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The Christian Corner - The Judas Kiss

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Judas Betrayal

Judas Betrayal

The Lord they God sent his son Jesus Christ to minister to the lost sheep and bring them to the kingdom of his father once they accepted him. Jesus walked the earth and taught the teachings of love and life to many people. He had devoted followers who stuck by his side as requested by him called disciples. They were devoted men who loved Jesus and followed the teaching of the Messiah. But one disciple decided that he would deviate from the Christ and put his confidence in that of the Roman soldiers as he betrayed the messiah for monetary gains. His name is Judas Iscariot. Judas Iscariot was close to Jesus as were all the disciples. They followed him and basically knew when and what Jesus was about to do. Pontius Pilate had issued an arrest for Jesus but the soldiers were unable to identify who the one called Jesus was. Judas decided that he would bring the soldiers to where Jesus was for thirty pieces of silver and identify him with the notorious Judas Kiss. Once he kissed Jesus, the soldiers immediately arrested Jesus and took him away to answer to Pontius Pilate.

Getting That Judas Kiss

The Guilt of Betrayal and Deception

After Judas sold out the Messiah for thirty pieces of silver, his soul became discontented and he became restless. His conscience ate away at him and he had no peace. Judas couldn’t enjoy or spend one silver out of his bag of betrayal as he returned the money. He became depressed and bewildered, he couldn’t go on living knowing that he sold out the king of kings. He later took his own life as he hung himself. But did Jesus forgive Judas for his sins also? Did he forgive the man who sent him to his death?

The Judases in Our Own Lives

There are many people who have somehow lapped up the Judas Effect. People who claim to support you, love you, people who you believe have your back. But end up throwing you under the wheel in a moment’s notice. People today has little comradery and is self-conceited and has placed money and other material things at the centre of their entire existence. But these people are great actors and you wouldn’t have even imagined that they would even think of betraying you until the opportunity presents itself for them to earn from the betrayal. Instantly, they stab you in the back and collect their dirty reward. But many of these nowadays Judases don’t see things as Judas Iscariot and may not have or show any remorse for their deception. They may not give back the reward of betrayal, but frolic in its short glory. But how do Christians deal with betrayal and those who commit the act? Should Christians forgive those who betray them or simply wish upon them the fate of Mr. Iscariot?

Christians Forgiving the Judas

It is very hard to speak with much less forgive someone who has been a Judas to you. The Judas kiss may cause pain, suffering and heartache, mistrust and even financial stress. But before you begin thinking about forgiving the Judas, you must first try to heal the pain in you caused by the betrayal. Normally when people get betrayed, they begin to down themselves thinking of how stupid they have been to trust someone who later betray them and cause them grief. But you must remember that no betrayal can ever be your fault. It is simply trusted given to an individual who was not worth trusting. You will have to do your uttermost best to overcome that pain caused by the betrayal before you move to the next step, which is forgiveness of Judas.

Forgiving the Judas may not be a simple feat. It is simply not saying I forgive you yet you know deep within that is not so. You will need to pray for strength and the will to forgive. Especially if that betrayal had caused you enormous grief and loss. Don't leave anything lingering in your mind. If possible, confront the person who had betrayed you and ask why. Try to satisfy all answers you have lingering in your head. You may not get all the truth or even the truth for that matter, but the fact is that you asked. Forgiving the Judas is not something you are doing for the betrayer, but something you are doing for you as a Good Christian and to continue to have peace of mind without the burden of hatred blocking your blessings.

© 2019 Clive Williams

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