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A Crime Story 7

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


Home Away from Home

“This is it!” Linda exhorts feeling relieved to be there at last.

“You sit in the truck while I clear a path.” Martino states knowing he will get no argument from Linda.

After Martino arranges a few select branches, he climbs back into the truck and heads up the road. By this time he and Linda are both soaked through. Linda grabs the basket Chastise has packed with essentials and Martino seizes the luggage.

“I think we both could use a shower before we sort things out.” Linda replies as she reaches the front door; standing to one side she holds it open for Martino.

“That will work.” Martino enters and set the suitcases down. He turns towards the door as Linda steps inside, closing it with her foot and stepping right into his arms.

“I’ll shower first; then you can follow next while I prepare us a meal.” Linda pushes herself free of Martino and gives his a stern look.

Martino laughs at the mental reprimand and says, “Yes ma’am—I’ll get the fire going before we both get pneumonia.”

“Now that sounds like a plan.” Linda chimes as she heads toward the back.

It is a beautiful log cabin. The wood has been smooth to perfection and the logs have a permanent lacquered look. The knob on the outside door has the letter “M” carved on it. There is also an inconspicuous camera pointing toward the entrance which is monitored from inside the cabin.

The interior of the cabin possesses highly buffed hardwood floors covered environmentally by a combination of faux animal skins and Persians rugs. Although Frank Morgan enjoys occasional hunting; he prefers small game that can be later converted into a meal.

There are all the conveniences of home within a pastoral atmosphere. The great room possessed a 70” plasma screen TV housed in a rustic walnut breakfront. The cabinet also contains a DVD/blue-ray player, an elaborate stereo system and a small espresso bar. There are two large furry covered recliners and an elegant chaise lounge.

The cabin has two bedrooms, one is in the loft and the other is off the recreation room. The loft bedroom has an excellent view of the plasma TV and the monitors that survey the front entrance as well as the rest of the house. There is a queen-size bed, double-mirrored dresser and small night stand. Because of the way the loft is made, a 40” LED TV is mounted on the opposite wall of the bed. Strong beams supported the loft and stand in the great room like beautiful well- polished pillars. During his earlier years Frank loved this area of the house. But due to his special needs he will never be able to navigate the winding stairs leading to the loft.

A favorite room of Linda's father.

A favorite room of Linda's father.

So, Linda’s father finds sanctuary in the bedroom off the recreation room because of the privacy it affords its occupant. It also possesses its own 60” plasma screen. The bed in this room is king-sized and round. And this is the most characteristic about this room; it is round! Everything in the room is extremely beautiful and comfortable. There are oak and cedar furnishings everywhere. This back bedroom allows its occupant a spectacular panoramic view of the Canadian wilderness.

The recreational area is also equipped with a 70” plasma screen TV. However, the cabinet is built into the wall. There is a pool table, a table tennis area, and a vintage arcade setup. Frank thinks that PS4: Call of Duty is an amusing past-time however, he prefers the old fashion sounds of the arcade machines of the sixties!

One wall has a built-in refrigerator, dishwasher and double microwave oven. This area also serves as a kitchenette. Off to the right of the appliance wall is the huge bathroom. It contains a sunken tub, a glass enclosed shower stall, and a toilet plus urinal bowl. The floors are polished marble and the ceiling is cedar logs. There is a double sink with a gigantic mirror mural.

Never tangle with a redhead!

Never tangle with a redhead!

The cabin is located on the edge of a sharp drop. There is no back door and there is no other way of entrance except for the front door. One of the construction workers almost lost his life building the structure except for a safety rope. The cabin is truly a architect’s dream.

“Wow ... I’ll bet your father has many remarkable moments in this cabin!” Martino exclaims in admiration.

“Yes, he does … there are only a handful of people know of its existence. They were killed in that raid that crippled my father ... except for one man ... Victor Paccio. He is the only other person that knew of this place.” Linda retorts pensively. “I remember dad saying this is the perfect hideout. I believe Mr. Paccio has a similar one.”

“So … you really don’t think that he’s dead ... that he was silenced for wanting to live a normal life with another woman?” Martino questions her studying his stunning friend closely.

“No Marty, I don’t. There is more to this story than dad is telling. Come on let’s visit that kitchen. As the cowboys say ... Let me rustle you up some grub!” They both laugh.

While Linda prepares a small meal; Martino continues his assessment of the place.

“It’s a remarkable place! I know that any man would love to be able to call this place home. It is a wonder that your father doesn’t move here permanently.” Martino says with envy.

“Then it would cease to be a welcomed retreat and become just another home!” Linda replies with conviction.

“You are right of course. How does he manage to keep such a place so clean?” Martino wonders aloud.

“Just before the cabin is closed for the season, this place receives a good cleaning. Since most of the things here are self-cleaning, only minor adjustments must be made. Dad’s pretty good with a vacuum cleaner and the loft is seldom used anymore.” Linda says smiling. Then she replies on a more serious note.

“I know how worried dad is about me, but I can’t stay here indefinitely. Sooner or later I am going to have to return to civilization and release my story to the public. It’s about time certain people were brought to justice.” Linda says and the way she turns her head remind Martino so much of her father.

“Yes, “he thinks to himself again, “this girl is Frank Morgan’s daughter.” Then he speaks aloud.

“Yes, I know.” Martino says. “But you must admit; if anyone needs a place to hide; this is it.”

Linda serves minute steaks and baked potatoes, a simple meal and one of her father's favorites. She smiles as Martino takes the plates from her hands and place them on the table. He is then joined by Linda.

"It's one of my dad’s favorite," she said, "This is one of the first meals he taught me how to fix! Mom was never much of a kitchen person."

"Oh," Martino laughs, "Well, when you look like she does, I’m sure other things come to mind besides cooking. Good thing you take after your father, huh?"

Linda looks at him a moment and then throws the pepper shaker at him.

"I’ve been known to turn a few heads, thank you very much!" Linda replies indignantly.

"Mine included," Martino mumbles under his breathe then moves the salt shaker in case Linda gets second ideas.

To Be Continued …

A Crime Story 8

  • A Crime Story 8
    Even the safest of locations can be filled with hidden perils!

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