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4.0 The Doomsday Surge

Greg spent 10 years in the US as a foreign student, growing up during turbulent times and falling in love with the people and the country.

The Summary Conclusion of 3 Stories: the Valley of Fear, Following the Trail of Tears and Bigfoot-Alien Revelations

The three stories have interconnecting plots which end in this last story, The Doomsday Surge.

The first story is The Valley of Fear which starts of with the discovery of a frozen mammoth in Siberia and which then leads on to the emergence of a primeval contagion. This viral plague is transported to South America, where it starts decimating towns and villages, leading to full scale rioting. All attempts at stopping the plague are futile. What once was a deadly airborne transmission begins to mutate so that it can also be transmitted to humans by insects.

The only seemingly possible solution to destroying the contagion is to burn off anything organic in its path. As emergency medical and containment teams sent to curb the plague fail, and as medical authorities attempting to study the virus and to treat the infected are themselves contaminated and begin to die off, the plague makes its way north leaving.a trail of death and destruction in its wake. Road blocks and blockades as well as transportation centers like air and sea ports are slowly overcome with no help in sight.

In the second story, Following the Trail of Tears, fear and hysteria follow the plague. As the path of infection heads north, cities in its path lose control to hysteria and madness. Any sign of the plague instill a fear that drives people from their homes. Those who choose to stay die quietly as the plague permits no survivors. From the air, the plague leaves a desolate path; homes are abandoned, entire villages are invaded by armed gangs and buildings looted, and cities begin to burn.

In the US, the government struggles to control the epidemic but is losing the battle. In spite of having better organized emergency teams. law enforcement agencies and military response teams than most of the Americas, the law and order facade of the nation is crumbling in the face of a wildly contagious and vicious contagion. Only a few people remain who are willing to fight the plague and not run from it.

The third story, Bigfoot - Alien Revelations, talks about a very unusual event which occurs during the occurrence of the worldwide plague. As the US government devotes some of its limited resources to investigating the death of an apelike creature, the investigation results are potentially more earth shaking than the plague which has started to burn the through the North American cities.

The story begins with the accidental shooting of an apelike creature in a Pennsylvania forest that is identified as the legendary Bigfoot. When government authorities examine the carcass of the dead creature, a furor is created stemming from the discovery of a small crystal container embedded in the creature's chest. More government agencies are called in to pool their resources and to help in the autopsy and the analysis of Bigfoot's body leading them to conclude that Bigfoot and the crystal container are both of alien origin.

Trying to understand the relationship between Bigfoot and the crystal container lead some members of the agencies' task force to speculate that Bigfoot would make an ideal weapon delivery system given its characteristics that have kept it hidden and undiscovered for over 5,000 years. Before any serious judgement can be made on the Bigfoot phenomena, the majority of decision makers have concluded that the contents of the crystal container need to be analyzed so that a determination can be made on whether the substance is a menace or not to the human race.

The 10,000 year old Sentinel makes his report

From his vantage point on Mt. Saint Helens, the Sentinel prepared himself for the report that he would transmit to his superior's ship after several centuries of observation and of performing his programmed tasks. Just as he was about to send a signal announcing his readiness to transmit, he received an emergency warning from the ship:

"please investigate presence of living activity below your location. refrain from transmit action until resolved."

He diverted his efforts from searching the sky to searching the mountain landscape below him. The morning sun cast a bright glare over the camouflaged entrance to his shelter, preventing him from standing in the open for a better view.

In the distance, he could see the movement of the native hunting party as it searched for game in the forest trails several hundred feet below. He saw that they were young men of the Tlingit nation and he judged that they were harmless to his own undertaking and allowed them to go past him. The last hunter must have sensed his aura and halted in his tracks, alerting the others while trying to detect his well hidden presence.

He moved quickly to pacify the young man's concern, turning on his low frequency voice and subliminal amplifiers, and said to them in a voice that they could almost feel inside their heads,

"you are safe, my children" he said, "please pass on, the deer await you."

Even though he was more than 1500 yards above the party of hunters and hidden from them in the shadow of an overhanging cave, he could still sense their agitation.

"I am not your enemy, just an old man who has lived here for many years before your elders arrived,"

Emboldened by his reassuring voice, the hunters attempted to speak to him, using their most respectful phrases in their dialect.

But he answered them,

"Go now, I will be here long after your people have left these mountains, and I must return to my work. Tell your elders to move your villages to the ocean shores where there is food in abundance for everyone. "

The hunters continued on with their search for food, and he allowed them to pass through his vantage area without any more communication. It was almost time for his report, and his superiors would not want him to be late. Scanning the skies for his superior's ship and finding it, he began transmitting.

When he finished his report, their final message to him was:

"report fully received, continue observations on human settlement. stand by for new orders."

Indigeneous People of the Pacific Northwest

Fire on the road to freedom

Corporal Cutter checked her inventory of weapons to ensure the protection of her base from the spread of the plague. Just last night, her friends on Juno Base reported that several of their personnel had been infected from a returning ambulance. Today, all communication with Juno was lost. She made sure several of the fire wall barriers and the chemical cascades were ready for ignition and the flame throwers were primed. The other weapons were her microwave emitters, spray ionizers, aerosol jet burners and her home made Molotov cocktails.

Cpl. Cutter's base was particularly important, being the largest of the Army's medical units still operating along the road from Denver to Fort Morgan. In addition to the normal firepower provided to most army medical units, it needed the augmented firepower of the nearby National Guard to prevent the well armed gangs of the drug lords from breaking through their defenses and stealing their medical supplies. Many of the hospitals and clinics around them had already been looted and burned, their patients left dying while the medical personnel were taken as hostages for the bandit camps. The army had refrained from eliminating the camps for fear of killing the medical hostages, and rescue missions lacked the transport vehicles to carry back all the injured.

"Excuse me, corporal that renegade helicopter is back again," PFC Samuel advised her from their observation post.

"Try using your M82 to scare him away. He isn't answering our radio calls, he might be working recon for the druggies. I'll clear your firing with the CO," Cutter answered him.

Newly drafted PFC Samuel answered her with a grunt, noting that it was the first time he ever had to fire his M82 .50 cal. rifle at long range since the government had re-instated the draft. The last time he had used it, he had killed a Bigfoot in a Pennsylvania State Park and he still had nightmares. "This time," he promised himself, "I'll give that renegade pilot something to think about at night."

The Final Rush

Pfc. Samuel had a problem or rather, his injured CO had one.

Their unit had to lure as many of the armed gangs to their newly established medical camp location on Mt. Evans, so that the army would have a chance to eliminate them away from any hospitals or civilian homes. Their designated killing zone lay nearby on the road known as Mt. Evans Road leading up to the the camp. His CO had just injured herself as they climbed up the steep hill to Rogers Peak overlooking Mt. Evens Road. Leaving his CO and half the men on or around the Peak to organize their defense there and to act as flankers on the ridge line on his left side, he set of with the rest of the men back to their Hummer vehicles below on Mt. Evans Road, to form the blocking force. Anyone trying to approach his medical camp would need to use Mt. Evans road, it was the only way in or out of the trap.

After setting up the vehicles and positioning the men, Samuel took to his foxhole placed next to the radio at the center of the blocking force and waited. After several hours, the lack of any noise and the stillness of the mountain air slowly lulled him and the men to sleep.

"Pfc. Samuel, can you hear me?"

Samuel woke up, almost in a frenzy of panic. The voice that woke him up was not loud but it seemed to vibrate a low booming rumble in his ears.Whatever it was, it had no effect on the snoring men of the blocking force.

"Wake the men up, the enemy is almost upon you."

Samuel did as the voice told him, trusting in the voice. He hurriedly woke up the men, and checked the radio to make sure his CO could hear him. It was almost mid-afternoon, and using his binoculars, he saw the first of the enemy pickups quietly approaching the turnoff in the road carrying the bandit army. Upon his signal, his men fired several rounds, to disable the first and last vehicle and stop the whole attacking convoy on the narrow mountain road.

The firefight was short and vicious. When the bandits attempted to return fire, not knowing the true significance of their exposed positions, Samuel gave the word and his men began to lay down a stream of fire from their rifles and several hidden machine-guns. The bandits tried to fight back with a multitude of poorly aimed AKs and several heavy machine guns attempting to scare off the soldiers with their display of firepower, but the guns of Samuel's men were better sighted and placed, silencing the enemy guns and turning the road side into a death zone. When the bandits attempted to break out of the road trap by jumping off their pickups and climbing the sides of the mountain road, it was the men of Samuel's CO on the flank who responded, by firing down on the bandits and raining grenades on them.

When some of the enemy attempted to retreat, Samuel and his men let them, but no one came down from their firing positions to tend to the dying and wounded enemy. The memory of the plague victims and all of the pillaged and burning hospitals was still too new in everyone's memory. To avoid any plague infection, the men burned the battlefield residue using incendiaries and molotovs.

" Your enemy force is still quite large, be vigilant."

Three more night attacks were made that night, and Samuel and all his surviving men were physically and mentally exhausted when morning came. During that evening, the air force had finally organized several airstrikes that had signaled the end of the large drug bands. Had it not been for the warning given by the unseen voice, Samuel knew that they would have been eventually overrun. After posting a schedule of guards and informing his CO, Pfc. Samuel stumbled into a dreamless sleep: the battle of Rogers Peak was finally over.

"Samuel, I need you to transmit a message to the CDC - CENTER FOR SURVEILLANCE, EPIDEMIOLOGY, AND LABORATORY SERVICES"

"Who are you and how are you talking to me, I can't see you?" he asked, his mind totally spent by the combat action of the last few days but still trying to comprehend the instructions given to him. But the Sentinel continued with his message,

"Please inform the CDC that the crystal container recovered from the creature's carcass in Pennsylvania is highly important to your survival. Its contents contain an organic compound that when injected into a human body produces a chemical countermeasure to your plague virus."

"How do you know about the embedded crystal found in the Bigfoot? I shot that creature over a year ago and I've been regretting it ever since. That info has been classified top secret," Samuel almost whispered the last line, not sure if he was under a hypnotic trance or in a dream.

"Do not worry about the creature you called Bigfoot. He had lived over 5,000 years and his body metabolism was faltering. It was his time.

We are all called Sentinels and we have watched over your planet, protecting your human race and planet for several millennium, observing the rise and fall of your civilizations. The plague virus is a doomsday remnant from your previous civilization, and my superiors felt that your present culture was worth saving. Our sentinel was carrying the antidote to release it among the human population when he was shot.

He told me to give you a message that when this viral war is finally over, come visit him or his cloned replacement on Mt. Hayes, Alaska he will answer your questions."


After more than two years since the Battle of Rogers Peak, Adam Samuel was ready for a big change in his life. His request for his release from the US Army had been speedily approved, and although his suggestion to the CDC to use the contents of the crystal container as the antidote for the plague had helped saved the US and civilization as a whole, he and the people around him had never considered himself to be anything like a hero.

The viral battle against the plague had finally ended and the world was now trying to rebuild from the damage and destruction it had caused. Adam Samuel had too many sad memories from fights against the hordes of looters and gangs, his only outstanding memory had been when he had conversed with the Sentinel. It was time for him to visit Mt.Hayes and learn the truth about them.

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