left. A mile into the trip, he heard a bark. He turned around and saw the little dog was following him. Rex went down to the ground and lowered his head to show a sort of submission to this dog, hoping it would make her feel safer. She walked over to him and licked his face making it all good between the two of them. Rex wished he had a way to communicate with her to tell her his plan. A thought came over to him, saying she understands and wants to come with him. Rex thought, “you understand me?” She answered, “and you understand me, so let's just go with it and make the best of our new abilities.”

She said she had a human name, but she hated it, so she wanted to be called Dot, the name of her friend. Dot didn’t see her human as her owner but as a friend. Unlike Rex, Dot knew her human was dead. She could also hear the voices telling her to kill the humans, but like Rex, she had no desire to hurt people. Dot was a Bichon Frise with a pedigree and time on the dog show circuit. That week she was supposed to be meeting another dog her friend was setting her up with so they could have puppies. She said how they tried this before, but the other dog just wasn’t interested in a dog that looked just like himself.


Zappy Mechanical One

A deer wandered into the road, not spotting either dog. Dot froze at the sight of the large animal. Rex could smell it, telling him it was a real deer and not a zappy mechanical one. Rex thought, “stay here and let me get into position.” Dot nodded, but she also peed a little. When the time was right, Dot barked out a half scared, half defiant bark, and the deer saw her. A look of real rapture came across the deer’s face as it stared at the small dog wanting to kill it. The deer ran and only saw Rex as he jumped out, catching it by the neck. The force of his momentum and his grasp spun him around and over the deer breaking its neck. The deer fell about ten feet away from Dot, and the two dogs ate well that night.

Columbus. Dot read the word out, sounding out all the strange letters. Rex said how his boss told him Columbus was an open sewer filled with corruption making his life harder than it had to be. There were several dead deer on the road and in the woods. Closer to the city was a wall and a small building with some armed people. The dogs watched as a car left the small building on the outside of the wall. Something smelled wrong about the people. The two dogs ran to follow the people. The strange smelling people drove to the street looking for something.


House Raid

The car stopped in front of a house just like any other on the block. The people were looking for something, and they found it. Rex knew this smell. People looking to start trouble had this smell about them. Two of them with weapons went around to the back while the other three went to the front. A man came out of the house with his arms up. The unusual sounds people usually make were making sense to Rex and Dot. The man said, “we aren’t looking for trouble. We want to stay alive just like you…… and this is my house. I bought it right after the war, the real war against the Nazis. Just leave us alone.” One of the men struck the older man and pushed him back and down. Two men came out, dragging a woman by her arms. Dot thought to Rex about how she could smell young people on the woman. One of the people said to put the woman and a word the dogs didn’t know back in the house. He said to the man, “OK, boy, if you want this house so much, you can burn with it.”

Without knowing he was going to do it, Rex was on his feet heading toward the house. The two men went inside with two others dragging the man and woman in. The fifth man stayed outside with a can of something that smelled nasty to Rex. Rex heard behind him, “Go inside; I’ll deal with this one.” He turned and saw Dot with a lean, hungry look in her eyes. Rex didn’t want to hurt people, but something about them didn’t smell like people. He struck the first man with all his force and momentum, knocking him into the second man and both onto the floor. Turning and rolling into a crouch, Rex leaped into the air just as the men came to realize a dog was in the house. He caught the third man by the throat and felt as it crunched them came off the man. He and the man hit the floor. Rex turned and saw the fourth man with his gun pointed at him.

Kills Bears Not Crackers

The fifth man watched as a dark blur bolted past him, and the sounds of chaos came from the house. A large gunshot came from inside then another. A new sound came from behind him. He turned and saw a dog just as it grabbed him between the legs and ripped off the front of his pants along with his genitals. He fell forward, giving the dog an easier grasp of his neck where she made short work of it and him. Dot stopped and pissed on the riving shuttering body. She came in to see Rex standing next to the man. The fourth man was on the floor, with most of his head gone. Rex would later tell her about the shiny death machine the man had. He told Rex for some reason it was to kill bears, not crackers, but in a pinch, it would do the job.

The man dragged the bodies into the house and set it on fire. He and the other people took the car and said they were going looking for a kid named Jimmy. The man said his name was James and he wanted Rex and Dot to come with them. Dot looked at the terror in the eyes of the children at the sight of two blood-soaked dogs and knew they had to find their way. Rex said the same to her, and they were off, leaving the people to forge their own story. Rex turned to the human named James and tried to speak his language, but all that came out was a bark the vaguely sounded like good luck.

A Scent

A mile out of town, the two dogs found a safe place for the night near a small pond where they could do their best to wash the blood off. In the wee hours of the morning, they became animals again, free from knowing anything but the more basic instincts of the male and female dogs they were. In the morning, Rex watched the sunrise thinking about his last two days and how he would never see Steve again. He had a new companion, and she was more than Steve could ever be, but Steve or the boss, as he once saw him was there from the beginning when a junkyard was a magical playground and every day was a wonder. Dot joined him watching the sun. Life was both harsh and good. Just then, Rex caught a scent, a scent he knew……...Steve.

© 2019 Michael Collins aka Lakemoron