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Skipping Christmas Part One

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Melanie Minor was a beautiful, bright, young lady, who loved the glorious Holiday spirit of Christmas more than anything in the world. She was the first one to wake up bright and early in the morning on Christmas and the last one to fall asleep at night. She was everything the whole meaning of Christmas stood for. That was until the tragic accident that happened last year.

Melanie lost her mother on Christmas day last year due to a freak accident. The family farm that she had grew up in caught fire and everyone made it out but her mother. Ever since then Melanie did not feel the same about her beloved Holiday. In someways she felt like celebrating Christmas was what killed her mother. Her family was upset about the loss too but being older they understood sometimes accidents just happen. They told her not to hate Christmas because it was one of her mother's favorite Holidays .But she found it hard to love Christmas after what happened.

This year was going to be the first Christmas without her mother and she informed her family she would not be celebrating with them this year. She said, "she was banning Christmas and everything it stood for." Her father was furious with her when she told him this. He was a very devoted Christian and to him Christmas was the birth of Christ. He explained to her that by banning Christmas from her life she was also banning the birth of Christ and he was not going to accept behavior like that in his house. She told him, "she was sorry for what she said but in her heart she still felt hatred for her once beloved Holiday, in some ways she felt anger toward God as well."

Even though her heart was not in it she agreed to go to her grandmothers house for their usual Christmas party.It was her grandmothers first Christmas without her mother as well. She figured if she felt the way she did about Christmas her grandmother must feel the same after all her mother was her grandmothers daughter. She was so surprised when she walked into her grandmothers house. It was instantly obvious her grandmother was not banning Christmas by the huge tree and beaming lights everywhere. She could not believe her grandmother was celebrating.


When her grandmother leaned in to give her a hug and tell her "Merry Christmas" Melanie responded by saying, "what is Merry about it and walked away." Her father could not believe what he just heard come out of her mouth. He was about to scold her but her grandmother patted him on his back and told him it was alright. Melanie watched as everyone around her was singing, dancing and opening their gifts she had not even began to open not even one of her gifts. Her grandmother walked over to where she was and asked her if she would help her in the kitchen. She hesitated at first but quickly realized how frustrated she was making her father and agreed.

Once in the kitchen her grandmother started making her famous chocolate chip cookies and other various goodies. Melanie just kind of played with the flour.Once Her grandmother had almost everything in the oven she sat down at the table and asked Melanie to join her. There was silence for what seemed like at least 30 minutes when her grandmother looked at her and said, "I loved her too." Her eyes filled with tears as she looked at her grandmother and said, "if you loved her, why you so happy, Christmas is what killed her."

Melanie's grandmother took her hand and said, "baby Christmas did not kill your mother, it was her time to go. We are never promised tomorrow and not only would your mother not want you to be sad God would not want that either." Melanie quickly replied by saying, "if that was true he would not have done this to me." Her grandmother realized it was not going to be an easy task to cheer up her granddaughter but knew she might just have something that would. She told Melanie to sit tight and she left the table.

When she returned to the table she had a big ratty old looking box. She told Melanie to open it....

To be continued.....

  • Skipping Christmas Part Two
    This is the second part to my Christmas story about Melanie Minor. What she finds out will definitely change her mind about skipping Christmas.