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A Junkyard Dog General, Story Three: I Guess We're Together

Mike is a long-time supporter of procrastination and enjoys doing as often as he can.



A squirrel ran into the road, followed by six more than another hundred. The lead squirrel had red blinking lights for eyes. The squirrels searched around, looking for their target. They followed it from a house and were close to taking it down. A noise in the distance brought the pack to a stop. Much like the deer, the squirrels were getting smarter every hour the alien probes pulsed. Unlike the deer, the squirrels also were targeting their long-time enemies, cats, and dogs. The cats seemed to be immune to the wave, but the dogs were showing signs of intelligence. The dogs didn’t join in the war on the people, with many of them standing by humanity. The deer were killing many people, but the squirrels were having a harder time, but they could take on the dogs.



The lead squirrel saw it. A short dog with a short snout and a curly tail. The squirrels didn’t know what a pug was, nor did they care. This was a dog, and dogs had to die. Buster was having the time of his life running around away from his human and the bag she carried him around in. He was small even by pug standards, but he had a personality of a Great Dane. It had been more than a week since he had seen his human, and he was starting to wonder if he would ever see her or that bag again. Buster hated the bag, but he liked the human. He also liked the food she fed him. As he grew, his human would buy new purses to hold him until he became too big to carry. His meals went from gourmet to whatever he found on the street. He was also being followed by those tree rats.


Let the Squirrels Know

It started with just a few than a few more, but soon he was being followed by more than a hundred of those hated things. From a pup, Buster would let the squirrels know they didn’t belong in or around his human's property. He would bark and bark until his human would tell him to stop or the invader ran away. He took up this new job after he became too big to be carried around in the hated purse. His human called the squirrels' tree rats and the deer speed bumps. Buster barked his disapproval of the tree rats and went on his way confident they would know their place. He turned back and saw the street behind him was covered in so many squirrels the pavement was no longer visible. Staring back, Buster thought about the hated purse and his human’s protection.

The Great Dane

The mass of squirrels slowly moved in. A blood-curdling cry came from the woods. A dog that could easily be mistaken for a deer stepped out. The squirrels backed away, not knowing that this mammoth of an animal was a dog. All of them backed away except for the mechanical squirrel. The Great Dane moved far quicker than a dog of her size should easily spanning the distance and scooping up the mechanical squirrel crushing it in her mouth. The other squirrels looked at the sparking chunks of the fake squirrel as if they were waking up from a trance. The Great Dane walked over to Buster and said to him, “We should go before another smart rodent comes along and takes control.” Buster said back, “what?”

Two Dogs

The two dogs ran for about three-hundred feet when the larger dog saw Buster couldn’t keep up with her gate. She looked around until she found a bag. Buster saw the bag and said, “Oh, hell no, there’s no way I can carry you in that bag.” She looked back to see Buster smiling. He got in the bag, and using the straps, she picked him up, and they were on their way as fast as she could get away from the squirrel army as they waited for a replacement to take control. She thought to buster, “dam you're heavier than you look.” Buster replied, “yeah, that’s what my person says.” She crossed a stream leaving the squirrels behind them. She dropped the bag, and Buster rolled out. He looked up at her, and she looked back at him.



She said her name was Rosie. She spent most of her life in a small room tending to litters of puppies. Her owners would keep her cranking out puppies in what one of them called a mill. When the world ended, she was between puppies having her last litter taken away a week before the deer struck. Rosie was let out for some sun and exercise. Over the last three years, she lost count of how many puppies she had. When Rosie saw this smaller dog about to be killed by the squirrels, she knew she couldn’t just stand there. She had no love for most humans or puppy thieves as she saw them, but she also didn’t want her supply of food to disappear.

A Life of Barking at Squirrels

Rosie looked at this strange looking dog wandering about her puppies. Buster told her about his human and the purse. She didn’t have the heart to point out how his human had abandoned him to a life of barking at squirrels when he was no longer a fashionable accessory. Buster was filled with an energy Rosie wished she had or could shut off. She did her best to listen to him until it was just too much. She fell asleep as Buster stood, staring off into the distance. She woke to Buster bouncing around, saying as loud as he could, “somethings coming……. I think it’s another dog……. And another.” Not knowing what they would find, Rosie said, “we should hide and let them pass just in case they aren’t friendly.”

Meeting Dot and Rex

A strange voice came across Rosie’s mind saying, “it’s ok we are friendly and just passing by. We mean no harm.” Rosie’s eyes weren’t as good as they used to be. Eventually, the sight of what looked like a miniature version of herself and a small white dog came into focus. The male dog said he was named Rex, and the white dog was Dot. They were on their way following the scent of some humans hoping to find either this boy or a man they had met along their travels. Rosie warned them about the Squirrels over the hill. The four dogs stared at each other for a moment, not knowing what should come next. Dot asked, “would you like to come with us?” Rosie looked down at Buster then back to Dot. She said, “pass……... I’ve had my fill of people, but if Buster wants to go with you, then that’s up to him.”

I Guess We're Coming

Buster and Rosie watched as the other two dogs walked away. Buster said, “this was a mistake. We are stronger together.” A shadow moved in the woods. Then another and another. A herd of deer led by one of the robotic deer was running toward where Dot and Rex were. Rosie looked to Buster. He said, “go, I’ll do what I can to keep up, but either way, I don’t think I’ll be much help.” Rosie ran for Dot and Rex.

Rex said to Dot, “that was a strange pair.” Dot countered, “yeah, I wonder what their pups would look like.” A voice came from the dark, “they would look magnificent.” They turned around and saw a large twelve-point buck come out of the dark. It was the biggest deer yet. The voice said, “go for the legs.” Rex moved going low as Rosie came out of the dark, going high for the head. The two collided with the stunned deer biting and breaking bones taking the deer down before it could have a chance to act. Rosie said, “there are more coming.”

The three dogs went back to back to back as the deer came out of the woods. Dot asked, “where’s tiny?” Rosie countered, “he’s hiding waiting for me or us……. I guess.” A distant barking came from down the street. Rosie shook her head. The dogs started to growl out a warning. A large deer with a red blinking lite went out of the pack. It looked over the dogs. It turned to the other deer, and Rex was convinced it said, “this doesn’t matter. We are to kill humans.” The deer vanished into the dark. Five minutes later, Buster caught up with them panting and asking where they went. Rosie said, “I guess we're together in this.”

© 2019 Michael Collins aka Lakemoron