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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Good-bye Clinton Albright ...

Martino looks at Paccio as it is evident that they didn't anticipate anything like this ever occurring. Clinton Albright went into obscurity after his father’s death; at least that was the consensus until now.

"I think I'll kill you now!" As Clinton readies to pull the trigger; a shot rings out. Clinton screams in utter shock, staggers toward the edge of the cliff and falls. He is dead before he reaches the rocks below.

"I saw that fellow follow you when you left the cabin" Linda replies. "I recognized him immediately and knew you were in danger!"

"Linda, when did you learn how to shoot like that?" Marty asks still shaken over the past events.

"Dad taught me when I was a teen. We would make the shooting range our Sunday affair!" she chortles.

"Well why didn't you tell me?" Marty asks.

"You never asked!" she laughs. "Hello Mr. Paccio. How are the new quarters? Do you think Clinton told the others your whereabouts?"

"No, he’s too damn cocky for that. The boy loves … loved having his secrets. Felt it gave him the upper hand.” Victor replies fully appreciating the jewel of a lady his goddaughter turned out to be.

“What do you think, Mr. Paccio?” Linda asks trying to assess options.

“I know when Clinton doesn't show up for roll call, they will come up with another tactic!" Paccio warns. "I think Frank and Peggy are in jeopardy."

"I think you’re right, Victor." Marty interrupts. "You give him a call, now!"

"Right!" Paccio said. "I'm gone. I’ll get word to Frank but Linda, be smart okay? Stay away from the Morgan Estate. I give you my word that nothing will happen to your mom and dad." Victor walks over to Linda and gives her a fatherly embrace.

"You saved my father once, Mr. Paccio and I trust you will do it again." Linda smiles weakly. Victor turns to walk away.

"Don’t worry honey; Victor Paccio is a man of his word." Marty says as Linda returns toward the cabin.

Marty notices that the tide is pulling the body off the shore. There will be no retrieving of this hood. “A fitting end to the life of a would-be racketeer.” Marty thinks pensively.

“Victor is right. It’s very unlikely that the arrogant creep would share his whereabouts with anyone.” He summarizes.

Things didn't seem to be going as planned.

Things didn't seem to be going as planned.

Restless on the Home Front

Back in town Julius Capernelle, Sandino Capernelle’s brother, stares at his watch. A frown creases his usually smiling face. The slender man puts both hands across his chest.

"Where is that young punk? How long does it take to give that Morgan girl her one-way ticket to Hell?" Julius groans.

"I told you not to trust that fella, Julius. I don't believe that double-copper gave us the right info on that dame. She could be anywhere. Why would she just go up North?" Jacques Paccio complains as he paces the floor. He's more worried than he'd like to show. "I wish my dad was here."

"Look Junior— forget about your old man. He was a bit too friendly with Frank Morgan. The old man disappeared without a trace. Who knows ... maybe he met up with the little punk and it was a two for one deal." Julius chuckles.

"That's my father you're talking about Julius and I would appreciate it if you knock off the sarcasm. My dad was a good man ... mom just didn't understand that. She was such a social climber. Don't get me wrong ... I love my mom, but she can be well… a bit much." Jacques complains.

I understand but your mother just wants a piece of the pie. You could take a few lessons from her, you know. Your dad's a good man and that's his problem. You got to be ruthless in this business, Junior. If your mother was a man she'd be running the territory but the Boss ain't gonna let no woman, no matter how good she is run a territory." Julius replies shifting his slender frame to look at his favorite picture of him and his late brother.

"Well ... what good is knocking off that Morgan Dame gonna do. I think it will only open a can of worms. Besides ... her old man isn't going to take kindly to that." Jacques states.

There were times when Julian's daughter was part of the iscussion--this wasn't one of them.

There were times when Julian's daughter was part of the iscussion--this wasn't one of them.

"Maybe not. But your mother will be overjoyed. I'm beginning to think you've got more than a business interest in that broad. Now your mother won’t like that Junior. Remember your priorities." Julius admonishes an overly concerned Jacques.

"You sound like my brother Riccardo." Jacques replies.

"Now that's a fella that's going far. Handpicked by momma Paccio with the boss's seal of approval. That's who I should have sent out to look for that dame. Riccardo doesn't like her any more than your mother. He wouldn't bat an eye about putting a well-placed bullet between those eyes!" Julius chuckles again.

"You don't have to remind me about momma's boy." Jacques says with disdain.

"Hey ... when it comes to looks, I gotta admit Junior you've got it in spades but when it comes to street savvy ... Riccardo's got it all over you. Now where is that damn punk? Damn ... I hope he hasn't gotten himself killed!" Julius is now concerned.

To Be Continued …

A Crime Story 10

  • A Crime Story 10
    "You got to know when to hold them … know when to fold them!" -- The Gambler

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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