Psalm 91: The Christian Emergency Psalm

Updated on June 25, 2020
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Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.

Psalm 91

Psalm 91 is one of trust and confidence in God. Some people say Psalm 91 is the Christian’s Emergency Psalm only for Christians who trust God enough to abide in the shadow of the Almighty.

Verse 1 clearly states that the psalm is for the person who dwells under the shadow of the Almighty and who has taken up residence and lives in the secret place of the Most High. For instance, if you receive a piece of mail addressed to “Resident” surely you have the right to open it because it was addressed to your place of residence. Psalm 91 is that piece of mail addressed to you if you live in the secret place of the Most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Then whatever is said in the rest of the psalm applies to you. However, you have to meet the qualifications outlined in the very first verse.

A Psalm of Trust

Psalm 91 is a psalm of trust. It is a psalm of confidence in God. It is a psalm of God’s protection and a psalm of God’s providential care. It is a psalm that is needed in times of trouble, danger, and uncertainty.

This psalm does not promise that we will not encounter trouble and danger, but it clearly states that if we abide under the shadow of the Almighty, we will be protected by God’s presence and God’s power.

Psalm 91 is entrusting one’s whole self and life to God in all circumstances. Psalm 91 tells us to let God control our lives no matter what happens.

Under the Shadow of the Almighty

To be under the shadow of the Almighty means God is our refuge and our fortress. Under the shadow of the Almighty is a place of safety. A refuge is a hiding place. A fortress is a place of protection from dangers seen and unseen. God is that refuge. God is that fortress.

When we are under the shadow of the Almighty, God delivers us from the enemy and protects us from anything the enemy tries to bring upon us. Any plot the enemy tries to devise will not harm us. God will protect us like a mother hen protects her baby chicks. She keeps them under her feathers and under his wings where they will be safe. A mother bird protects her young ones beneath her wings just as God protects us.

The softness of God's protection is balanced by the hard, solid protection of a shield in the second half of Verse 4. He provides both types of protection for His people. In some situations, God will cover us with His wings to protect us. In other situations, God will be a shield and buckler to fight our battle for us.

Verse 5 assures us that we need not be afraid of anything — the terror by night or the dangers of the day. We need not be afraid of anything humans or demons might try to do to us.

There are 365 occurrences in the Scriptures that tell us to “Fear Not.” That means we should not be afraid on any of the 365 days of the year. Paul told Timothy that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). We are told the same thing in Verse 5.

We are told not to fear the things of the night, of the day, of the darkness or of the noonday. In other words, we need never fear when we are under the shadow of the Almighty.

According to Verse 8, we see the punishment of the wicked because God will vindicate His people. Therefore, God will fight our battles for us. Therefore, we don't have to fret when people come against us.

When we abide under the shadow of the Almighty, God will command His angels concerning us to minister to us and to guard us in all our ways. They will lift us up in their hands so that we will not stumble and fall. Angels will give us divine support. They will keep us from even striking our foot against the stones.

Verse 13 says we are protected from all sorts of dangers. For instance, we will receive mortal threats represented by the lion, and the cunning and evilness of our enemies as represented by the adder, the serpent. Luke 10:19 says God has given us the power, the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and on all the evil forces of the enemies and nothing shall by any means harm us.

Seeing Your Own Shadow

Have you ever walked on a sunny day and looked down on the ground? You probably saw your own shadow. Whatever you did, the shadow did. Wherever you went, the shadow went.

That’s the way it is with God. When you are under the shadow of the Almighty, God guides you, directs you and God orders your steps.

The above are reasons Psalm 91 is known as the Christian Emergency Psalm because we can be safe under the shadow of the Almighty.


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    • revmjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Minnicks 

      8 years ago from Richmond, VA

      debimcmurray, thanks so much for reading and commenting. I am glad you love Psalm 91.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love Psalms 91 and pray it often. You did an excellent job with this. I especially liked how you said it is not for everyone. I really believe not everyone can pick it up and have the same authority as the one's that are living in that place of "DWELLING". You have to live in the dwelling place continually. I loved this. Keep writing. Thank you.

    • revmjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Minnicks 

      9 years ago from Richmond, VA

      saif113sb, thanks for commenting on Psalm 91. I love all the Psalms.

    • saif113sb profile image


      9 years ago

      This is a great post . Thanks

    • revmjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Minnicks 

      9 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Judah's Daughter, thank you for your comment. I felt the anointing of God as I read it. Glad to have connected with you here on HubPages. Iron sharpens iron...

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 

      9 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Beautiful! Jesus IS the Almighty God (Isaiah 9:6) and by faith in Him we remain under the shadow of His wings. What a comforting hub ~ so wonderful a promise to all who love Him and put their trust in Him. Thank you, and God bless you!!

    • talford profile image


      9 years ago from U.S.A.


    • revmjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Minnicks 

      9 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Yes, Psalm 91 really is the Christian's Emergency Psalm. It is like dialing 911. Like you, I try to stay "under the shadow of the Almighty" for God's protection and providential care.

    • jagandelight profile image


      9 years ago from Florida

      psalm 91, its my psalm. I have to stay under the shadow of the Almighty everyday and trust Him to take me safely through like only He can.

    • revmjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Minnicks 

      9 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Thanks a lot for reading and commenting. I am fairly new here. So, I am just getting the hang of it even though this is my 35th article in just 2 weeks.

      JeanieR, I read your article on Psalm 91.

    • JeanieR profile image


      9 years ago from Sequoia National Forest, CA

      Great job! This is one of my favorite topics and you have done a fine job with it. So glad I found your hub!


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