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The Lord Is Not With Everyone Who Says They Belong to Him

Cheryl is a licensed, ordained minister and has a BA in Psychology and Church ministry.


Are you chosen

I Chronicles 25:7 in the King James Bible reads as follows: But there came a man of God to him, saying, O king, let not the army of Israel go with thee; for the LORD is not with Israel, to wit, with all the children of Ephraim.

The New King James translation puts it this way. But a man of God came to him, saying, “O king, do not let the army of Israel go with you, for the LORD is not with Israel—not with any of the children of Ephraim.

The 12 tribes of Israel were His chosen people yet in this scripture the prophet told King Amaziah that the Lord was not with those from the tribe of Ephraim. The Lord loved them all and brought them all out of Egypt but in this situation, He clearly made a difference. He says that Hse, His presence, power, and protection would not be with the tribe that came from Joseph's son so there was no point in taking them into the battle. Let us flip this around and compare the 12 tribes of Israel to the modern-day church. All who call on the Name of the Lord are saved but not everyone is walking to the same degree in His power, presence, and protection. This is why we should be careful whom we call upon to pray with us and or for us. If the Lord is not in it then all is in vain. Many are called but few are chosen.

Seek Him first

I don't mean to sound like a broken record as I have addressed this issue in many articles on different sites but: Calling on large numbers to pray is not a guarantee that the Lord will move and answer the prayer. Again I reference Gideon who was told to cut his army from 35,000 to 300. The purpose was so that the Lord would get the glory. and not the number of people. In the case of Amaziah, the Lord was clear that He would not bless the tribe of Ephraim to win the battle. Just because someone says they are a prayer warrior does not indicate that He will hear them if they go to battle on your behalf. This is why it is important for each believer in Christ to strive to be in right standing with the Father so that prayers will be answered.I know of situations where a wife was believing for a hospitalized spouse to be healed and come home but the responses of those who said they were praying for him showed much disagreement. Some people implied that perhaps the Lord should take him so he would not continue to suffer. One person was angry because God did not move as quickly as they wanted, which is never the right attitude. Others told the wife that they would pray but did not expect a good outcome. A very few agreed for healing and restoration and he is healing and being restored in Jesus Name.

He has power to help or hinder

One Bible commentary I read suggested that the Lord was displeased because Amaziah had sought the help of man rather than seeking Him first. Others indicate that Ephriam may have been involved in idolatry. Like Amaziah, we all could find ourselves in situations where we seek humans first rather than the Lord. This is why O believe it is dangerous to put prayer requests on social media. If He is desiring you to trust Him in your personal relationship, then those who agree to pray for you might end up like Ephraim and he will not hear their cry. If someone is not in right standing with Him then no matter how many times a day they comment "praying" on Facebook, their prayers will not avail. Don't trust your loved ones or even yourself to those whom He may not answer. Develop your connection to Him and begin giving testimonies of answered prayer, rather than seeking prayer from those He might not answer. Many will continue to cry out to others to pray for them and not heed the warning of Amaziah but verse 8 should really be considered. Here is what it says in the Berean Bible translation: Even if you go and fight bravely in battle, God will make you stumble before the enemy, for God has power to help and power to overthrow.” In regard to prayer, if believers continue to rely on others instead of increasing their own prayer life, it's possible that no matter how many people are praying, the prayer will neither be heard nor answered.

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