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The Biggest Antidepressant: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Rosemary is author of six books on mental health and inspirational poetry. She is a motivational speaker and a volunteer peer advocate.


What does the Resurrection mean?

It is a revolutionary idea to understand the real meaning of the passion and death of Jesus and the Resurrection of him rising from the dead, 3 days later. What does this mean?

First we establish that Jesus is a historical figure, who did live. Then we talk about the Resurrection which of there was 500 witnesses in person. These were followers of Jesus at the time, Apostles and other followers who knew Him from His preaching and many miracles.

What does this mean? How can my simple mind comprehend such a marvelous, majestic, unearthly love, a love that only could come from heaven, from a Divine Being, a being SO holy, SO merciful, SO loving...that He would even CONSIDER this plan, this plan B.

Plan A was creating humans knowing they were given free will by him- the Creator.

But knowing before even doing so that He had plan B, which was to show Forth His love, that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

While we were yet sinners- meaning while we had betrayed him, taken his name in vain, disobeyed him, were mean to our parents, our children, loved ones, society, or in however we errored or sinned, for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Yes God has standards. And they are good ones. If it wasn't' for Jesus' example, this world would not be as good as it is.

Before Jesus, many more were in slavery, the Israelites in Egypt, and many cultures enslaved their people, to make life nice for the Kings or rulers.

But Jesus's example inspired the first people in America, the Puritans to strive for a better life. A life of freedom. "Give me liberty of give me death" was the motto. and they won their freedom and here we have the USA today.


Jesus Died For Me I have the chance to Know Him

He would have died if there were less humans on earth or less were born, He would have died for just one human- me! How am I worthy that my God my Creator should die for me? I'm not! But I'm glad he did. I could never had redeemed myself.

I think God had a good plan, because he wanted us to have free will in order to choose Him and for Him to be fully loved. So we were not created robots. Therefore there's evil in the world as we have free will.

But it was a good plan. He in the end gains souls to be with Him and enjoy His joy and company and share His riches His world with us. I'm glad I was born to love Him. I'm happy that He formed and knit me in my mothers womb to love Him and have the chance to know Him.

But meditating on the miracle of His mercy. It's hard to comprehend His love for it's not human love. No human could die for humans' sins. Most humans would not say to another, "I will die in your place" let alone suffer for billions or trillions of people's punishment. I don't know the number of how many people ever lived or will live. But it's said to be like the number of grains of sand in the sea, but more.

Imagine dying for one person's sin. Putting yourself in someone's punishment and dying in their place? Then, multiply that by trillions for example. So you would have to die and suffer say 1 trillion times.

You would have to DIE ONE TRILLION PAINFUL DEATHS. OVER AND OVER UNTIL IT'S PAID. This is what Jesus did but he took on the pain all at once. The amount of pain is not fathomable. Because no ordinary human could survive it. He was divine and human and therefore God allowed Him to suffer that much.

We can never know how bad His pain was. If we meditated on his Passion for every day for 10 hours a day, for the rest of our days on earth, we still would only begin to understand.


Jesus is Love I Was Always Told

Jesus is Love. What is this great love God has for man? That He would send His only Son, Jesus to die, to suffer and die a horrible death?

Such love. If you have not felt much love lately, If you were not raised with much love, If you were ever HURT by someone, or by people, if you ever suffered with cancer or an illness- physical, emotional, mental, etc. This is His love for us. He gives us the gift of salvation. He offers it to us for free. All he asks for is for us to be sorry for our mistakes, to own up to being guilty, to ask for forgiveness.

He wants us to ASK, he's not forceful. He is not pushy. He is a gentleman. Jesus/God wants us to ask his to indwell in our hearts, to have Him enter into our lives to not only save us from sin, but give us JOY. To give us PEACE, HAPPINESS, PATIENCE, LONG SUFFERING, TOLERANCE, HOPE, LOVE, FAITH.

Ask Jesus for Faith if you need it. Ask to be shown His presence. He will give you a sign. If you ask.

What love.


One Day My Body Will Be Ressurected As Well!

In the bible it says at the end of the world, or at the rapture, all the dead in Christ (those who followed Him) will be ressurected with Him in the heavens. Imagine the thrill of our bodies being caught up in the clouds to be with Him. What a blessing. What a joyful day! What a happy time to look forward to!


But We Are To Enjoy God Now As Well

We are not to wait till the next life to be happy. It is now we are to be happy.

In Ephesians it says that we are now in the heavenlies. We as followers of Jesus, have his holy spirit inside us indwelling in us, giving us joy, peace, patience, tolerance of others, and all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. We are given so much strength from God! He gives the energy we need to carry our cross.

Every human has a cross whether he ends up in heaven or not. So not choosing Jesus isn't going to make life any easier. Actually life WILL be harder. Without that support, that grace, we cannot live fully as God intended. It's a mystery. We will ONLY understand ONCE we communicate with God and say "Please show me you are real" "Please give me a sign"

I like being happy. My life is never going to be perfect. No one on earth has ever had a perfectly happy life. We all encounter illness or pain in some form.

But with God, we get someone that has our back. He has our back! He stands up for us as we stand up for Him. He helps us and never lets our difficulties get so bad that they are not bearable.

"He will make a way" "He's a way maker"

God gives strength to the weary.

Many wealthy rich people like Freddie Mercury said they enjoyed life and had all it's riches but noticed something was missing. What's missing is that God which nothing else can ever fill.

"Our God is an Awesome God"

"Open the eyes of our heart, God!"

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