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Live Your Life in Peace and Islam

I am a University student at National university of Science and Technology (NUST). I am a Freelance Writer, content writer and proof reader.




Why am I writing this?

To provide a clear view of being a Muslim to all fellow human beings, if you belong to any caste, creed, religion or even no to no belief system, I am not going to convince you to accept Islam because its the best but I'll provide some viewpoints and facts to help you better understand my religion.

I have been born a Muslim and live in a Muslim country -Pakiatan. Even if i was born as a Christian or in some other country, I still would have found my way back to Islam.

All the ways that I am going to tell about how to live peacefully is not for everyone because the most important thing for it to work is believing in Allah and the Prophet (SAW). If you want other ways then here are few of the tricks I have come across to keep my nerves calm. Like doing yoga (can be 15 minute yoga) as it focuses on breathing thus calms down the stress and releases endorphins. I sometimes also like to color in my adult coloring book as its very satisfying to see dead pages come to life. You can always do something that makes you feel relaxed and happy like gardening, sketching, sewing etc. Do not go to social media if feeling anxious!

Central idea

Life is very weird, sometimes you find only happiness and your stuck in a trance from where you never want to get out but then there are those bad, gloomy days. Those days remind us that world really has its unique ways to throw you from cloud 9 into the deep, dark pit of sorrow. What can we do in that situation but to wait patiently and find a way out. As Quran says in chapter 2, 'Verily! I have rewarded them this day for their patience; they are indeed the ones that are successful.' (2:216). Only Allah has the way forward for you, without His help do you really think you can find a solution? Simply No. This may seem very straightforward but trust God and you will see this happening yourself.

Now take a break and think loud and clear if it sounds peaceful!

I believe that God has given all Human beings free will to act and think but He knows what everyone is going to do in their life, lets take an example of a teacher who has a class of 20 students and he knows which one is smart and who is below average but still gives them all a chance to prove themselves in the finals and grades them neutrally. Same is with Allah but He is Omnipotent and still has given us all a chance to prove ourselves. '[This is] the truth from your Lord: let anyone who wishes believe it, and let anyone who wishes disbelieve it. Whoever please, i.e. with his free will, believe and whoever please disbelieve': (18:29)

Now I shall tell you all the ways I find peace: firstly I like to pray to God in the middle of the night when all the lights are turned off and everyone is going to sleep, I sit on the prayer mat and PRAY. I will evaluate my day, be grateful for all that has helped me grow and then ask for forgiveness. I will cry until my eyes will take no more and I am empty after throwing everything off my chest, shoulders and mind knowing God has taken taken of it all and after when I sit down and look at the world, it would be completely different; serene and Peaceful. My heart will be like a bright red blooming flower and my mind on a cloud with the sun rising.

secondly, if feeling very stressed out I will take out a moment and take deep breaths, calling Allah for help and trust me it helps me tremendously.

Lastly, after my morning prayers (Fajr), I will walk around my house and read few chapters of Quran and it heals me completely. Feels like I am starting my day just right. My rest of the day will be as peaceful as sitting by the ocean and just listening to the waves hitting the land but as I am far from the waves it does not bother me.

When you have something to believe in you definitely will be calm and it makes you fell less lonely. Especially if its something greater than your perception because it shows you how dependent you are on this force and how this force will help you out of any problem.

© 2021 Esha Shahid