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The Quark in the Kingdom of God

Robert who was raised in Hawaii lives out in the countryside of Augsburg, Germany today. He loves sharing the Passion Paradigm.


A Quark and the Universe

What is a quark?

In germany, quark is a milk product. In physics, a quark is possibly the smallest particle in this universe. A quark is smaller than atom. Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons and neutrons are make up of quarks. Quarks are pretty small.

A quark is pretty small. Imagine in the Kingdom of God that there was a little bit darkness in the kingdom. I think it would be much easier for our modern minds to conceive that a little quark darkness is more believable than streets of gold or twelve pearly gates. (revelation 21:21)

Imagine this subatomic particle dusting up the light in the kingdom of god. The quark would be impossible to see, but imagining the quark exists can be novelty for the moment. We cannot see a quark in this universe, but science and physics convinces us that the quark exists. In germany, one can go buy a cup of blueberry fruit quark and eat it. Blueberry fruit quark tastes good.

In this quark, there are universes and quarks. Let's stretch the imagination a bit more beyond streets of god and pearly gates where we can enter in this dark quark. Let's use me and you can follow along with this story of pearls, gold and quarks.

For a little drama, in this vastness of light, a calm voice says, "Go in the quark."

Sure, I walk in this quark. I step inside this quark and we find a universe, a whole universe. Are you following me? I have a special body where I do not need a special suit to exist in this universe. I am floating in the vastness the stars, planets, milky ways and flying manmade things in this universe. Even floating in the vastness without a space suit is more believable than pearl gates. This universe seems even greater than the kingdom of god and light. In this whole universe, I see a quark.

The calm voice says, "Go in the quark."

I really believe that I can do all things. I step into single quark in this universe. I find myself in another universe. I see a whole new universe. Again, I see a quark.

The calm voice again says, "Go in the quark."

I land in another universe. Time does seem to exist as I continue to go from universe to quark and quark to universe.

I stop for a moment and see a dark hole in one of these universes. I find myself curious as the dark hole seems to be swallowing this universe.

The voice says "Go."

I go in the black hole and land in a universe. The hole disappears and I see only the quark.

The voice says look.

I see a second quark in this universe going towards the quark that I left. The quark is bright little light. I watch this quark enter the quark that I left through the black hole. I follow the light into the quark. For a moment, there is nothing in this quark on a vast emptiness. I seen the small quark of light as the only light in this universe.

The calm voice says, "Let there be light!"

The quark sends a explosive blast of light into the void and dark universe. The whole universe begins sparkle stars and moons. The universe is no longer void.

The voice then says, "Come with me."

I follow the voice, leave the quark and stand in the light of the kingdom.

I look around in the light and ask the voice, "Who are you?"

I thought to myself, Paul only got as far as the third heaven.