The Deeper Meaning of the Olive Tree

Updated on March 21, 2020
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Gary Hill has a PhD. from Bible University and is passionate about the Bible..studying it and the history of it. He will gladly share it too



A Great Time To Praise The Lord Where Ever You Happen To Be!

I do not know of a better time than now to worship the God of Heaven, do you not withstanding COVID-19? When I think about it, it’s a privilege that far too many of us forgo. I’m sure you would agree.

Instead of praising the Creator at every opportunity we get side tract or limit it to Sunday mornings if at all. Then we spend the rest of the week focused on other things far from praising our Father.

Anytime we put anything ahead of praising Him and becoming distracted by worldly pursuits it pushes God down to second, third, fourth, etc. When we do this, we inevitably pay the price of misplaced priorities and things don’t turn out as we would have them turn out.

The better strategy, of course, is to keep our focus on Him every day, beginning with Bible study and pray each morning. I realize how difficult how this is with our busy schedules, but it will pay forward if we do this.

Blessed Is He Who Comes In The Name Of The Name Of The Lord


Who Actually Is the Church?

This session I refer to can be a fifteen or thirty-minute set-aside showing Jesus that you are putting Him first in your life. It will not be easy at first as any good habit is hard to establish. But, once you get it going, I believe you will find it so rewarding and fun that it will not only NOT be a chore, it will be something you look forward to doing and not want to miss as well.

I personally try to make each and every new day as an opportunity to be the man that God, my Father, wants me it to be. Every new day provides an opportunity to worship God with a grateful heart and lend a helping hand where needed. Never forget the Church corporate is not the buildings that you see dotting the landscape. The Church are your brothers and sisters, each and every one of you without partiality.

When we remember who the actual Church is, we bless one another and as a result are blessed by the One who sent His only Begotten Son so that we might have eternal life. That is true from the greatest to the least, the richest to the poorest, the best dressed to the one in rags. We all are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and will all – each one will look the same when we all get together in Heaven

Saved by the Grace of the Only True God


We Are All The Same In The Eyes Of The Lord!

Worship was never meant to be confined to four-squared walls and a building on a Sunday. Praise and worship can be woven into each and every day and each and every task we do. Worship should be in the fabric of our being. We feed the Holy Spirit when we praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Psalm 89.15 says: “How blessed are the people who know the joyful sound (in worship)! O LORD, they walk in the light of Your countenance.”

I am reminded of the story of the large church somewhere in the mid-West that had a trial preacher coming in for a Sunday service. The church was packed with some 450 people there with even the balcony being almost full. At about 10:45 a.m. a bearded and unshaven poorly dressed man with shoes with holes in them walked up the 12 steps to the front of the sanctuary where he was greeted by the ushers. He had a scraggly jacket that had holes in it but was otherwise clean.

He was told by the ushers that perhaps he should go down the street to the food bank where people like him were welcome. But he insisted, he wanted a seat, so the ushers sat him in a chair in the very back of the sanctuary. Many eyes of the better dressed people gave him the once over. The Chairman Deacon got up and greeted everyone after praise and worship and started reading the announcements.

The last on went like this, “Well ladies and gentlemen, I was going to introduce the new pastor to you this morning, but it seems he is a no show.” Just as he said these words the bum in the seat in the back gets up and begins to walk down to the front with all eyes on him with every usher rushing to stop him. The poor man introduces himself as the new pastor. There were now many downcast eyes, many crying and in shame people realized their sinful behavior

Beautiful When You Take the Time To Examine The Colors


"Those Who Worship Him Must Worship Him in Spirit and Truth”

John the beloved put this way when he quoted Jesus saying, “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and Truth” (John 4:24) The church in the mid-West had forgotten how to worship God in Spirit and in Truth! The older I get, the more I know, God shows no partiality based on any human trait and the quicker one learns this timely tip the better off one will become.

One gift I am amazed at is singing. When I sing birds fly instantly in the opposite direction. Children cry. You get the picture. I cannot sing well but I make a joyful noise. But those that can have my admiration.

The Psalms are songs that the Israelite's used to praise and worship God. They praised the Lord.

(Psalms 148. 1-5)

“(1) Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord from the heavens; praise him in the heights above.

(2) Praise him, all his angels; praise him, all his heavenly hosts.

(3) Praise him, sun and moon; praise him, all you shining stars.

(4) Praise him, you highest heavens and your waters above the skies.

(5) Let them praise the name of the Lord, for at his command they were created”

You have got to love these verses.

Historical Bonus: Psalms 149 and 98 share the first line, known as Cantata Domino. Both Psalms 149 and 98 call to praise God in music and dance, because they are his chosen people and has helped them to victory. Psalms149 can also be a call to fight, with "swords sharpened on both sides in their hands". Different commentators have interpreted the psalms differently.

Worship Two


Historical Notes

For example, Augustine of Hippo wrote that the phrase of the sword has a "mystical meaning", dividing temporal and eternal things. While James L. Mays comments: "There is an eschatological, almost apocalyptic, dimension to the Psalms anticipation of a warfare of the faithful that will settle the conflict of the kingdoms of this world and the kingdom of God".

Citing verses 5 and 6, the Talmud (Berkhof 5) says the praises said by the pious on their beds refer to the recital of the Bedtime She’ ma. The She’ ma is like a "double-edged sword" that can destroy both inner and outer demons and evil spirits. This image of a double-edged sword also refers to Israel's power of praises of God, which enable them to avenge themselves against the nations that persecuted them when the nations receive their punishment at the end of days.

My Thoughts To Sum It Up On This Essay


Wrapping Up This Short Essay

My final thoughts. I do not want to come across like I am better than anyone else. I am not. I am just an average guy who loves the Lord and loves to write. If you saw me on the street and passed me by, you would see me as being just another regular person with a smile, a pair of bluejeans, and leather jacket.

However, having said that, I’m getting older and am getting wiser to the ways of the world giving me some understanding and righteousness through studying the Word.

For another time perhaps.

New Brunswick CA


A Short Poll on the Sabbath!

Do you keep the Sabbath?

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Dr. Chuck MIssler on the Sabbath

Questions & Answers

    © 2020 Gary E Hill


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      • manatita44 profile image


        2 months ago from london

        Sure, bro. We agree. Wishing you well and God's blessings for your continued safety.

      • gehill profile imageAUTHOR

        Gary E Hill 

        2 months ago from Madawaska, Maine 04756

        Manatita - You have really hit the nail on the head. Health care is threat to the limit during this lock down.

      • manatita44 profile image


        2 months ago from london

        I really do not know how the nurses, doctors and many key health workers today, would feel knowing that they have to set the day aside to worship God.

        They are offering up their decency, love, self-giving and love requiring tremendous sacrifice ... taking risks to look after those suffering from Covid 19. I wonder how our Lord in paradise will feel about this?

        It is crucial that we worship, yes, turn to Heaven for strength ... grace which gives fortitude. We do this by serving from within, obeying the voice of Conscience and doing the needy for God, ourselves and fellow human beings.


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