The Book of Exodus for Beginners: Chapters 26-27

Updated on November 20, 2019
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The Tabernacle


Exodus Chapter 26

The Tabernacle

Exo 26:1-37

You will make a tabernacle:

Tabernacle Curtains

Exo 26:1-6

  • With ten curtains made of fine twined linen of blue, purple, and scarlet yarn.

  • With Cherubim skillfully worked into the curtains.

  • The length of the each curtain will be twenty-eight cubits in length and four cubits in width.

  • All the curtains will be the same size.

  • Five curtains will be coupled together, and the other five curtains will be coupled together.

  • You will make blue loops on the edge of the outermost curtain on the first set and also on the second set.

  • You will make fifty loops for the first set of curtains and fifty loops for the second set also.

  • The loops will be opposite one another

  • You will make fifty clasps made of gold, and you will clasp all the curtains together to make the tabernacle whole.

Tent over Tabernacle

Exo 26:7-14

  • You will make curtain made out of goat hair and have them as a tent over the tabernacle.

  • You will make eleven curtains

  • The measurements of each curtain will be 30 cubits in length and four cubits in width.

  • Five curtains will be coupled together and the other six curtains will be coupled together

  • The sixth curtain will double over at the front of the tent.

  • You will make fifty loops for each set of curtains.

  • You will make fifty bronze clasps for each set of curtains and put them in the hoops to make one whole curtain.

  • The half curtain that remains in the back will hang over the back of the tabernacle.

  • The extra cubit of curtain that remains on each side will hang over each side of the tabernacle.

  • You will make a covering on top of the tent out of ram skin and goat skin.

Frames and Bars for Tabernacle

Exo 26:15-30

  • You will make frames made of acacia wood that stands up.

  • The length of each frame will be ten cubits in length and one and a half cubits in width.

  • There will be two tenons on each frame to join together.

  • There will be twenty frames on the north side of the tabernacle, and twenty frames on the south side too.

  • There will be six frames at the rear of the tabernacle with two frames as the corners which make eight frames in total in the back of the tabernacle. The top of the frames will be joined together at the first ring, but the bottoms will remain separate.

  • There will be two bases made of silver on each frame for the two tenons.

  • You will make bars made of acacia wood.

  • Five bars will be for one side of the tabernacle, and another five bars will be for the other side. There will also be five bars for the rear of the tabernacle.

  • The middle bar that will be halfway up the frames will extend from one end to the other end.

  • You will overlay the frames with gold and make rings made of gold to hold the bars.

  • You will overlay the bars with gold.

  • You will then erect the tabernacle according to the plans that were shown on the mountain.

Interior Decoration in the Tabernacle

Exo 26:31-37

  • You will make a veil made of blue, purple, and scarlet yarn of fine linen.

  • Cherubim will be skillfully woven in the veil.

  • You will hang up the veil on four pillars.

  • The pillars will be made of acacia wood that is overlaid with gold.

  • The hook on the pillars will be made of gold, and the bases of the pillars will be made of silver.

  • You will hang the veil from the clasps onto the pillars.

  • You will bring the Ark of Testimonies inside the veiled area of the tabernacle.

  • The veil will separate the Holy Place of the tabernacle from the Most Holy Place.

  • You will put the Mercy Seat on top of the Ark of Testimonies.

  • You will set the table outside the veil at the north side of the tabernacle.

  • You will set the lampstand at the south side of the tabernacle opposite of the table.

  • You will make a screen for the entrance of the tabernacle made out of blue, purple, and scarlet yarn of fine linen that is embroidered with fine needlework.

  • You will make five pillars for the screen made of acacia wood that is overlaid with gold.

  • The hooks of the pillars will be made of gold.

  • The bases for the pillars will be made of bronze.

The Bronze Altar


Exodus Chapter 27

The Bronze Altar

Exo 27:1-8

  • You will make an altar out of acacia wood, and it will be square.

  • The altar will be five cubits in length, five cubits in width, and three cubits in height.

  • You will make horns for all for corners of the altar, and overlay the altar and the horns in bronze to make them one piece with the altar.

  • You will make pots for the altar to receive the ashes.

  • You will make shovels, basins, forks and fire pans.

  • All the utensils will be made out of bronze.

  • You will make a grating and a net out of bronze.

  • On the bronze net, you will make for bronze rings at its four corners.

  • You will set the net at the edge of the altar so that it extends hallway down the altar.

  • You will make poles made out of acacia wood and overlay them with bronze.

  • The poles will be placed in the altar rings, one on each side, so the altar can be carried.

  • You will make the top of the altar hallow with boards.

  • You will make the altar exactly how it has been shown to you in the mountains.

The Court of the Tabernacle

Exo 27.9-19

  • You will make a court of the tabernacle.

  • On one side of the court, you will hang fine twined linen one hundred cubits long.

  • Its twenty pillars and their twenty bases will be made of bronze.

  • The hooks of the pillars and their fillets will be made of silver.

  • The same will be done on the court’s opposite side (North).

  • The width of the court (West) will have fifty cubits of fine twined linen hangings.

  • There will be ten pillars with bases.

  • The other side (East) will have on one side of the gate fifteen cubits of fine twined linen hangings with three pillars and its bases.

  • The same will be on the other side of the gate.

  • For the gate of the court there will be a screen twenty cubits long made of blue and purple and scarlet yarns and fine twined linen embroidered with needlework.

  • There will be four pillars and their bases.

  • All the pillars around the court will be filleted (rounded at the ends) with silver.

  • All the pillar’s hooks will be made of silver.

  • All the pillar’s bases will be made of bronze.

  • The court will be one hundred cubits in length, fifty cubits in width, and five cubits in height, with hangings of fine twined linen and bases made out of bronze.

  • All the utensils and pegs of the tabernacle court will be made of bronze.

Oil for the Lamp

Exo 27:20-21

God told Moses to command His people to bring to Moses pure beaten olive oil fir the light so a lamp can be regularly be setup to burn. Aaron and his sons will tend to the burning lamp from evening to morning before the Lord. The burning of the lamp will be a statute to carry on from generation to generation for the people of Israel.

Layout and Pattern of the Tabernacle of Moses - full size tabernacle and furniture

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