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The Truth About the Bible That Everyone Should Know

Hugh Maxwell is a published author who has tremendous insight into many of life's pressing questions that remains unanswered.

Is The Bible True?

The Bible is a collection of stories, or folklore if you may, that have entertained primitive generations in our distant past. These stories were not actual events, but the embodiment of wisdom personified as biblical characters. What this actually means is; although the Bible is true, the stories are not real and the truth can only be identified if it is applied to the spirit. The true essence of the scriptures has been lost due to our carnal nature, which is the source of the confusion and conflicts now found in the Bible.

There is a difference between what is true and what is real, and unless you understand that you will not be able to identify the truth. Your attempt to find the truth in the outer world will be in vain, because the truth of the Bible is to be unfolded in your own mind. Think of all the contents of the Bible as parables, that needs to be interpreted by you.


How One Bible Created Numerous Conflicting Religions.

Most religions read from the same Bible, all christian institutions has been built from its words, yet they all disagree from a traditional point of view. Religions are self limitations imposed upon yourself, contradicting its actual purpose by preventing you from realizing your true self in its entirety. Religions are really just a set of traditions and customs, agreed on by a group of people, being attributed to a God or deity. But how does one bible and, in some cases, one God be responsible for such conflict among these religious groups? The Bible is characterized with metaphors, embodied in parables, but you assumed the stories are a real account of your history.

No group seems to adopt all the traditions, they make selections in keeping with what seems suitable to justify their own cause. Therefore it's safe to say that religion is not really about a God, it's more to do with the reason behind their motivation. The Bible must never be used to prove anything external to you, but speak to the truth within you. Let no man say; look here, or look there, the kingdom of heaven can only be found by you within you. The Bible is not an account of events from the past, it is a guide for you to create a new beginning that will lead to a predetermined end.

Religion was born because of the focus has been on the messengers who communicated the information. However, it is the message that should have been given importance. It should not matter who the message came from, the question is; did you get the message?

Knowledge Is Power

It is your lack of knowledge about something that causes you to realize that you want to gain knowledge of it. Religion is not conducive to that, because it limits your knowledge by keeping you denominated. Religion gives knowledge of what it wants you to know and restrict you from knowing all there is to know. Intelligence is knowing that knowledge can never be complete, ignorance is believing you have gained all the knowledge and there is nothing more for you to know.

Religion thrives on your ignorance of the truth, it causes you to focus on traditions and ignore the possibilities by forcing strategic knowledge on you. Science is the study of reality, religion is the discovery of truth. The only problem with both is; instead of assuming they all may be right in some way, they each presume everyone one else is wrong. The mysteries of life were given to the writers of old, it was given to them as an allegory and that is how it was passed on to us.

Jesus tried to explain the scriptures and because of religion they killed him, not because he was wrong; but because they wanted to be right.


Why Was The Bible Written?

The Bible was written to reveal Christ, you may have thought that it was to reveal God but that was never the intention. The Bible is for you to understand, for the purpose of you locating God within you. The Bible reveals Christ as a conscious state for you to emulate, not by you actions; but as your mindset. Religion is a truth that was discovered by someone and given to everyone and it become their reality. Spirituality is the truth about everyone and it is at that time being experienced by someone.

You may have read the Bible, or have scriptures quoted to you, but the true meaning still remains hidden and is beyond your comprehension. If the bible does not speak to something that is already within you, then you are not ready to receive its message. Science has blinded you with wisdom of the flesh, and religion has made you lost by seeking after signs. The Bible is a manual for this body you wear, to help to get the most out of life; on this journey for the expansion of consciousness.

© 2021 Hugh Maxwell

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