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How Enlightenment Is the Process of Becoming One With God, Higher Being, or Cosmic Consciousness.

Alex Mezulari has devoted two decades seeking peace of mind and discovered the power within for all his needs and achieve self realization

Was Christ Preaching Enlightenment or Fear of God?

Deepak Chopra wrote in one of his books that a man once asked: "how long will it take to reach enlightenment?" The teacher replied "30 days, but it will take 30 men to hold you down." Self-actualization, self-realization, and enlightenment are all terms to describe the solution to the happiness riddle. The riddle is "why am I not happy and what do I need to do to change it?" We are all born with a God-shaped hole that can only be filled spiritually. The only alternative to not choosing God is to fill this void materialistically. Understanding that all fulfillment comes from within because all roads lead inward should be noted. However, most fix the outside and shy away from the internal work that's necessary for true lasting happiness. When examining our desires you will find that underneath we are all seeking happiness. When God, spirit, and mind are in alignment the things you desire will come to fruition.

I once heard someone say that all the good comes to those who believe, so I believe. It seems too simplistic to most and could be looked at as being somewhat delusional. Life in and of itself can be thought to be as pure delusion especially if you believe the material world as one of illusion. Buddhism and Christianity share this view. It resonates with me due to subscribing to the pov that we become what we think about and the things we desire shall be given to those with faith or being attuned to a higher being. Both Christ and Buddha attained the highest form of enlightenment which is God-consciousness. This I believe is everyone's goal in practicing either religion for the sake of attaining nirvana or what scripture claims when it declares "on earth let it be as it is in heaven." Unfortunately, most are still waiting for an event that occurs within and we are blind to the fact that we are not only capable of this but exists within us inherently.

Self-Realization is When We Wake Up to Who We Really Are

Self-discipline and Self-Mastery are crucial and necessary for self-realization

Mindfulness is the practice of self-mastery which is the art of knowing what to receive in your spirit and what to delete. Self-realized people have a filter that coincides with the belief of what is proclaimed in the wisdom traditions of the world. Vision is another tool we can use to align our lives with the teachings found in scripture and the noble truths. The Buddha once said, "whoever sees me, sees the teaching". What he implied is when we are fully realized we become the manifestation of the living word. Life and death are in the tongue. "In the beginning was the word and that word was God" is how Genesis starts in the Old Testament.

When we open our mouths we show the world who we are. God-consciousness is the highest level of enlightenment and is what Christ and Buddha embodied and wanted to impart to the world. Countless people have reached this level of consciousness however did not have religions named after them. So not only is it possible for us to achieve this level of self-awareness and discipline but is the only paths you can take to become fully realized from states of actualization.

Yoga stands for union and it is the relationship that God explicitly wants from us

The road to being fully realized is contingent on your level of belief. Some might think that it is a sort of placebo however that is why we have spirituality to ease the frustration and minimize the pain of suffering. Spirit is the solution to all the wrong we see in the world. Religion has been the chief cause of war for thousands of years and this is in error to God's message and purpose for us. It wants to claim its God is the one and only God and anyone in disagreement is a target for violence to impose their views upon them.

We need to realize that our beliefs are our own and our connection to it is highly personal. This is where theology fails us and why religion has a bad reputation. We all pray and meditate on the same thing. That thing is to our own understanding. When we understand ourselves we no longer are in competition with others. Strife retreats and instead becomes compasssion, respectful, and tolerant of others and their own beliefs.

The problem for most is that they never get their spirit and mind perfectly aligned with God's will for them. Balance is the hardest step in the process of self-realization. You need the right amount of intuition, intention, and faith for desires to manifest in your life. Your mind must be reconditioned by practicing spiritual cognitive therapy. This is replacing your recurring negative thought patterns with positive life-affirming ones. The amount of time it takes for you to get your mind working in the right direction depends on how broken you are. For me, it took 16 years to be restored to sanity which is where you completely abide in God, and he abides in you.

This is what Christ meant by "the father and I are one". With this union of spirit and mind, you no longer depend on anything else, including people to keep you moving forward on the path. Instead, you rely on this direct connection to the source for strength, solutions, and daily direction. Faith becomes an unshakable belief at this point. It is where you praise God no matter what happens. Good or bad. With this type of belief, God goes to work and you can rest assured that his plans for your life are better than your plans. This mindful awareness and belief will allow you to have a life that will make you not only live longer but also live with a sense of purpose aligned with the will of God, higher consciousness, or universal intelligence.

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