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God Interviewed Me

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


I have been interviewed hundreds of times during my life. I have been asked questions by employers when applying for a job or promotion. Up until now, I have had to answer questions about my life, my hopes, my dreams, my strengths, my weaknesses, my finances, my health, my spirituality, and my plans for the future.


I have been interviewed by school administrators for teaching positions, by pastors for church assignments, lenders for bank loans, lawyers for court cases, doctors for my physical health, psychiatrists for my mental health, marriage counselors to save my marriage, and every other professional one could think of.

Some of the aforementioned experts helped a little, but none of them helped a lot. In fact, many of them made me feel worse than I did before I enlisted their services. Therefore, I have decided I am going to be interviewed by only one interviewer from now on.

There is only one who has the knowledge, the credentials, the heart, and the right attributes to interview me. He is fair and just and will not leave me feeling bad after the interview is over.

God: My One and Only Interviewer

God is the only one who is qualified to interview me because He created me in His own image (Genesis 1:27). Besides, He knows all about me and loves me anyway.

Unlike the others who have interviewed me, God has my well being in mind. His aim is not to question me for an hour and give me ten minutes' worth of information that is not helpful at all.

He will not tell me to start when I was a child and tell Him about my upbringing because He knows. He will not ask me what my relationship was with my father, mother, sisters, or brothers. He will not use textbook terms to get me to remember why I feel the way I do. Therefore, I will save a lot of time and money by going to God who already knows all those things.

Example of an Interview with God

Feel free to eavesdrop in on one of my interviews with God.

  • Me: I feel weary and heavy laden and I can't figure out why.
  • God: "Come unto me since you are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28).

  • Me: I can't figure out if it is physical, mental, or spiritual.
  • God: It doesn't matter. You have come to the right place to find peace for your soul. I will dispense grace on you and my grace is sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9).

  • Me. I feel so unloved by family, friends, and spiritual leaders who should have a discerning spirit to know about my deep sorrow.
  • God: When your mother and father forsake you, know that I am there with you and for you. Besides, I have lavished you with love so much that it will be more than compensate for the love you are not getting from others. Know that they are incapable of loving you to the extent that you need to be loved.

  • Me: I feel that people mistreat me, reject me, and abandon me after they get what they want from me.
  • God: Think of my son on the cross. He thought I had abandoned him too when he cried out, "Father, why hath thy forsaken me?" in Matthew 27:46. When I raised Him from the dead on the third day, He knew I had not forsaken Him. He is at my right hand now. That's where you will be when your life is over on earth. What you feel now will be forgotten.

  • Me: I desire so much to see you face to face and be in a place where there is no more trouble, sorrow, tears, injustice, and unfairness.
  • God: Keep doing what you are doing. Keep saying, "Come, Lord Jesus," according to Revelation 22:20. I hear you every time you say it. I know who you are. In fact, I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb (Jeremiah 1:5). Remember, you agreed to the life you are living now because it is part of my plan so that in the end I will be glorified.

  • Me: I feel that I am in the world by not of the world.
  • God: That is exactly the way you should feel. I have noticed that you are living two-dimensional while most of those you surround yourself with are one-dimensional. You live by the spirit while they live only in the natural. That's why there is an imbalance in your friendships and relationships. You are different, but you believe your difference is wrong because you are in the minority.

  • Me: What advice do you have for me?
  • God: "Be not weary in well-doing for you will reap in due season if you faint not." That is the reason I put that initial sermon in your heart to preach on December 3, 1995. I heard you speak those words to a congregation that Paul spoke in Galatians 6:9. Your title was "In Due Season." Now, believe that in your due season you will experience everlasting peace. As an installment on that peace, know that your labor is not in vain. I had you in mind when I said in 1 Corinthians 15:58, "Therefore, my beloved, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord."



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