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When Frustration Hits While in Waiting Season

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What is Frustration?

We all know that frustration is the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of the inability to change or achieve something. It is normal for humans to feel this because first of all we are not perfect and we have dreams and wants in life especially if we are the type of person who would like to achieve some things. However, even if we have wants, let's be reminded that we are not in control of everything here on earth.

Sometimes, the reason why we are getting frustrated it's because we are forcing something that is not aligned with the will of God, and the reason why it is not aligned is that probably God is seeing something that is not good for us and so He is not allowing it to happen. He is protecting us if our wants are not being given, not because He doesn't care or He doesn't want us to achieve what we want but because He just simply knows everything that is ahead of us.

So, when frustration hits us while we are in our waiting season and we feel like we can't wait any longer, we just pray to God and ask His help to give us more patience to wait for Him to give us what we are praying for. We may not understand now why this long wait is being experienced by us by God, but one is for sure, He is just preparing us for what He has in store for us. Have this attitude of being expectant for the Lord's miracle.


Why Do We Get Frustrated?

People get frustrated because they want something, and if they failed to get it or not getting it yet, they're getting upset already. Most of us will do everything we can, even if it is too risky just to get that something because we really want it. And obviously, that is being stubborn, because sometimes when we want something to have in life, we don't listen anymore to the people around us or to God who really knows about everything.

Here are some examples of why we get so frustrated:

  • Forcing someone to love us - Just because we have met someone single and has probably shown us some good actions, doesn't mean he/she is already the one that is meant for us. We tend to force someone to love us back if we have fallen in love with them already because perhaps we have seen something in them. We need to guard our hearts so people will not take advantage of what we want and will just play with us, in that way we will not fall for the wrong person and will not end up forcing him/her to love us back.
  • Spending so much for your luxury - Our finances don't belong to us, it's God's. He just blesses us with these because He knows that humans need them in order to live while we are here on earth. Most of the time, when we have received a bonus or even just the normal salary, we tend to buy impulsively, and we forget to think if we should buy it or not. We also forget to ask ourselves if is this going to be part of our needs or just our wants. There is nothing wrong with buying other stuff for our wants, but buying more than what we want, like being addicted to buying so much, is not good for us. Sometimes, when we get addicted and have this habit of buying so much either online or in a physical store, we tend to consume our energy to have money just to buy it. And when we fail to buy it after doing so many ways, we get frustrated. Never let yourself be consumed just to force buying stuff.
  • Going along with your cool friends to a place you have never been - There is nothing wrong to go to a place that we haven't gone to especially if it is one of our dream destinations. However, it is not good if we force ourselves to join our friends to go to a place they are insisting on just for us to be cool too. Remember, you do not have to be cool in the eyes of the Lord. You only need to be a faithful follower of Him. For example, if you do not have enough money to go with your friends to that place as it is too expensive and what you did was, you apply for a loan in order for you to go with them. This kind of way is a wicked way of humans. We force ourselves to do something even if obviously we can't because of lacking resources. Never do any wicked ways as it is one of the traps of the enemy.

I hope that we don't do any wicked ways just to force things to happen. Remember, we are not in control. Never ever give in to the enemy's trap.


Where Does This Frustration Come From?

When we are too focused on what we want, we forget that we are not thinking straight or ask ourselves "where does this frustration come from?". Because of being eager or having so much desire for something, we don't notice that we are being deceived or played by the enemy. Remember, the enemy loves to watch us if we are angry at something. So it simply means that the frustration is coming from the enemy and not from the things that are not given to us.

Now that we know where the frustration is coming from, may we say this to the enemy out loud "You enemy! you have no room in my head to put any lies at me because only the word of God will remain in my mind, my heart, and my soul Go away! in Jesus' name."

I know that being frustrated is inevitable but if we have self-discipline and we obey God's word, we will not even feel sad if we don't get the things we want to have or achieve. If we know how to obey God's word, it will be easy for us to accept if we did not get those things because what we will emphasize in our minds it's that it is not God's will. Also, if we did not get those things, instead of being sad, we will be glad and thankful for God is protecting us from any harm.

So when frustration kicks in when we did not get the things we want, always remind ourselves by saying out loud that "God loves me so much and so He protected me by getting these things because He doesn't want me to get hurt and He has the best in store for me"


Bible Verses

James 1:19-20

Know this, my dear brothers and sisters: everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to grow angry. This is because an angry person doesn't produce God's righteousness.

Psalm 37:8

Let go of anger and leave rage behind! Don't get upset, it will only lead to evil.

Provers 29:11

A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.

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