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Where You Sit in Church Says a Lot About You

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


Have you ever wondered why you pay good money for front row seats at a play, concert or sporting event, but you prefer to sit in the back when you go to church? Why do some people prefer to sit up front while others are more comfortable sitting somewhere in the middle? Why do some people favor the right side of the church rather the left side?

Some people believe where a person sits in the church has a lot to do with the following:

  • their relationship with God
  • their relationship with other worshipers
  • their relationship with the preacher

Front of the Church

Some people like to sit up front near the pulpit so they won't be easily distracted by those who come to church late and those who leave early.

Sitting up front is usually a sign of eagerness, excitement, and wanting to be an integral part of the service. People who sit near the front can hear clearly every word that comes from the mouth of the preacher. They hear more from the preacher when they sit near the front because there are fewer distractions from those around them.

People who sit near the front seem to be more focused and better able to engage in worship. They can absorb the message better without distractions.

People who sit up front are more likely to pay attention.

Middle of the Church

Those who sit in the middle are those who just like to blend in. They don't want to sit up front, and they don't want to be in the back. They just want to be in the middle of things. Those who sit in the middle of the church are average churchgoers.

Back of the Church

People who sit in the back of the church are considered spectators rather than energetic participants in the worship experience. However, there are good reasons for some people to sit in the back. They might have a fidgety baby and don't want to disturb other worshippers. They might have a bladder problem and want to sit where they can slip out quietly if they have to.

Sometimes people sit in the back when they arrive late. They sit there so they will not disturb too many people by their late arrival.


Why People Sit in Same Seat

Some people wear the same old robe and broken-in shoes around the house because they are comfortable. For the same reason, some people feel safe and secure by occupying the same seat in church.

Once a person finds a particular seat, he tends to sit there, whether it is in the front, middle, or back of the church. Some people favor the left side of the pulpit while some favor the right side. It boils down to personal preference where a person sits in a church.

A problem might exist when someone else sits in a seat that is claimed by another parishioner. For instance, a visitor might not know that someone has a certain seat that he usually occupies.

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