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The Salvation of our Soul and Spirit

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Our life: Eternal or transitory?

It is sad for the human being, to know what will become of his body, once he has died, but it is even sadder that the true vital essence, that is, the spirit reaches an unwanted place, a dark and depressing place, or another worse. In order to enjoy in that dimension after life, we must live as clean of sin as we can, despite our sinful nature.

Even if the human being commits sin, there are a door to salvation: ask for forgiveness if they are sincere from the heart, ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness, surrendering his life and walking towards him. His blood shed from him cleanses us from sins. He is our advocate before God, in the final judgment, after bodily death.

According to the word of God, our body is a temple that we must respect, and for this, the ten commandments are the perfect guide. They contain the spiritual virtues that purify the soul, so that we can be worthy of being in the heavenly city with our father.

The Seven Deadly Sins

The seven deadly sins established in the fourth century, by an austere man named Evagrius the Pontic, also known as the Solitaire, are: pride, avarice, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth. These sins darken and detest the human spirit. And each is implicit in the commandments of God.

Based on these seven sins, we see that some are related to the commandments.

Greed can lead people to commit sin, whether through theft, fraud and others. Getting rich sinfully and unfairly is a deadly sin.

Lust leads to impure acts, such as adultery and more. Anger could lead to killing and also disrespect for parents and other people. Envy often drives you to desire another person's partner, their material possessions and their virtues. Laziness disables people, making them lazy, with no desire to work or do anything. Pride drives many crazy, who even think and have thought that they are equal or superior to our heavenly father.


Taking care of the body and the spirit in life is important for the human being, since both are sanctified by God. Going to the door of salvation with Jesus is the solution for most people.

The spirit is eternal, death is the detachment of the soul, which can go directly to the light or to the darkness. It should be mandatory that each person in the world knows the word of God, full of wisdom, in all aspects of life, because if so, many people would substitute erroneous behaviors of transitory and banal happiness, for wise and successful behaviors, leading to eternal bliss in the city of God.

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