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Wash Your Soul With SOAP

In these struggling times where fear dictates our actions, it is very hard to fix our eyes on Jesus. We find ourselves in constant overthinking of what to eat, what to do to stay healthy and where to look for jobs once this is over. Trust me, I've been there. Being the eldest, It's my responsibility to look after my little brother (who's not so little anymore). What to do when worry and anxiety takes over your thoughts? Wash it with SOAP. It's a bible study method or devotional method I just learned about from a brother in faith, it's a GREAT WAY to enhance our knowledge of the Bible and at the same time it assures us everyday of God's promises through His Word. And it takes only about 10-15 minutes! Great also for people who are always on the go, you can do it on your phone on your notes. What does SOAP stand for you ask? Let me break it down for you.



No devotional is ever complete without a Scripture or a bible verse. This is the foundation of every devotional and bible study. This is where we get our observation and application from. This is also a great conversation-opener between attendees of the bible study or if you are doing your personal devotional everyday, it is great that you have a bible verse to start with. I suggest you come up with a week-long list of bible verses to read everyday and start from there. Those verses can be anything you want, everyday God tells you a new message, you might just be surprised! Or you can search about a month-long list of verses on the internet with a theme, that's what I did. For example, this month's theme is "FOR THE WEARY HEART". I started last April and still continuing this month. It's really up to you! As long as it comes from the Lord!


This is where your analysis on the verse takes place. You write about what you see on the verse, the words that spoke to you, the meaning of the words you highlighted, the origin of that word,how you think God spoke on this verse, anything you want! You can geek out on this part all you want! Anything you observe, you put in this section. The overarching message of the verse to you, put in here.


This section of your devotional explains how would you apply what you learned from the verse in your life, how was Christ magnified through that verse, and your reflection about the verse. If the OBSERVATION part was about the technicality of the verse, this part is where you write what you feel about it, your personal take on the verse and it's impact on you. Let your emotions drive you here. Basically, you can write anything as long as it's part of your application on your life.


This should be the most vulnerable part of your devotional, vulnerable to God, baring your soul to Him, speaking to Him, asking Him to help you everyday, to bless you everyday and to guide you in every step you take, telling Him about your dreams, and telling Him about what you learned about what He revealed to you on that verse, basically communicating with Him. He loves that, that you take time to have a deeper relationship with Him, your prayer is your sincerest form of love.


Thank you for reaching this part of my article! God bless you!


© 2020 Shannon Genevieve

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