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A Glimpse Into The Bhagavad Gita, (The Song Celestial) Part 2 Saturday's Inspiration 23


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The Bhagavad Gita, or Song of the Transcendental Soul, is a priceless work of Spirituality, of Yoga, which is quintessentially the same thing and the message of the Gita. What I have done is give a background setting to the teachings of Yoga, of Spirituality, of Sri Krishna's lofty utterances, which, if followed, can bring ultimate peace.

The Gita is a dialogue between Lord Krishna, an Avatar – the direct descent of God in human form – and the warrior Arjuna, his favourite disciple. Arjuna is confused and in a dilemma. He is the protagonist of the entire battle of Kurukshetra, yet in the beginning he is confused, lays down his arms and refuses to fight.

On the opposing side, he sees friends, families, uncles, teachers … many who are very dear to him and he is afraid to fight. We can understand this in today’s life when we see so much carnage on the battlefields of war. Many die and the majority are usually the innocents, those who would rather not be there in the first place.

I have given my reader a brief background in Part 1 (see link below), and I have actually started the teachings, beginning with the immortality of the soul. (Part1) Sri Krishna tells Arjuna that the warriors are already dead, that whether Arjuna fights or not is unimportant. Sri Krishna is just asking him to be a good instrument. He is a soldier and his duty is to fight.

Let me pause to tell you that this is quite significant. Yoga philosophy is not like Moses Law that says ‘do not kill.’ Rather, it emphasizes Dharma (Duty or righteousness). God is in the Heart and already knows all. Action of itself also has no power. What matters in action is a live vibrant awareness of the power of God. In other words, the Gita teaches Sincerity of Purpose; Purity of inner Intention.

It is the Heart that matters … the Pilot within our Spirit. It already knows our intention anyway, so we do whatever we have to do, but with love and purity in our Hearts. This is crucial and can apply to our duty to our children, to washing our cars, to going to work, to everything. The trick is detachment … non-clinging to our actions, to offer everything to Brahman (God, the Absolute).

Sri Krishna exhorts every man to do his Dharma (duty), as doing the duty of another could bring us harm. In other words, we should all follow our own calling. In Arjuna’s case, his duty was to fight. I have told the story of a soldier who tended to the wounds of an enemy soldier, and was as such brought before the Commander-in-Chief. This leader not only praised him, but gave him gifts, saying that this soldier had understood his philosophy.

“To work, we are entitled”, says Lord Krishna, “but not to the fruits thereof.” We should not yearn for inaction or do action with expectation of reward. Everything belongs to God and so the results should be offered to God. Here’s Sri Chinmoy’s lofty take on Dharma:

“Dharma is a spiritual word, and it is extremely fertile in meanings. It means the inner code of life; moral, religious and spiritual law; living faith in God’s existence and in one’s own existence; soulful duty, especially enjoined by the scriptures; devoted observances of any caste or sect; willingness to abide by the dictates of one’s soul.” -Sri Chinmoy.

‘willingness to abide by the dictates of one’s soul.’

This line is of paramount importance and is asking us to follow the inner dictates, the voice of conscience or God. When we live in harmony with the Inner Pilot, then nothing can go wrong, even if our duty is to fight. The Heart … the Heart. Nothing is as important as the life within … when we answer to our own calling or station in life.



I am going through the teaching in no particular order, but in spiritual philosophy, surrender is the sweetest and the highest law. It is also the last to be attained. Guruji teaches that nothing is higher than the lofty utterance of the Christ: “Let thy will be done.” We can also say, ‘may Thy will be done in and through me,’ or “I can of my own self do nothing, it is the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.” The Christ.

Sri Krishna, like all direct descendants of God, identifies with God to such an extent, that sometimes he speaks like God. Consider this sublime and very profound piece:

“He who sees Me (God) in all and all in me (God), then I never leave him and he never leaves Me and he who in this oneness of love, loves Me in whatever he sees, wherever this man may be, in truth he lives in Me (God). Bhagavad Gita.

Surrender or unconditional surrender, as Sri Chinmoy calls it, means the greatest joy … to live in harmony with God’s Will. This brings its own rewards. We gradually learn to see the Lord in every creature, as Lord Krishna says, in all sentient and non-sentient beings

“Still your mind in Me, still yourself in me and without a doubt, you shall be united with me, Lord of Love, dwelling in your Heart.” Bhagavad Gita. Sri Krishna also makes it clear, that God can only be conquered through love.


By the way, it is important to know a few necessary things in Yoga. Here are a couple more:

  • There is only God, not a man in a geographical place called Heaven, waiting to judge us, but a perennial entity – a Divine Ground from which all things spring, live and have their being. In other words, we are spiritual beings. We are souls, a spark of the Universal Soul or Consciousness, called the Absolute Sat, Chit, Ananda (Existence, Consciousness, Bliss-Delight) The closest Christian word is Spirit.
  • Each individual soul, the Jiva, has an ultimate goal, which is to re-discover its true nature … to become one with the Self, God, consciously and ceaselessly. When it becomes irreversible, it is called God or Self-Realization.

I don’t have the space here for more about surrender, but let me end with another lofty piece by Sri Krishna:

“Whatever has happened has happened for good.

Whatever is happening is also for good.

Whatever will happen, shall also be good.

What have you lost that you cry for?

What did you bring that you have lost?

What did you create that was destroyed?

What you have taken has been from here.

What you gave, has been given here.

What belongs to you today, belonged to someone

Yesterday, and will be someone else’s tomorrow.

Change is the law of the Universe." The Gita

Reviewing this epic and profound Truth has so much in so little, that it takes time, even though I’m only giving a synopsis. Bear in mind though, that it is the inner code of life and as such very rewarding. I will stop here today and return with Part 3, on Monday, perhaps. Part 1 https://letterpile.com/religion/A-Glimpse-Into-the-Bhagavad-Gita-Part-1-The-Song-Celestial-Thursdays-Homily-for-the-Devout-10

Merry Christmas! -Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 14th December, 2019

Credit: Sri Chinmoy, my Spiritual Mentor.

Making sense of the Gita

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manatita44 (author) from london on December 28, 2019:

Thank you for your faith, my Brother. Part 3 soon. Yes, it is a time for the Light of Brahman to manifest in all its glory. As with the divine child Christ, so with Sri Krishna at Devali and even now, as the Supreme Light is One. You know this, bro. Many blessings

MG Singh emge from Singapore on December 28, 2019:

Dear friend, a very timely article on the Bhagwad Gita with Christmas just passed. I have a lot of faith in this celestial poem and I find it is always a source of inspiration. Thank you sir for this article.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 28, 2019:

Good morning, my Shaloo. Hare Krishna! Happy New Year!

Sorry I'm late. I have to go through my hubs one by one as I do my friends, because my notifications have gone AWOL.

Thank you so much! may I say that it is a great resolution! We once did a poll among 7 Avatars among western devotees. The Christ was included and Sri Krishna came first hands down.

Guruji teaches that one need not differenciate, but I guess I'm saying that Sri Krishna was very special and a giant among the direct descendants of Brahman. Yes, it is important and you are doing great. It is a constant struggle for us conscious seekers. Much Love.

Shaloo Walia from India on December 26, 2019:

Hare Krishna! You have explained the essence of Bhagvad Gita so beautifully. One of my new year resolutions for the coming year is to read a few verses from Bhagvad Gita daily. And reading this hub of yours reminds me once again why it is so important to read and understand the precious wisdom given by Lord Krishna.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 16, 2019:

Another beautiful piece, Devika.

Thank you so much!

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on December 16, 2019:

I understand your verses and you have an in depth of this title. It is a great effort you put in here and shared a valuable insight as I see it and spiritual living is amazing.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 15, 2019:

Good morning Bro.

Are you well? Missed you. Good to see you for such a lofty piece laced with wisdom from one of the world's most popular Avatars.

Yes. The highlighted are pregnant with meaning. Sukriya.


Thank you so much! Surrender is a big one and not easy. Spiritual Masters have no will of their own. They live in harmony with the will of the Absolute. Thank you.

Venkatachari M from Hyderabad, India on December 14, 2019:

A beautiful presentation of the core essence of dharma or duty as preached by Sri Krishna in the Bhagavadgita. I enjoyed the highlighted capsule and the verses at the ending, summing it all.

Audrey Hunt from Idyllwild Ca. on December 14, 2019:

Thank you for clarifying the meaning of surrender. I desire to do God's will above everything else here during my earthly life. The greater my spiritual destination, the more I need to learn and you are a beautiful teacher of spirituality.

I love your pearls of wisdom and the detailed way you explain it all.

Blessing to you, my friend and my light.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on December 14, 2019:

There are some thought-provoking and interesting ideas in this article. Thank you for sharing them.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 14, 2019:

Yes, Ruby.

God loves you too much to forsake you. Once we strip the piece from history and culture, then I,m basically saying what I have said for 10 years here. That you are Spirit ... come from God.

Yet God is inside you not outside. Sri Krishna talks about ego, lust, greed, anger and attachments like our Christian Saints. Paul and the Christ did.

He is just much clearer and the Gita has not been tainted like other books. He and me, we are not saying anything new.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on December 14, 2019:

I'm sure there is much to learn from reading this series. I understood the 2nd much better, so perhaps there is hope for me?

manatita44 (author) from london on December 14, 2019:

Thanks Bill

A very beautiful sentiment and a heart of wisdom to accompany it. A well chosen line. Much Love.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 14, 2019:

Thanks Bill,

You have chosen a great line!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on December 14, 2019:

"willingness to abide by the dictates of one’s soul"....there is enough in that one sentence to write about for a month. Such a simple truth, and yet, for many, such a difficult reality to live. Blessings to you always, my friend, and thank you for the bright light you shine on the world.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 14, 2019:

By the way, I am talking of attainment in the context of which you asked. As you know, it can also be applied in the world in which we live and indeed parents are driven to have their children attain something. So if I move from a businessman to a President, (Smile) or from Kindergarten to a Phd, I can be said to have attained something also.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 14, 2019:

Put another way, Eric.

Born again, what you ask of is a flowering or descent of the Holy Spirit. It can be triggered by anything! If it happens in water as in baptism, it is not the water that does it but the level of Faith. Yet one must be receptive ... a ripe mango.

Many are without knowing it until they read certain books or run into a Master, etc.

manatita44 (author) from london on December 14, 2019:

Very nice question. We are in a field of Dharma. Call it righteousness or struggle and as such isolated from our true Source, which is God.

We are all shining nuggets or pearls. In order for Creation to take place, God has placed a veil around us. So we see the illusion and not the reality.. Atainment is a re-awakening to what we already are. Some sense this unconsciously.

The goal of life is to know it consciously and not lose it. This is called Self- realisation or oneness with our true nature: God.

Something can also be called an attainment which is not permanent. Spiritual evolution has many stages. In Sri Chinmoy's teachings, some Christian Saint's, indeed Swamis' also, were not Realised. Yet they achieved a level of attainment.

Born again is a conscious remebering through Grace, of our natural state. A state of awakening comes which we had, obviously, but were not conscious of. It is not the final thing but a sudden illumination.

Paul had this on the way to Damascus. I had it through reading a book. Masters of the Highest calibre, like Christ, can give that experience.

Both receptivity or God's Hour, call it Grace, is necessary.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on December 14, 2019:

Another wonderful piece that I got much from.

Can you explain "attainment" to me in just your own words?

I think we are born "attained". I am contemplating this along with "Born Again".

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