A Study of the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 7, Part 3

Updated on December 31, 2019
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The findings of one who loves The Word of God and Truth, knowing that "he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." (Hebrews11v6).

Matthew Chapter 7
Matthew Chapter 7 | Source

How To Make Righteous Judgement

Previously in Part 2, we looked at how Jesus explained

  • 9 right attitudes (the Beatitudes in chapter 5v1-12)
  • 9 wrong attitudes (chapter 5v13-7v5)

Verses 1-5 These verses, at the end of the nine wrong attitudes, are speaking about judging. The key to understanding this correctly is in verse 5, which states that we cannot judge other people's actions with a judgemental attitude (the log). But once we have dealt with ourselves first, we can see clearly to help others to overcome their weaknesses. We mustn't judge in areas we cannot see, including other people's thought lives and attitudes.

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement.

— John 7v24

Casting Pearls Before Swine

Verse 6

If people are only interested in earthly comforts, as are dogs and pigs, they may not be ready to receive the spiritual truths (pearls) of God. We should pray for them to firstly be aware of their spiritual need, that as sinners they need saving, and that they long for victory over sin. We need discernment to know the difference.

Verse 7- Ask, Seek, Knock

When can we expect to receive what we ask for, to find that which we seek and for a door to open when we knock?

The Right Attitudes

Poverty in spirit
Mourning (for my sin)
Hunger and thirst for righteousness (right living)
Purity of heart
Persecution for righteousness sake
Rejoicing in Persecution
This table shows the right attitudes that Jesus is referring to, when he says that he will give us, show us and open to us as we ask,seek and knock after these things.

Verse 11- How much more shall your father which is in heaven..

Do I long more than anything, to live according to God's kingdom? Or will I more likely pray for my own earthly comforts?

Wrong Attitudes

Lustful thoughts
Selectiveness in love
Seeking men's honour
Love of money
Judging others
Do we long to be free from this?

Conclusion of The Sermon On The Mount

Paying the Price

Verse 13

This verse describes the wrong attitudes; the wide, broad gate that leads to destruction. Not even the rich young ruler would give up his love of money to enter the narrow gate in Matthew 19v16-30.

Verse 14

Here we read that few will find the way to eternal life, because it is narrow and there are few that will pay the price. Only those who will seek and long for it, like a treasure.

Although Jesus made it all possible by his death and resurrection, there is still a cost as we take up our cross daily to follow him and make disciples.

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

— Matthew 28v20

Identifying False Prophets

Verse 15

Having explained the narrow way that few will find, is it any wonder that we are warned (many times) there will be many false prophets who will speak in his name. They will appear as sheep, teaching most of the gospel, yet they make the way broad and wide. Many will be deceived by their christian doctrine of sheep's clothing on the outside, yet inwardly they are ravening wolves, lusting after money, acclaim and power.. Yet how will we know them?

Verse 16

You shall know them by their fruits. Are they teaching the narrow way with the right attitudes that Jesus taught and living these out in their own lives or are they displaying fruits of wrong attitudes and offering the wide, broad way as the gospel?

Beware of them because a half-truth is less obvious to identify than a complete heresy!

You Will Know Them By Their Fruits


Fruit Or Gifts?

Twice in this section, Jesus states that you shall know them by their fruits, yet how often do we identify our church leaders by their gifts? A fruit of good works can be stuck on a tree, but it's only the tree itself that will produce the real fruit. This is why Jesus said in chapter 3 that he would lay the axe to the root so that it would produce good fruit or else it would be thrown into the fire.

Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

Verse 21

Not everyone that says unto me Lord, Lord

shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.

He may intellectually know Jesus as Lord

He may be emotionally stirred to call him Lord again,

He may be ministering in the church and have a wide healing ministry,

Yet unless he obeys and does the will of his father in heaven,

He will not enter.

The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock

Verse 24-27

The wise man dug his foundation deep, through the sand to the rock beneath. He heard the word and believed it, but also followed it through by obeying, doing his father's will and living it.

The Foolish Man Built His House Upon The Sand

He dug his foundation only to the sand, he wanted it cheap, easy and quick. He heard the word and also believed it, but never got round to obeying it completely but just kept on loving Jesus and everyone else. He hoped that no-one would know, after all, his house appeared just the same as the one next door that was built upon the rock.

But then the rain and the storms came. First one or two bits fell off and then more and more, until he could no longer hold it all together!

And great was the fall of it.


Matthew 7 ends with them being astonished at Jesus' doctrine in verse 28. This was annointed and carried authority, for-

Jesus practised what he preached.

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    © 2019 Christine Hulme


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      • Joanna14 profile imageAUTHOR

        Christine Hulme 

        2 months ago from SE Kent, England

        Absolutely Ruby, as it says in 1Corinthians 2v15, "he that is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged of no man."

      • always exploring profile image

        Ruby Jean Richert 

        2 months ago from Southern Illinois

        Who can judge another man? Only God.


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