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These Bible Verses Got Me Through Tough Times


Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote a book called The Power of Positive Thinking. It's a book that helps us realize that our Christian faith can help us get through and do anything.

I went through a lot these past few years. I went through bouts of highs and lows. Lately though, I had found a sense of peace and clarity. Isaiah 40:8 says, "The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” And it's true. His words have gotten me through tough times. Here are the bible verses that truly struck and helped me and some wallpapers if you would like.

Exodus 14:14

"The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still."

When I'm faced with problems, my first response used to be to get on my feet and find or make a solution. I was always so caught up with the problem that I made such a fuss about things and I got anxious trying to fix things myself. I keep forgetting that the first step to solving the problem should be to pray.

This verse made me realize I'm not alone in my battles. God always delivers on time. The problem you keep on thinking about already has a solution. You just need to trust Him. Nations have armies to protect them. Know that God always protects, too. He can rise up an army from dead bones, so who we to think that He cannot do anything about our worries and troubles? Let us rest easy knowing that we have an omnipotent God on our side.

bible verse wallpaper | exodus 14:14

bible verse wallpaper | exodus 14:14

Matthew 6:34

"Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

I once read a quote saying, "If you worry, you suffer twice." Oftentimes, before a situation happens we have these anxious and negative thoughts about it already. We become too overwhelmed by what we think will happen that our fear overcomes us. This verse reminds me that we all have 24 hours. Each one of us gets the same amount of time and worrying won't make it longer.

I adapted this thing where I only make a to-do list for the day. If I put all these things for the whole week, I become intimidated and dread having so many things to do. That's why we need to trust that God's got us. He will help us through today and He will help us tomorrow as well.

bible verse wallpaper | matthew 6:34

bible verse wallpaper | matthew 6:34

Romans 8:31

"What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us?"

Once we realize that life happens for us instead of to us, it makes all the difference. I started changing my mindset. When adversity comes, I now ask myself, "What is this trying to teach me? What can I learn from this?" I simply left the mindset of blaming, sulking and asking, "Why is this happening to me?"

God always has a plan. If you look at the bigger picture, you will then realize that His plan is to help us, not destroy us. When problems arise, it is because He is molding us to become better. Once we learn from our past we can go through life headstrong and even help others going through what we went through.

bible verse wallpaper | romans 8:31

bible verse wallpaper | romans 8:31

Philippians 4:13

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

This verse alone has got me through many trials and succeed in many challenges. I repeat this to myself when I get out of bed and when I go to sleep. I repeat this to myself before a competition or before a test. This gives me assurance and comfort that God is on my side.

It gives me the assurance that if I do what I can, God does what I can't.

bible verse wallpaper | philippians 4:13

bible verse wallpaper | philippians 4:13

I want you all to know that God is in our hearts. He's there during our most intimidating battles and our greatest falls. He is there to comfort us and to bring us back to the light. I hope these bible verses help you and inspire you. I pray that you are granted the strength to not just get through life, but succeed and be blessed in unimaginable ways.

Love and light, lovelies. Love and light. I hope you have a great day.




Tori Leumas on November 07, 2019:

Great article. I am going through a really tough time right now and God is my anchor through it all.

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