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This Fine Day

Paul has an enthusiasm for exploring the world of faith and spiritual well being, which he wishes to share through all that he writes.


It is a lovely day, a pretty one. And even if it were not, it would still very much be a fine one.

This New Day

It's a brand-new day. The earth has turned once again. But how then is this day new? The earth has turned many times -- many, many times, and newness implies something that has not happened before. Yet a new day it is, because what has never happened before is this very moment, this now. Today is not yesterday, and now is not before. Time marches on, as they say. Although events that have occurred in previous moments can in many ways affect what happens in this one, they cannot completely determine what happens. And although events that have occurred in our lives yesterday, or in days passed, can still influence us today, they cannot have any real controlling influence. For in every moment there exists a timeless now unconnected to what has gone before, yet very much connected to eternal love and grace.

Being in this space of timeless love, we have infinite opportunities to connect to the goodness and beauty that is present at all times, and to be able to recognize these things in the moment. Being touched by grace, we recognize our own abilities to perpetuate them further, while acknowledging the love we possess within. We allow anything good that happened yesterday, or all the good things from days gone by, to influence us in greater ways than those events that may have caused us pain or sadness. This always present love and grace can help us activate more positive recollections while helping us see the good that surrounds us right now, while, perhaps, awakening extra measures of enthusiasm and gratitude. What makes this day new is the elemental goodness that exists in creation and the presence of this creation in all our moments and on this new day.


This Good Day

It is a new day and having the presence of infinite love in this newness, it can be nothing less than good. This day is a product of creation, and there is a kind of perfection in this creation, the kind that exists in the love that is of God. Creation is more than some initial beginning way back when; it is a never-ending unfolding, with all the infinite beginnings contained therein, having God's love present in every single one of them. This love is forever and unchanging, and yet it is always new, quite relevant to the here and now, exceedingly refreshing to our being. We shine in this all-embracing love. Within it lies the freedom and ability to create loving situations, along with the freedom and power to expand the love and the beauty on this planet and in all our personal worlds.

We increase the love when we turn ourselves toward compassion. There is plenty out there and much within. And when we allow ourselves to slow and take a moment to look, we just may see it doing its work. With our deep connection to beauty and love, we trust in our abilities to work some of our own. We recognize the good in ourselves and the good in others. We bless each other with our smiles and well wishes. We bear witness to kindness, as we endeavor to be caring and understanding in all situations. We practice patience and forgiveness, as we seek to add a little peace to any everyday matter. We are thankful for any little moment of peace, and every little touch of contentment that we experience in our day. Peace is real. It exists within the realm of love, the love that is present in all our moments. It is this presence where we just may be able to find and experience a little wonder and joy on this good day.


This Ordinary Day

Despite all these musings of the newness and wonderfulness of this day, the reality of the goodness that it is said to contain is sometimes not so readily apparent. After all, it is just another day. It can be a completely ordinary one, or perhaps just a plain old difficult one. Maybe it's not all that pretty today, not all that lovely. It's just the same old stuff, same old news.

Many things can make up an ordinary day. It's all the little pieces. It's all the tasks and responsibilities. There may be too much happening at once or not much happening at all. And then there is that early morning alarm telling us to get going once again. Many things can make up a difficult day as well. It's all the little annoyances, things not going our way. There may be some disappointments or frustrations concerning issues in our lives, or hurtful memories of things from long ago. And despite talk of things like perfection, we receive daily reminders that we may be less than perfect beings living in a less than perfect world. But even as we accept these things, there is nothing keeping us from taking a moment to breath and remind ourselves of God's love, which is fundamental to every single moment. Then looking outward, we just may see reminders of this love in the world.

What can help us out on this ordinary day is for us to actually add to our tasks and responsibilities, like the very basic task of being kind, the basic responsibility of being good to others, giving them reasons to smile. What we can do to help ourselves out on this difficult day is helping out with the difficulties of others, having a genuine concern for their troubles, and once again helping them smile. Actions like these have the power to add a little more purpose and meaning to our day, and, perhaps to our everyday.

We can turn to God's love to lighten our burdens and relieve our hurts. In the light of this love. we see that there is a certain beauty in our imperfections; it exists in our hopes and dreams, in our accomplishments and enjoyments. There is also beauty in our acceptance, the beauty of humility. There is never any reason not to shine, for God's love, flowing with grace and mercy, remains with us, even on this ordinary day.


This Fine Day

Many things can make up a fine day. It's all the little pieces. It's in the ways that the goodness in this new day is manifested that makes this day fine. It's all the little beauties and wonders, the blades of grass, the wafers of snow, the gentle drops of dew. It is all the smiles, the kindnesses. the wishes of well-being. It is any and all peaceful moments. Hardships and hurts at times will arise, but we continue to possess the freedom to turn toward things of beauty, to open our eyes to all things good, taking them in and allowing them to remain with us as subtle reminders of the fundamental truths regarding the power of goodness and love. Today's finery exists in all the things we can do, the simple words we can say. With humility, we accept our abilities to make a difference, to increase the love and the peace on this good earth as it once again turns.

And as we may know that the world is less than a perfect place, and that we, of course, belong to this world, we also know that we belong to, and are indeed a part of, creation. And the light of the perfect love that is contained in creation is in us all. It is this gleam that allows, or perhaps propels, imperfect beings to accomplish very fine feats, whether large or little. It is this glow that gives us the unlimited capacity to bring forth beauty and love. We give it away, and we hold it near, so that when things are not all that pretty, there is still beauty, and when things are not all that lovely, there is still love. It is of God. It is forever, yet always new. It is here for us now on this fine day.

© 2022 Paul K Francis

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