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The Christian Corner - How to Really Get to Heaven.

Shining in The Glory of God.The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. We have no made ourselves but are the image of something greater

Getting Into Heaven

Getting Into Heaven

Introduction To Heaven

Heaven, the placed promised to many followers of Christ once they have passed this earthy realm. It is written that no one goes through the father but through the son, Jesus Christ. What this actually means is that in order for a person to be eligible to go to heaven he or she has to accept Christ as their Lord and saviour and be baptized or reborn. Yes, that is it. Once you do this then heaven is all yours baby. But is going to heaven as simple as that? Is getting a slice of the heaven pie as simple as dipping into water, shouting hallelujah and voila! You get heaven estate? Does your lifestyle count when it comes to getting that ticket to heaven? Let us engage in this small discussion.

Christian Living As Non-Christian

As a Christian, you have to live your life like a Christian. Don’t assume that because you baptized a year ago and you give large amounts of offering in church makes you eligible to go to heaven. There are many whom believe that because they give big donations and they and church leaders are friends, they have a bigger stake in reaching heaven than those who give less because they have less. That belief and thinking is not Christian like and certainly does not guarantee a space in the pearly gates.

Not Following The Lords Commandments

The commandments were given to father Abraham so people can have Gods merciful law to live by which would bring a heavenly order to the land of man. But as far as we know, most people in the world have swept these commandments or laws under the rug. This includes many Christians. Many people who deemed themselves as being saved have broken at least one of these commandments continuously. One of the easiest commandments to break is thou shall not lie. Well, lying seems to be the order of the day in today’s world. Many will lie and call it prank or joke. While many will lie to save themselves or save someone else from probably getting into trouble. But whatever the reason is for lying, the end result is that you lied. Remember, a small lie can lead to a huge mishap and sometimes those mishaps can be fatal. Some Christians will break other commandments continuously and still expect to go to heaven and wrapped up in the Lords Bosom.

Begging For Forgiveness Over and Over

There are many Christians who operate like a broken recording. They will engage in acts which deemed non-Christian in matter. Then they will have a guilt imprinted on their conscience and then they may confess their sins and beg God for forgiveness. Then a few weeks pass or even a couple of days and they go forth and engage in the same act they recently begged forgiveness for and then beg God for forgiveness again. This type of person really has no remorse for their act and they believe that as long as they ask for forgiveness all is square and they maintain their ticket to heaven. But they are wrong as the creator knows true guilt and sorrow. The being knows the ones who truly seek forgiveness and will not grant an everlasting forgiveness to those who continue to do the wrong and use prayer as a backup plan.



Other Immoral Acts

Baptism and immorality doesn’t go well together. It is simple, you cannot have one foot in the river and the other in the desert and expect to have a good swim. There are many who proclaim Christianity yet are still engaged in immoral acts of the world. These immoral acts include but are not limited to gambling, taking drugs, cheating, prejudicing, racism and often time pretense. Pretense is a pretty interesting one as this is often done by some church leaders who pretend to be filled with the power of God and are patriots of spirituality yet their main focus is garnishing money to live massive lavish lifestyle. They engage in acts of those not following the commandments and they do it in secrecy as they operate like those of the underworld. They participate in these acts and expect to reach heaven when the trumpet sounds. But they will have a rude awakening on that day.

How Does One Really Get Into Heaven

Well, aside from what the Bible says about getting into heaven, that is to accept Christ as saviour and be reborn, there is no other way. But let us not take what is said literally as this accepting Christ and being reborn goes deeper than we believe. Being reborn is simply not dipping into water and immediately you are transformed. Being reborn means a transformation of your state of mind. It means to vanquish your choice of being capable of evil and to only accept the good part of your mind which is like Christ. Yes, you may have committed sinful and immoral acts before, but once you seek genuine forgiveness for yourself and those you offended and wash away that lifestyle and live good, you have just secured your heavenly ticket.

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