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Towards the Eternal Consciousness

This phase of human mental growth needing a higher form of logic, which we call a collective consciousness,

Enter the oneness of silence

When we slowly enter the oneness of silence, alone.

When we slowly enter the oneness of silence, alone.

Towards the eternal consciousness

Today, on this war-torn earth, there is an urgent need to accept and take the spiritual path. The deeper, longer, thirst we have, the faster will be our oneness with the divine sphere for happy celestial existence.

Every time we get up in the morning, we express incomplete thoughts and grow with an uneasy feeling of a hypnotic state resembling sleep, apparently unaware of what is next! In a mystic absorption, so intense that we ask 'What are we living for'!

We anticipate good chances to live in the exploring delights of this earth. Without knowing the nature of our existence, without understanding the intricacies of our life and of this vast Universe, can we achieve anything in our life? Are we leading and experiencing a foolish time on Earth?
We are thus plunged into a dangerous situation wholly unaware of everything in this natural world and what the environment is in readiness for us relating to extrasensory perception. Completely oblivious to the true purpose of our existence, we continue to live on, once, twice taking rebirth and again!
All the same, life runs smoothly enough and we get carried as part of the way until we are thrown into a state of disarray and confusion. Then our lifelong search for permanent peace, happiness, and bliss end up abruptly at the instance of our unexpected death to carry us into this curious messy cycle of rebirth! Is our ultimate mission in life is merely to fulfill our earthbound desires! Are we not concerned with the heavenly; divine; spiritual, celestial peace? Are we so inhuman neglecting the other spiritual world of guiding influence well concealed from human beings?

It is not the end of everything. We still can connect a new approach, an entirely fresh, and lovely part of awareness to enlighten our understanding towards a wonderful route of wisdom for a purposeful living towards eternal bliss.

Fulfilling our earthly responsibilities is indeed the higher path, but it does not separate us from God in any way provided we avoid every possible mental confusion and possible involvement with egotistical desires to play our role as an unreserved and passionate initiation towards supreme reality, we express as God.

Possibly, our country was blessed and saved from these celestial beings, all-powerful, invincible, and supreme blissful spirits, so to say, the mystical qualities of our Yogis and Rishis, their occult lore, and the secret learning of the ancients who are consistently guiding and blessing us in their invisible role.

The Eternal Consciousness
The state of Cosmic Consciousness can be achieved only when one has pure, unmotivated love of God. It can only happen when we take our first step towards super consciousness, towards the awareness of an Ultimate Reality, known as God.

The eye, ear, tongue, nose, or skin is a specialized body organ, where sensory neurons are concentrated and function as a receptor. They receive external and internal stimuli and transmit them in the form of nerve impulses to the brain. It is the faculty through which the external world is apprehended.

The beauty of the inner self can create wonders beyond our imaginations and that can be achieved with a significant level of self-realization with the fullest of verity.

If we recount the details of initiation through the stages of Cosmic Consciousness of eternal, ever-present, we observe the transitory experience of having a body, a name, and bodily experience that we may consider of little significance.

Cosmic Consciousness lies in a mystic state above and beyond Self-consciousness. Sometimes, this is conceived as forming a collective consciousness, which spans the cosmos and it is conceived of as an Absolute from which all conscious beings emanate.

If we examine the Evolution of the Human Mind, there are three stages in the development of consciousness. The first and the simple consciousness of animal instincts. The second is of the self-consciousness of human beings, considering intention, reason, imagination, motive, and so on. As man evolves into higher states of consciousness, it is the third stage of essence is cosmic consciousness, which that is the vital platform of an emerging faculty, the fundamental stage of human development.

This phase of human mental growth needing a higher form of logic, which we call a collective consciousness, spans the cosmos to get the direct experience of the Cosmic Consciousness. It begins to appear and eventually spreads widely throughout the human race. It is the right preparation for the inflow of higher consciousness, the right work of the intellectual function through a science of the intellect.

When there is an intense desire to know what lay behind all the experiences of life and death, what is there behind the darkness of closed eyes, a deep devotion intensifies our personal search for God. This route of exploring, a careful and systematic hunt, the expedition into unfamiliar regions, the progress of discovery, and the entire systematic method for a careful exploration is so gripping, thrilling, and mesmerizing that once we enter into that path, there is no chance of returning or even looking back.

There begins our spiritual hunt, for the vision of God to direct our search in everything and everywhere. Thereupon, God watches over us, life afterlife, in the tenderness of many human forms. Ultimately, we seek the brightest ever-expanding, to direct us towards ultimate bliss.

Besides, today, after our heart articulately expresses his name in deep sincerity again and again in soundless chant, the light so rare will be in view towards which we walk as if it comes down to us and still we walk towards that glorious ecstasy of delightful bliss. All of a sudden, we will observe him in majestic splendor and we are filled with ceaseless joy; "where have you been! You have made me wait for so long!" And the darkness around us suddenly disappears. Then by the side of magnificent light, we walk to view the blissful world so significant. The soundless chant from our heart will persist, he will lead us to our ultimate goal, eternal bliss. If we have a pure, unmotivated love for God, spiritual wealth can be achieved and HE will guide our way to the oneness of silence.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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