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Unspoken Prayer Requests Are Highly Illogical and Do Not Compute

Unspoken prayer requests do not compute

Unspoken prayer requests do not compute

Warning-Danger ahead

On the 1960s television series Lost in Space, the Robot would warn young Will Robinson of impending doom by shouting "Danger Will Robinson" or "Warning warning.". When presented with information in his data banks that did not make sense he would say "This does not compute." Many believers in Christ in today's world are mimicking what they see posted on Facebook when it comes to prayer and when you compare it with what is written in the word of the Lord it simply does not compute. Christians following the latest social media trend does not increase Holy Ghost power and in a time of need, they may find that they are helpless. So please consider this Hub as a warning of spiritual danger ahead when it comes to Unspoken prayer requests.

Facebook can be dangerous

Facebook has done it again and created another catchphrase that is being used by increasing numbers of Christians. This time believers in Christ are jumping on the bandwagon of saying they have an "Unspoken prayer request." My mantra is that just because it's on Facebook and everyone is doing it does not indicate that it is backed up by scripture or that the Lord will respond. Philippians 4:6 KJV the Apostle Paul said: Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Here is how it reads in other translations.

NIV: Present your requests to God.

The Message Bible: Letting God know your concerns.

New Century: But pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks.

Orthodox Jewish Bible: Let your requests be made known before Hashem,

Paul was admonishing the people of Philippi as well as Bible readers to go to the Lord and tell him of their needs. This can be summed up in popular songs like

"Jesus on the mainline tell Him what you want. Call Him up and tell Him what you want".

: "Ask the Savior to help you, comfort strengthen and keep you" (the chorus to Yield not to Temptation).

: Are you burdened are you heavy-hearted? Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus (not Facebook) alone.

Following social media trends can be dangerous and is not the way to strengthen a personal relationship with the Lord.

Unspoken requests are ilogical.

Unspoken requests are ilogical.

Highly illogical

The songs mentioned above confirm scripture and were written by people who knew the power of a personal relationship with Christ and the joy of talking directly to Him and having Him answer. Matthew 7:7 says to ask and it shall be given so if you don't ask how can you expect any response? If you don't want to divulge to others why you need prayer the answer is to take your burdens to the Lord (not Facebook) and leave them there. Philippians 4:7 says that after you have made your requests known to the Lord you can expect His peace. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. If you don't make your request known to the Lord and you don't tell anyone else what to pray for you are not guaranteed His peace. As Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) would say on Star Trek, "This is highly illogical." James 5:16 tells us to pray for one another and in Acts 12 the believers gathered in a home prayed for Peter and he was released from prison. The term unspoken prayer request, however, is most illogical. If you don't say anything it's not a true request. How can anyone pray effectively for you if they do not know what they are to pray for? If a child has a toothache but never tells his parents how can they know to take him or her to the dentist? Our Heavenly Father knows everything but if His word says we need to ask Him then we should.

Jesus is our example

Our example should always be Christ who molded for us what we are to do in a time of distress. He often went away to the mountains or the desert alone to pray and He said in Luke 10:1 that man should always pray. Stating you have an unspoken request is not praying but putting the burden on others to do it for you. Naturally, someone in a coma cannot pray for themselves and the church should always be praying for our brothers and sisters. Jesus prayed for Himself even when He was heading to the cross. He asked His disciples to pray with Him and found them asleep 3 times and said Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. This lets us know that Jesus wanted the disciples not to pray for Him but to pray for their own strength because of what was coming just as He had prayed for His own. There are those who are for and against unspoken prayer requests but the bottom line is this. Scripture indicates we are to make our requests known but Facebook says you can have unspoken requests answered so who are you going to believe? Is your faith in social media trends or the word of God?

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