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How I Became a Christian?

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Being a Christian is not easy but it is worth it because you know that someone is fighting for you with the battles you face

How I Became a Christian?

This has been a question from my other friends and colleagues. I have been telling them the answer that I just accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and it's a great experience with God.
Let me share the things I have encountered in being a Christian and I hope you will get inspired.


Things I Encountered How This Happened

At first, it never crossed my mind to become a Christian. All I know is that we have a God and I know the name Jesus Christ which was taught in school and even at home back in childhood days and that's it, I have no idea who he really is.

Here are the things that you should know about how it all happened.

  • My younger sister asked me to join her to attend a Christian church service which is nearby the CPA review center she was attending. That's how she knew about the church and her classmates were also attending there.
  • During the preaching and the worship, I felt weird goosebumps while singing then my eyes become teary. I remember the title, it was "Closer" by Mid-Cities Worship.
  • The pastor on stage asked the whole church, if anyone wants to know more about God and has accepted that He is our Lord and Savior needs to raise his/her hand.
  • A few days after attending the church service, someone from the church contacted me, and finally, I became part of a small group at church.
  • Finally, the day has come and it was the water baptized to be born again Christian.

God Really Saves His People

The things mentioned above are just the simple ones. There are bigger things happening, like I have learned how and why we should read the bible, I have known God very much each and every day, I have known what does the Holy Spirit do in us, how my faith is being tested and how beautiful the worship songs are when I listen to them.

When I became a Christian, I can see that my life now has a huge difference every time I look back.

My past was so dark and had no direction, but when I have known God, a lot of good things happened to me. Like I have gained new good friends, financial blessings, good health and basically a happy life without worries.


God Loves Us So Much

God will make a way to His people. His grace is more than enough to save. If there seems to be no way, He will definitely make a way.

His love for us is steadfast and unconditional. He will never let His children suffer, all we need to do is to seek Him and ask His help.

God did not promise us that once we knew Him, life will be easier and no more troubles. What He promised us, He will be with us to face those hardships as He overcomes the world.

Our worries are just the counterfeit of our flesh and that is after the disaster. But with faith, it is after the miracles. Surrender all your worries to God, take off the backpack on your shoulders, that doesn't belong to you, it's His. Do not let worry slow you down while climbing up the mountains. It will be a smooth and light journey if you don't have the backpack with so many loads which is the worry.


Being a Christian Was Not a Coincidence

God knows if His children need to be saved. He can see everything that is happening to us even if we don't talk to Him or tell Him because He can also see what's in our hearts. He can see our heart's desire.

I can tell that when I became a Christian it was not a coincidence because I knew to myself that I needed a savior from all the things that have been going on in my life. I had to surrender them all to the Lord because I couldn't do anything, His grace will suffice to make everything fall into place.

My heart is overflowing with joy from the time I knew God as I go on with my Christian journey. It wasn't easy, and it will never be. But one thing is for sure, God will always be with me as I go through the things that I will encounter in life.

Imagine this, the Christian life is the school, God is the teacher, hardships and troubles are the tests of life and the bible is where we find the answers to overcome these things, and once we graduate from life, we will have an eternal life with God.

Allow me to share this verse with you all.

Ephesian 2:8

"For by grace you have been saved through faith."


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