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A Junkyard Dog General, Part Seven: The Doberman Brothers

Mike is a long-time supporter of procrastination and enjoys doing as often as he can.



The deer took a turn to the southeast away from the other deer and the strange barking sound. The deer were out to kill humans, and any other animals were just collateral damage, but this left them open to becoming food for the other animals. The deer that could think kept a secret pact to kill any animal that seemed dangerous. The deer could see a time when all this was over. It turned away no longer thinking about a future, just trying to stay alive at that moment. Another growl turned the deer towards a box canyon. The walls narrowed as the deer raced for its life. Whatever was following it was gaining ground. The Deer stopped at the end of the narrow pass seeing three dogs waiting for it as another two came from behind.

The day the world ended, a man named Guy Gunther was taking his prizewinning Doberman Pincers to a show in Gettysburg, Pa. The dogs were all related by blood, with Fritz being the oldest and Hans the youngest. The other three were from the same litter named Ein, Zwei, and Drie the German words for one, two, and three. They watched helplessly in their crates as Squirrels killed Guy. When it seemed like all was lost, a young boy came along and freed them from their crates. They tried to help him by killing a deer for him to eat, but they didn’t know the clone deer were poisonous to the humans. They did their best to cover the boy and went about trying to stay alive. A few weeks later, they were hunting deer and eating well.


A New Scent

The dogs pulled the deer out into the open. The long chase, along with the quickness of the kill, made the meat taste better. The kill was becoming harder as the deer started to work together and fight back. The ever-present voice telling them to kill humans was changing, calling all animals to come together and fight to kill humans. The brother dogs as they were calling themselves didn’t want to hurt much less kill any humans, but they didn’t see any reason to help what was left of humankind. Humanity was on its way out, and they didn’t see a reason to prolong their demise.

A new scent came in from the west. The scent of a strange dog. Fritz said, “no, that’s two or three dogs.” So far, meeting with other dogs has been a mixed bag of bad and worse. Most were either wanting to join in the human killing or looking for a place to hide. None of them wanted to keep moving, and that was all the brothers wanted. The further they got away from their old lives of dog shows, the better they felt. They missed Guy, but they didn’t miss being paraded around and poked by strangers. Zwei, Said, “one of them is female with a strong scent, I think she's a big one.”


New Blood

With nothing to hold them back, Rex, Rosie, and Tac moved as fast as they could run. The General gave them directions, and with a little luck, they would find Jimmy and this girl. He tried to not think about Dot and the puppies she would have with him on this wild Jimmy hunt. Rex still wasn’t sure why he was trying to find this boy. They met once just for a few seconds, but he remembered seeing something in his eyes that made him want to protect this Jimmy, no matter what. He thought it might be a part of this long-lived connection between the primitive man and the dog; two animals with no real need to coexist but still finding a way to bond and become something more. They passed a burned gas station along with an armored personnel carrier. Rex stopped causing the other to run into him. He got up and said, “I can smell him.”

Fritz watched as one of the dogs sniffed around, looking for a scent. He turned to the others and said, “stay close and watch…...I’m going to go see what they want.” Fritz walked out into the open. Tac saw him first and knew his breed. Rex saw him and wondered how he didn’t smell a fellow guard dog. He sniffed and picked up the scent of four other identical dogs. Rosie just watched this well-built muscular dog. Without knowing she was saying it, she said, “dam.” She looked at the others who stared at her. Fritz said, “My brothers and I are on our own looking for no trouble. We mean you no harm, and all we want is to be left alone.” Rosie looked past Fritz, trying to see the other dogs. Rex said, “we’re looking for this boy and girl. They have something important for the world.” From behind them, Drei asked, “important to the humans or us?”

One, Two, Three, Fritz and Hans

Rosie said, “One, Two, Three, Fritz and Hans, is that right?” Drei said, “yes, and no, we prefer the other pronunciations.” Fritz asked, “and this boy and girl will let us go if we help?” Rex said, “you don’t have to be a part of this at all. We’re looking for dogs that are willing to help, and willing is the most important part. I don’t know what will happen when all this is over, but we are stronger together as a pack.” Hans liked the sound of that, and so did Fritz. Hans said, “I know where we can get more dogs as long as you are willing to run with crazy.” Rex replied, “we ran with a small dog that took on a bear, so yeah, we have no problem with crazy.” Rex looked to the east and the scent. Fritz said, “we can trace that scent together.”

The Irish-Wolfhound stared at the side of the barn as the paint dried. He took his tail and dipped it into a can of paint. In a circling motion, he spun around, hitting the wall as well as spreading the paint around. He lowered his tail in some water and did the same spreading the water over the wet paint causing drops to run down. Another Irish-Wolfhound was watching. He said, “I just don’t get it…… what’s your motivation?” The first Irish-Wolfhound said, “Art, my dear brother Ari…... my motivation is art.” Ari looked over the wall. He lifted his leg and pissed on it. Ari said, “art, my dear brother Arie is in the leg of the beholder.” Arie looked around at all his art his brother had pissed on. He said, “let's go and find new art for you to piss on.” The eight dogs watched as the Irish-Wolfhounds jumped around, screaming the word art. Rex said, “oh, so this is what you mean by crazy.”


Ari and Arie

Ari asked, “so you want us to join your little dog army?” Rex looked to Rosie, who just tilted her head. Rex said, “well, I don’t know if we are an army, but we are a pack and….” Arie said, “I don’t know if we want to go running around doing……. You know…… things.” Fritz said, “this could go well for us, Ari……. Think about it……. the humans could owe us.” Ari said, “I don’t want to be owed or owned.” Rex said, “we are going to kill the deer. I don’t know if you know, but the deer are turning on us, killing us, and if we stand by and do nothing, we will die along with the humans.” Rosie said, “think about the art you can make along the way in deer blood.” Ari stood up and said, “art is life.”

Five deer stood out in the open. The remains of a small dog lay at their hooves. It had survived the end of the world only to die in a field by a group of deer, which killed it to watch it die. The smell of dog was strong, masking the scent of the ten dogs as they moved in. The dogs moved in, keeping the deer in a circle. Rex made sure the biggest buck was his. They would attack as a pack taking the deer down in what would be their first action of the war of the dogs. A deer finally smelled something wrong, but it was too late. Rex went to pounce when a sound came from the north. Something yelled, “charge!” The dogs and the deer stood frozen, looking to a large mass of something moving in. Another voice yelled, “kill the deer…... kill the deer.” Rex asked, “now what?”

© 2019 Michael Collins aka Lakemoron

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