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A Black Woman's Struggles - Episode 4: Quid Pro Quo

Uriel is an intellectual property lawyer, a fiction writer, and a language enthusiast.

Author's Note

Just as we did in Episodes 1, 2 & 3, (links inserted) we keep exploring societal and professional stereotypes about Black ladies. Though they may be based on real-life experiences, these are first and foremost fiction stories that are meant to appeal to the reader's creativity. Remember that your votes in the poll at the end make the author to keep writing!

“Here comes the embodiment of beauty and intelligence!”

Angela scoffed at the compliment. She had just entered the luxurious office of T. Jay, director of programs at “Bones,” a renowned press group in town. Angela and T. Jay had been to the same journalism school, though he was her senior by two years. They had gotten to know each other during Angela’s second year in college. T. Jay, then in his final year, was the assistant director of the weekly show at their campus radio station, and Angela was the host. They were both good at what they did and made a good team working together.

-Where has flattery ever led you to? Asked Angela, rolling her eyes at T. Jay.

-Well, just look around you, Answered the young man with a wink.

Angela smiled and sat down.

-I’m glad Queen Angela found some time in her busy schedule to stop by my humble office, T. Jay said, teasingly.

-Your office is nothing like humble, Replied the lady, laughing. Besides, I didn’t “stop by.” You invited me, remember?

About a week before, as she was walking on a personal project, Angela received a phone call. Her heart skipped a beat when she discovered who the caller was: her boss, Editor-in-chief Sanders. He announced to her that the board of directors had decided favorably on her case, and she could resume her role as assistant editor as soon as she was ready to. Indeed, corporate investigation had revealed that she was not involved in Karl’s alteration of the interview. However, the news did not bring the joy and relief Angela had expected. Over the past weeks, she had had the inexplicable feeling of not belonging in Rock Magazine. The recent happenings had not just clearly revealed that her voice did not count so much, but had also revived her desire to bring a change to her society in her own little way.

That same evening, T. Jay sent her a text message. They had not spoken in months. After exchanging messages for a while, he called her and they reminisced the good old – but no so old – days of their collaboration in college. He then expressed his eagerness to see her, and why not, work with her anew. And there she was, sitting in his large and sumptuous office.

-I’m glad I did invite you! He exclaimed, rolling in his comfortable seat. We’ve just had an opening in the group, and I think this would be perfect for you…

-Which position? She enquired.

-We’re planning to air the biggest weekly talk show of all time. Is it ambitious? Definitely! That is why we need a host with a strong personality, bold enough to talk about things others are shying away from, and to make things happen. So, how does “The Angela’s Show” sound?

Angela was baffled. It was evident that she was a versatile journalist, whose writing and oratory skills had been tested and proven. However, she had not envisaged to be offered such a golden opportunity this early in her career.

-Have I ever told you that my grandfather is the CEO of Bones Group? He continued, seeing her hesitation.

Angela did not recall him ever mentioning that. It now made sense how he had climbed the professional ladder so fast.

-I know what you’re thinking, he said, laughing. But I’ve been interning and working in this group for the past ten years of my life. So, I was not just given this responsibility based on my filiation to the CEO. But my point is, my grandfather will soon retire. For two years now, he has been training me to take over the group.

Angela remained quiet, curious to know where he was heading to.

-Leading one of the most prominent groups in the country is a tremendous task, and I need you by my side to do that, T. Jay said, looking at her intently.

-How do you mean? The young woman asked, slightly frowning.

-Come on, Angela, you’re smarter than that. You know that I’ve always had a thing for you. I’m offering you your own talk show on a platter of gold! Do you want to remain undervalued at Rock Magazine? Or be with me on the winning team?

What If You Were in Angela's Shoes?

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