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This Healing Light: Homily for the Devout. Wednesday’s Inspiration 14, to my Very Dear Pamela Oglesby for February 13th.

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Thought for the Day

One may have an emotional, social, mental, physical, psychic or financial need. Yet the Divine Mother knows best. Put the concerns to Her and then remain open, or be guided by the Light or Voice of the soul and act accordingly. Never rush, especially as the mind and emotions, can be misleading. Finally,

“Whatever happens in Divine Providence, is always for the best, as there’s no alternative.” – Sri Chinmoy

"Prayer Begins When Human Capacity Ends."- Sri Chinmoy

Offer and Surrender ... let go!

Offer and Surrender ... let go!

The Ascent of the Soul

The natural state of the soul, is one of Love, Light … Compassion (Mercy). Each being is an instrument, or spark of this Love, and its nature is to manifest or express Love’s Joy/Bliss/Ananda, in creation. We came from Delight, we live in Delight and at the end of our journey’s close, we will return to Delight.

We have not done so badly, after all. We think things are bad but consider the Roman times, the medieval times … the great Empires and Dynasties. This is not a Hub designed to look at the darkness, like Star Wars, but merely to enlighten, to encourage introspection … to seek for meaning to life.

We are souls and the body is the temple of the Absolute One, called by so many names in East and West … the same river, ultimately, flowing into the same Ocean of Mercy, Light and Love. We are separated from our Source, like bamboo flutes, trying to find our way back to the Reed Bed. Because consciously or unconsciously, we remember it and long to go back.

Such is the nature of spiritual evolution, of progressing in and enjoying Love’s divine game, in both its light and shadow. In that sense, Covid-19 and God’s Light are in harmony with each other.

The Light Beckons


The Soul and its Journey

Just as a flame and its source, as day and night, as heaven and earth, so called good and evil, joy and pain, are all a part of this larger cosmic game. Spirit is Omnipresent and there’s nothing outside of Spirit. So, in that sense, shadows or darkness, are a part of the plan.

In Yoga Philosophy, there are four forms of life. The soul descends (Involution); then it ascends (Evolution), moving forward and upwards via its life experiences:

  • Mineral life
  • Plant life
  • Animal life
  • Human life

The fifth stage is the transformation of human life, to the natural or Realised state of the life divine. Therein lies the life of plenitude, Silence … beauty and endless Bliss. This condition is present in us now, as we are souls, which is part and parcel of the larger Spirit. We identify with the body, not understanding that we are made in the image of Spirit … that we are immortal and cannot die.

Not to know this is the real death and indeed we die, while we are alive; we go blind, even while we see. This is because we do not knock at the inner Citadel of Paradise … of the spiritual Heart. We are propelled by ego, greed, attachments, anger and lust (Ignorance or desires, limitations, cravings, nafs, imperfections).

Why is that so? Well, for the most part, life is a divine game and I alluded to that. Love, that invisible/visible thrill, upon whose strings and command we dance, wants to enjoy Itself. As such it behooves us to partake in this cosmic Lila. (Divine game). So life, with all its teeming weaknesses and adversities, exists for the growth or progression of the soul.

Whatever is happening outside of us, is also happening within. How we see the world, would depend on our own level of spiritual growth. The kindergarten child will sing Jack and Jill and play games, but the professor’s engagements would be scholarly and different.



Spiritual Discipline and Its Methods, for going back to our Source

Yet each is essential, just as religion is to the devout. We cannot move faster than Grace. God’s choice hour is different for each soul, as we are all unique and are sent here to play or own crucial part, in this vast Arena of sojourning. Nevertheless, sooner or later, as we evolve, we all come to one Path: The Path of Love.

Going back to the God-head, necessitates a manual of instructions, or a few basic precepts, depending on how each soul vibrates to its own needs, as pre-determined by the laws of Cause and Effects. However, common among them are:

  • Prayer, both verbal and silent. Prayer is an entreaty, in the sense that it is by very nature, a means of asking something of a Higher Entity.
  • Meditation –the act of surrender, of allowing the subtle Energy to flow into the inner vessel –the Heart. Here Love speaks and we listen in Silence to the Heart.
  • Meditation is conscious self-expansion, not thinking. It is like being at the bottom of the sea. On top, there may be a multitude of waves, but down there it’s all silent, quiet … calm.

There are various forms of spiritual disciplines, but most Faiths speak of Sewa (Self-giving), gratitude, singing/chanting/reciting/devotionals/sutras/aphorisms/psalms/beatitudes and so forth. It is these acts of selflessness in life, which ultimately opens the psychic Heart and facilitates receptivity, so crucial to inner spiritual experiences. We need them to enhance progress, a faster way to the Godhead.

One should seek out a group of like-minded and most importantly, sincere people, to practice prayer and other forms of Dharma (Righteousness, duty), designed to encourage inner peace: breathing, dance, retreats and so forth. By so doing, we will begin to lessen the needs of the flute, as we move closer and closer to the Reed Bed, from whence we came.

Finally, whatever happens outside is happening within. This Earth can only mirror or reflect our own state, as the Divine is within, not outside of us. Paradise is an inner and infinitely more subtle Realm, but yes, we are the Reed Bed and not the flute.

Yet we are both, as the Formless can only manifest, in and through the form. The Unmanifest, only through the manifest. Yet once the form - like the sheep who looks into the water and suddenly realizes it’s a lion - we will one day return to our natural state. Let us feel Love in everything we say, think and do, manifesting that Higher Light in our actions, allowing us to return to our natural habitat, in an effulgence of wonder and glory. Hari Om Tat Sat!!

My tips about Meditation here: - Practicing Yoga and Meditation: Tips for Beginners - CalorieBee - Diet & Exercise

Happy Soul's Day, Pamela


Wisdom from the Master

"Victory means temporary peace,

But Peace is eternity's victory." - Sri Chinmoy

"Obstacles are meant

To be surmounted.

Shun self-doubts

And be victorious." - Sri Chinmoy

Oh, Light, my Light, Come!

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