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Are You a Salty Christian? You Should Be

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


During the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7, Jesus blessed the crowds by giving them the Beatitudes. Then He taught them about salt and light, two common things everyone knows about.

This article focuses on salt and what it means to be a salty Christian.

What It Means To Be Salty

The word "salty" is used to describe the worth of a person. We get the English word "salary" from the word "salt." At one time, people were paid with salt. That's how valuable salt used to be. In fact, we use the expression, "worth his salt" because of the value of salt.

Salt Seasons and Flavors

Every good cook knows that food is bland if salt is not used in it, The food is bland and void of flavor. Food tastes a lot better when it is seasoned with salt. If it is not, you will hear people around the table saying, "Pass the salt, please."

Most people have no problem admitting that food tastes much better after it has been seasoned with salt. In the same manner, Christians should be salty to bring some flavor into bland situations around them.

Just as salt flavors food to keep it from being bland, God wants Christians to use their lives that way. Otherwise, they are good for nothing. Just as salt gives flavor to food, Christians should be able to flavor those around them by living right.


Salt Purifies

Christians should be salty because the condiment purifies. Salt keeps infections away and has healing properties. In a dark and diseased world, a salty Christian can keep the world from infections, decay, and corruption.

Salt Preserves

In ancient times when there was no refrigeration, people would rub their meats with salt to preserve them. As salty Christians, we should preserve God's word by sharing it wherever we go. We can do that through our lifestyle so others will see us as examples and get to know God through us.

If Christians lose the desire to be salt of the earth with the love and the message of God, Jesus says they are worthless and good for nothing.


Salt Produces Thirst

When people eat salty foods such as popcorn or potato chips, they immediately drink water to wash the salty taste out of their mouth.

Salty Christians have that same effect on unbelievers. Their lifestyle causes others to have such a thirst for Jesus that they will want living water to quench that thirst.

Being a salty Christian aids in evangelism. A salty Christian is able to produce such a thirst in others that people will run to get that living water.

Uses for Salt

The body contains salt, and it is one of the most important substances mentioned in the Bible because the Hebrews used it for many reasons. Flavoring food was one of the least significant reasons for salt.

  • Salt was included in the grain offering (Leviticus 2:13), the burnt offering (Ezekiel 43:24) and the incense (Exodus 30:35).
  • Salt was used to ratify contracts. Both parties were required to seal a deal by licking salt (Numbers 18:19; 2 Chronicles 13:5).
  • Newborns were rubbed with salt because that method was believed to cause the babies to be healthy (Ezekiel 16:4).
  • People put salt on their enemies' land to make it barren (Judges 9:45).
  • In Roman times, salt was used for money. Soldiers were paid their salary in salt.
  • Jesus wanted His disciples to be the salt of the earth by imitating the same things that salt does (Matthew 5:13).

How to Be Salty Christians

Jesus did not only commend those who are salt of the earth, but He also made it clear that those who had lost their saltiness were good for nothing. So, how can Christians reverse the process and become good for something after they have lost their saltiness?

Based on what salt does, here are four ways Christians can become salty:

  1. Be salt to season. Christians should season the lives of others with love just like salt seasons food.
  2. Be salt to purify. Christians should live pure lives just as salt purifies.
  3. Be salt to preserve. Christians should preserve the gospel of Jesus Christ just as salt preserves food.
  4. Be salt to produce thirst. Salty food makes people thirsty. Therefore, Christians should make unbelievers thirsty for the living water of Jesus.

When Christians follow the above suggestions, they will not be described as good for nothing.