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Twin Sins That Block Your Blessings

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, according to Romans 5:23. There are twin sins that hold us back and keep us from moving ahead in all areas of our lives.

Just one of those two sins causes much damage by itself to our spiritual development and our relationship with God. When both of those sins are committed, our blessings are blocked. We will notice no significant growth in any area of our lives. In fact, we will notice negative results professionally, emotionally, intellectually, financially, socially, or spiritually. Our entire wellbeing is attacked when we have one or both of those twin sins in our lives.



Unforgiveness is a sure way for your blessings to be blocked. You should forgive others if you want God to forgive you. When you harbor unforgiveness, you keep yourself imprisoned and those things you could have will not be freely given to you.

Unforgiveness keeps you stuck. Forgiveness extended to others benefits you more than it does for others. It doesn't matter if you think you were unfairly wronged or not.


The bottom line is that you definitely cannot move forward if you are harboring unforgiveness in your heart. No one said it would be easy to forgive others, but it is worth it. God gave the command to forgive others.

If you want blessings to flow through your life, you need to forgive others no matter who they are and how hard it might be. If you feel that you are stuck and cannot move from where you are, perhaps you should examine your life and determine that it is free of unforgiveness. If you are not moving forward, perhaps there is some unforgiveness somewhere in your life.

Unfortunately, some people say they can't forget the bad thing or things that someone did to them. They use that as an excuse not to forgive. They are known to say, "I might be able to forgive, but I can't forget."

When you forgive others, God's favor will be on your life. Blessings will come upon your life like never before.

When you get rid of all unforgiveness, the barrier will be removed and your blessings will no longer be blocked.



Pride is the other sin that blocks your blessings. That sin is described in the Bible as conceit, arrogance, conceit, and haughtiness. It shows up in a person's lifestyle and especially in his speech when he boasts and is defiant.

Pride is the excessive belief in your own abilities instead of the recognition of the grace of God. People who are filled with pride actually have an EGO. That means they Ease God Out!

Pride, like unforgiveness, blocks God's blessing from our lives.

If you want to move forward, then get rid of all unforgiveness and pride. The twin sins will definitely keep you stuck in a rut instead of allowing you to move beyond where you are.

God frowns on unforgiveness and pride. He has named these twin sins in the Bible and given commandments to be followed in order to keep them out of our lives.

Most people want God's blessings, and a sure way to get them is to eliminate the twin sins of unforgiveness and pride. Then watch how quickly you will be blessed because of God's favor.