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Thankfulness Project: Love

I'm a daughter, granddaughter & niece of pastors. I love God & studying the Bible and want to empower others to do the same.


And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. - 1 John 4:16

A delighted squeal and running that launches into a hug from a beloved niece, nephew, or grandchild is a wonderful expression of love, with their little arms so tight around your neck you can barely breathe. A caring card from a friend on a birthday or anniversary (even a sad one). Being hugged, or your hand grabbed and held on the way into the store. An unexpected gift for no reason at all. Words that lift you up when you’re struggling or overwhelmed. Help given without being asked for. Doing an activity with someone merely because it brings them joy. Sitting side by side or across the table from someone and just being content in their presence, to just look at someone, a family member, a friend (perhaps long-absent), and to know that I am loved by them.


And yet God’s love is so much more filling of all my empty places and more enjoyably satisfying than any other love we will ever experience. Human love can be disappointing and unfulfilling. People don’t hug us every time we want, or for as long as we desire. Their words don’t comfort us as we need. When we need encouragement or someone else to be as excited as we are, sometimes we find no words at all, or just a shrug. When we give someone a gift, their face may show disappointment instead of delight over the thing we spent hours making or looking for, or others miss the hint of the gift we wanted for our birthday or an anniversary. But God…

When I am excited or encouraged by something I see or a beautiful song I hear, not only am I free to delight in it, I can also delight in the love of the One who created it for me to see and enjoy. When I need a kind or encouraging or hopeful word from someone, God’s Word overflows with them—it is His love letter to me, to the entire human race. He tells us we are honored in His sight because He loves and adores us. When the humans I love don’t have the energy or time for me, God waits patiently all day for me to communicate with Him, eager to hear anytime of day or night. When I need a hug, He will and has held me, as long as I needed, and as often. When I regret my past or I hurt over wrongs, He reminds me I am forgiven and of His grace, that His back bore the stripes.


When I sorrow, His heart aches as badly as mine, and He knows my pain without a word, though I am also free to share all my stories, all my sorrows, all my sufferings with Him as many times as I desire, and He never grows tired of hearing it, of anything I have to tell Him (though He does long for my healing, and my thoughts to be on what is lovely, pure, praiseworthy…). He never brushes me aside with “Yeah, you told me that already.” I can repeat my favorite memories to Him. When I am excited or thrilled, He thrills with me. He is the Husband who never cheats, whose eyes never find me unsatisfying, whose tone is never rude, who never puts me down or hurts me with His words or makes a joke in front of others at my expense. He doesn’t lie, and He will never betray me, no matter how many times I did to Him. He values me, esteems me highly. He is always patient, always kind, always more generous than I deserve. He knows all my heart, mind, and intentions and never misunderstands me. He always desires my best interests and all the desires of my heart are accounted for in His plan. He protects me. His love is perfect.

For more verses on love, read 1 John 4:7-10, 1 Corinthians 13, Song of Solomon 8:7.

© 2020 Amanda Lorenzo

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