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When She Rested

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God Is Calling the Hardworking Soul in You

She's running. She's been up all night. She has been hustling. She keeps thinking and thinking. All she wants is to give the best of her ability. She can do it and she will make it. If only when she finds time to rest.

You might be dealing with a lot of things and I get it. You can't waste your precious time sitting down and just waiting for things to happen. You have to work for what you want. You wrestle with the world, proving that you have made a distinct amount of sacrifice to get your dreams and to be deserving of where you are now. You hustle, you wrestle, and you grow weary of the future. Yet the kindness of our God is calling the hardworking soul in you.

"Come to me, you, who need to rest," the Father calls. He is looking at you, and He knows the weight you are carrying. He knows that you are exhausted, burdened, and seeking to be refreshed. He honors what you have done, and so He offers His arms for you to rest. You are not meant to carry this burden alone. God wants to be where you are, in the middle of your hustle. He wants to be near you. His presence will lift up your heart's fears and worries. God is giving you permission to pause and dwell in His promise that all things will work together for your good. You are not called to live a life in a hurry. The things listed in your mind will inevitably get done when you come first to Him to receive strength and direction. Coming into His presence and worshiping Him comes first and this can't be done backward.


She Gave Herself to Rest

Give yourself the permission to truly rest so you could give God the space to fully work. Resting is saying, "God, yours is my life. Do whatever you want to do with it. I'll rest secured here in Your plans for me." Resting is powerful. It is encouraging, empowering, and equipping. It is an act of surrender to the One who can legitimately do all things possible for us. Let all other worries fade away in the light of His glorious grace.

She gave herself permission to rest and that's when she truly grew. When you rest, you allow the perfect peace of God to take over today's troubles. When you spend more time dwelling in His word rather than lingering in the world, those little voids in your heart will be filled completely with God's faithful promises. You can't keep feeding yourself with small bites of this world's garbage. It might not hurt at first but a little bit of jealousy, a little bit of envy, a little bit of comparison, a little bit of gossip, and a little bit of insecurity here and there will all turn into an enormous amount of junk in your heart. You have to remind yourself that although something may look good on the outside, it doesn't mean it's honoring to the eyes of God. Resting allows you to have a few steps back and do a deep cleansing in your heart, disposing of all those things that you don't need.

Resting is God restoring everything that has been taken away from you. Joy, identity, peace, security, and hope.

She rested and she finally understood that in God, she will never ever have to be afraid because His love never fails.


Bible Verse

Matthew 11:28-30

"Come to me, all who labor and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

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