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Winning the War in Your Mind

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Avoid Being Alone

Our minds are so powerful as they can do so many things for us. It can tell you a lot of things but we need to sift those things that come into our minds. Not all the things that want to enter our minds are good and can be welcomed, let's choose those things before we entertain them so we would know which are the ones that really need our attention.

When we are alone and doing nothing, this is the time that we get so much anxiety because our minds are just stuck because it is thinking nothing or not busy strategizing about something. This is the time when a lot of things come into our minds because we are not the ones who initiate what our minds should be thinking.

If we are doing something, we are using our minds to think and to give the answer, remembering the things that we have memorized from what we have reviewed or studied the other day, understanding what we are reading, and appreciating the song that we are listening to. These are some of the things that our minds should be doing when we are doing something. But if we are doing nothing, this is the time when unpleasant things will come into our minds and there is a reason why these just keep bombarding us.

The enemy is the one who loves to throw lies or unpleasant things in our minds especially if he saw us doing nothing or even talking to no one. He will take advantage of you being alone by telling you lies, and doing evil things. When we are alone, that is the perfect time for the enemy to bombard us through our minds until we become so anxious and destroyed. It is really not good to be alone all the time though I am not saying that having time for yourself is bad, it is good to lessen it and choose to be with your family, friends, colleagues or churchmates so your minds will somehow be busy thinking of what to say to these people, what to eat or where to go.


Importance of Being Surrounded by People

Being surrounded by people makes our hearts so happy or overflowing happiness when we are with our family, friends, churchmates, or even colleagues. When we are with them, we get to talk about a lot of things and our minds are busy thinking like what questions to ask our friend and how you will understand what they are saying to you, what to eat together and where to go to see the beautiful views or attractions in a particular place.

Sometimes we get to see our relatives too and have some family gatherings because of an invitation given from one of your cousins' wedding. This is one of the things that we will treasure because aside from them being your loved ones, they also make us feel important and vice versa because we give time to them in spite of our busy schedules at work. And that's how we should be living our lives, we should make time for our loved ones instead of being alone.

When the time will come we will never get a chance of enjoying our free time to be with our loved ones. So while we still can, let's choose to be with the important people in our lives and choose to be happy or enjoy the company. By having this good scheme, we can avoid being alone and deceived by the enemy and avoid ending up being anxious because of what he throws at our minds.


What to Do When Anxiety Attacks You?

Anxiety has no good because it can destroy us. If we dwell on the problems and will keep thinking about them or how to resolve them, and worry about them, the anxiety will eat us alive. We do not want the anxiety to win the battle, we should be winning the fight because we are talking about ourselves being saved from the darkness.

As mentioned above, one of the things that we should be doing is being surrounded by the people we love who will build us up, encourage us, and remind us about how awesome we are. But above all these, when anxiety is trying to destroy us, the first thing that we need to do is to run to our Father God and He will save us from being anxious.

Let me share some of the things that we need to do to win the war of the minds:

  • Remind yourself about God - If we are reminded about God in the middle of the war, it gives us an automatic hope that we should not be dwelling on our problems because our problems are not ours to handle, but it is God's. So let go and let God.
  • Pray to God and read the bible - Praying about our worries is letting our God do miracles in our lives. Praying makes us calm and it gives us hope that God will get us out of the darkness. Let God know everything that worries you, that makes you weak, that makes you feel sad and He will fill you with joy and give strength. Prayer is powerful. When we are having negativity in our minds, we should be reading our bible while in the middle of the war, so our minds will be fed with the word of God that is full of strength, hope, joy, and love, and those lies will be removed or replaced by these.
  • Remind yourself about your salvation - When we are reminded about our salvation, it will also remind us that we are all sinners and that God chose to save us by sending His son Jesus Christ. When we have accepted Him as our Lord and Saviour, we believe that He overcome the world and so He can save us from any predicament that makes us anxious.
  • Remind yourself about your worth - If we are reminded of our worth, we will not think about anything harmful. We will not entertain what is being fed into our minds by the enemy because we will choose to live a happy life with our loved ones and make a difference or inspire people with grateful hearts no matter what.
  • Remind yourself about your purpose - We all have a purpose in life. If we know why we are here in this world, we will be reminded that we should continue living in the right way and not entertaining the bad things being thrown at us by the enemy because so long as we know our purpose, we will look at the brighter side that there is hope and no room to give up just because of the lies in our head.
  • Know the issue very well - It is good that we should know what problem we are dwelling on. Through the prayers, we would be able to have wisdom from God and that wisdom will let us know if the problem is something we need to be worried about. But let me tell you this, wisdom from God will never cause any confusion, it will always give you clarity. If He said worry nothing, just do it and trust Him and let Him move the mountain.
  • Come up with a resolution - Once you have known the issue very well, through prayers and by receiving God's wisdom, you will be able to come up with a resolution. When planning and doing the resolution, make sure to seek God's presence and the Holy Spirit's guidance, and cling to any verse from the bible to become stronger when resolving the issue.

I know that you might say these are easier said than done but please know that in Jesus Christ nothing is impossible.


Bible Verses

Matthew 4:4

But He answered and said, "It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."

Psalm 139:23-24

Search me, God, and know my heart, test me, and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.


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