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What Do You Have to Let Go of in Order to Follow God?

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When God Removes Something or Someone in Our Lives, Accept it!

When we say "let go" or "remove" sometimes it makes us unhappy especially when we are enjoying doing those things or being with those people. But have we ever thought if these things or people will be good for us? Did we try to assess ourselves if these things are what we really want to embrace even if it has no good for us? Sometimes we are blinded about the things we have in life especially when we are enjoying them not knowing they are dangerous for us.

Just like a baby playing with a crumpled paper and trying to eat it or put it in his/her mouth. We know that it is dangerous for the baby, she/he might swallow a small piece of paper. As a parent or someone who knows the right thing to do, we will remove the crumpled paper from the baby's hands because we care for and love the baby. We know that the baby will cry because she/he enjoyed playing it without knowing that it is dangerous.

Sometimes, God is just like that. He is the only one who knows what's best and good for us. He knows the things that could lead us to danger even if He can see that we are enjoying having these things in our lives. We may be sad when these things are gone because we got used to having them but we need to follow because not all the things that are being removed from our lives by God are going to make us sad, in fact, when God removes something or someone in our lives, it is a protection and a blessing from Him.


Following and Loving God

When we follow God, sometimes we need to sacrifice a bit or more than we thought because, in that way, we can show God how much He means to us and how important our relationship with Him is. While we are here on earth, we will never be perfect. So there are things that we need to sacrifice at times.

Here are some of the things that we need to sacrifice at times:

A schedule for volunteering at church over catching up with a friend - Sometimes we get into a conflict about our schedules especially if we are busy during weekdays then a friend of yours asked you to have a quick catch-up. This is inevitable if we haven't seen a friend for a long time and we are too excited to see each other again. But since we have committed at church, we need to sacrifice the time that we are supposed to spend with a friend. We can still find another schedule to meet a friend anyway but never ever say no to what you have committed at church. In this way, it is showing that you love God above everything else.

Daily devotion over playing online games - We know that having a devotion every day is a must because it is one way of following Christ and having a deep conversation with Him. And we know that we have scheduled in doing the devotion while playing can be done any time of the day or during our spare time. Let's be more responsible for the things that need to be prioritized. May we choose to do the things that feed us with peace, hope, and joy.

Attending church service over feeling lazy - I know there are times we feel so lazy and we just want to lie down on our beds and do nothing. Please know that we will never be productive in doing nothing. We will never learn by doing nothing. We will never understand how God works if we don't read His word especially if laziness hit us. Pray when feeling lazy so the Holy Spirit will lead you to the right thing to do.

Listening to worship songs over RNB, Indie, Rock, and Alternative songs - There is nothing wrong with listening to other songs than worship songs because I know there are times that we feel like we just want to listen to other songs. But remember, we don't just listen to worship songs when we have problems or when we are in a tough situation. Sometimes, listening to worship songs while your heart is happy is also one of the greatest times to be spent with God as a way of thanking Him.

Watching Christian movies over Rom-Com, Action, Horror, Comedy, or Suspense movies - Same with listening to other types of songs, these types of movies have nothing wrong to watch because they can also give you enjoyment to ease boredom because we all know that boredom is a feeling that everyone experiences at one time or another. Please know that feelings are valid but they shouldn't be followed at all times. Doing something like watching Christian movies will not just ease boredom but will let you learn something and get something like how God is performing in our lives.


Stop Being Stubborn and Start Being Obedient

There is nothing harm in being obedient especially to God because the One we trust is someone that will never lead us to danger. When God says "no" to something you want, it doesn't mean that He doesn't care about your wants, He only wants the good for you. He doesn't want you to get hurt. When He said "no" it was His way to protect you as well.

When we obey God, we respect, trust and love Him. He will never stop saying "no" to you until you haven't gone to the right place, the right person, and the right things because He truly cares.

Being stubborn is one of the characteristics of the enemy, so when we turn from being stubborn to being obedient, that is showing love to God. When we choose something based on what we feel, then our love for God is conditional. I hope we don't get to a point where we only obey God whenever we feel like doing it but we obey Him because we love, trust and respect Him. If we are obedient to God, it glorifies Him and that should be done by all people not just by Christians because God wants His people to be Christ-like.

I know we will never be perfect in obeying God because we were born imperfect and so in order for us to follow God at all times, may we pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us to the right path and may the presence of the Lord be upon us and so His grace to us. If we do not ask for the grace of God, we will never be able to obey Him by ourselves, because the grace of God is powerful and we need it everyday.

Let's be thankful that God is gracious to us.


Bible Verses

John 14:23

Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them."

Romans 5:19

For just as through the obedience of the one man that many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous.

Acts 5:29

Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.


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