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Know! You Are Not Alone in This Journey

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Let's show our love to others while we still can. God wants His children to love one another as He first loved us. God is love.


What Are Some of The Reasons Why We Feel So Alone

Do you forget things oftentimes? Are you becoming so forgetful because of age? Are you the type of person who just wants to choose what's best before you do such a thing? I know we forget other things because of having so much on our plate. Sometimes the reason why we forget other things is that we are too busy to pay attention to unnecessary things, focusing on the things that don't really matter only because we just want to and we feel like doing it because it makes us happy. But, have we ever thought that the possible reason why we feel so alone, it's because we are letting ourselves get tired of these things which have no good to us? Sometimes, we don't just feel it, but we are letting ourselves look like one.

Here are some of the things that can be considered as the reasons why we feel so alone:

1. Dwelling so much about the problems

There is nothing wrong with analyzing, observing, and planning things to solve the problem, this is really true. But it could be dangerous if we are doing it too much. We were given the mind to do these things so we can resolve the issue in our own little ways because we are humans and we should have something to do and not just watch the problem without seeing any progress. Just because we are capable of doing something, doesn't mean that we are in control of everything. Let us accept that there are things we can't do anything else about them because the only answer that can have it resolved is the grace of God. We may do something about the problem, but you need to pray about everything to resolve the problem.

2. Having no faith in God

The more we do not have faith in God, the more we rely on ourselves. Have you tried to think about the difference between our ways and God's ways? There is a huge difference. We can only do things that we can only see, smell, hear, touch and taste. But God's ways are higher which are the things that we can't use our senses, those are the impossible things. God can even move the mountains in our lives. The more we don't have the faith in God, the more we become hopeless if we can still get out of our predicament. Stop thinking too much, stop relying on yourself and stop tiring yourself from doing things over and over again if don't see success because only the will of God will always prevail.

3. Overdoing strength

Sometimes we overdo our strength because of having so much confidence in ourselves which shouldn't be done because this is not healthy. Just because we can do something on our own, doesn't mean we can overdo or force some things to happen. If those things are not the will of God, then no matter how hard you try or even overdo your strength, that will not happen. There are people who are really stubborn and will do things whatever it takes even if their body will get weak, their minds will not be in the right state or their behavior will be worst towards other people just to get to them. They do what they want as if they don't care if they will hurt somebody, or lose something, and have no regrets about what will come along. Let us be wise in doing something because we have wisdom from God and not because we force things to happen based on what we feel is right.


How to Get Out of This Feeling of Being Alone

If we are going to ask people how we can get out of this feeling of being alone, more often than not and most of them will answer "go out with your friends" or maybe "spend time with your family", or "have a quality time with your partner and not just work". These are right, we need these things in our lives while we are here on earth and God has nothing against it. But may we have this thinking that the first thing we should do to get out of this kind of feeling is to seek help from our God because He is the only one who can satisfy, redeem, sustain, protect and provide for us. We may have heard some good advice from a friend or from a member of our family, but they could be just instruments of God's ways to convey what He wants us to do.

Here are the things we should do when we feel so alone:

1. Breathe and take a break

It is given that we are all busy in our lives, like being a solo parent to her children, having a profession that needs more focus on a client, having so much work that needs to be finished before the deadline, worrying too much about what's going to happen in your future, and if you really can't get out from a predicament you are in. Having all these in life and doing them all at the same time will make you give up life, and become hopeless and exhausted because our strength can be ran out because it is not unlimited obviously we need a source and that is God who has omnipotent strength to provide for us. So take a deep breath so can think and run to our Father because His grace will be the answer for the tiring day we face.

2. Put God first in everything do

Sometimes the reason why we get exhausted already by just doing little things is that we have forgotten God to put Him first in the center in every area of our lives. We were too busy to think about what to do when we have God who can always give us clarity to have a good state of mind so we can also think as a human. We may have the ability to do things here on earth but we still need God's guidance and help. Through Him, everything will be possible and hardships can be overcome. Only God can give us what we are lacking. We do not need to be hopeless if we can't finish the job before the deadline because God can do it. Remember what is said in the Bible, "God can make a way when there seems to be no way" Philippians. 2:13,14. That's how powerful He is. Never underestimate what God can do in every moment you are facing trials.

3. Have a bible-based outlook in life and not earth-based

If we are spending time reading the bible, we get to understand what and why certain things are happening in our lives. The more we read the bible, the more we will have a bible-based outlook in life. When we read the bible, we feed our minds all about the truths and that should be done daily. The more we have this idle time of not reading the bible, the more chance for the enemy to feed our minds with lies and will start to become noise in our heads. That is inevitable if we are still here on earth because the enemy loves us to see the more we rely on earthly things, the more he can access our emotions and minds. There are people who are struggling and having issues with friendships, family relationships, and finances because their understanding is earth-based. They thought that a good friendship will work if they spend time together every day or most of their free time, they thought that when they work hard and have multiple jobs in a day, will plenty of money, and they thought that it is already enough to see your whole family in the house, without having a time for each other once in a while. Those are earth-based outlooks, but when we have applied the bible-based outlook those things will not suffice because all we need to have is God and His words and everything will follow.


Bible Verses

Isiah 30:21

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying “This is the way; walk in it."

Exodus 14:14

"The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still."

Proverbs 3:5-6

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not onto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path."

1 John 5:4

“For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world- our faith."


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