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Thankful For One More Day

Kathy is a retired rehabilitation therapist, a survivor in her own right, and a published author who finds life stages unique and shareable.

New Day!

New Day!

One More Day For Your Story to Unfold

God is in our story. A great reason to be thankful for one more day. You made it through twenty-four hours, and that is an accomplishment to behold. Now, how do we make an impact when everyone is streaming their story? The latest content creators filter images, avoiding the tough stuff. But why hide our genuine struggles? It can make us unapproachable. It’s hard to escape the distorted views on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube with skewed versions of people’s reality. Have you noticed influencers getting more honest with their content? I think it’s refreshing, even though an occasional good filter can add spackle to a few age lines. But sharing your real story matters; it can change something or someone. Imagine the little ways you leave an imprint and don’t even know it.

I choose to write my cathartic tidbit. I am lulled into the belief that through our genres, we can share hope. Now you may ask what makes one compelled to release onto the blank pages. Well, for me it is pure faith that it may help someone, or better yet, I will learn something. Writing is one small way to connect ideas and open conversation.

We jolted awake today. You’re reading this, right? So, we have breath in our lungs. That’s huge! You may say, how boringly stupid, and no one cares. But you are wrong!

You lived a perfect day. A snippet of your story, a day filled with the complexities of life. Then you settled, closed your eyes, either struggled or drifted off to sleep; and guess what? You opened your eyes, and wham it was another day. There are those who didn’t open their eyes, quite humbling, don’t ya think? Hence, what else can we do but find purpose in one more day? God already wrote the details. Just hang on and let the story unfold.

We Understood The Assignment


We Understood The Assignment

So, let’s focus on the possibilities. There’s a shock when you wake, yet in the simplicity of the mundane, we realize there’s more time for miracles and messes to occur, allowing change. Your destiny could be a minute away. Don’t quit; you matter. Close your eyes, breathe and re-boot.

I don’t live your story. Truth is, sharing mine will not hold much space in your brain, because yours occupies with methods to survive your own journey. Life is complex, many living paycheck to paycheck, while experiencing a complicated and intense developing reality. What if we try an assignment? Do a quick synopsis of your year. Give yourself permission to marinade in it with respect and awe of your story.

Here is my synopsis for the assignment. I suggested you do it; so, here’s my example. Inhale — here goes!

COVID, yep, it still stinks! Consistent losses and world change fosters new anxieties; overwhelmed feelings of being kicked. Babies were born, and we basked in their sweetness, but new rules of social distance clouded the precious time for family. Health scares came and went, then snuck in again, often accompanied by loneliness. I promise we had fantastic stuff too, but we can all admit it’s been tough. Weddings were blissful, full of new beginnings, though planning was tricky with post covid regime rules. Funerals were painful as friends and loved ones passed, shocking our stability, and we toppled, but kept going. The onslaught of life events could not help but spill over, causing family upheaval to surface through difficulties. We realized how freeing it is to break trauma cycles through genuine honesty. Learning, loving, and letting go while adapting to fresh starts and new dynamics. Navigating feelings of real life disappointments, joys, and forgiveness. Hard, yes, but super important. Proud of progress, we made memories, laughter returned, and we are thankful God is in the details of growth through actual tough stuff. Financial attacks on everyone’s livelihood, gas, groceries, and uncertainty soar, but we are becoming more resourceful. Yay for us, we are developing from the chaos and doing it well! General political and spiritual warfare continues, but no matter what, faith gets us through one more fabulous discombobulated unexpected day!—and, exhale.

We understood the assignment. Now your turn, quick, run, get paper or tap away on the keys and blurb your year. Just jot down what comes to mind. Blurt out your synopsis, as only you can understand what connects to each word you express. Euphoria or tragedy marked each moment of your getting to today.

Fueled By Grace We are Unstoppable

I bet by now you realize grace is a requirement for everyone. Life is fast and slow, always changing. Our reactions often stem from the emotion related to our personal stories. We experience peaks and valleys, not always understanding their unique importance amid life happening. When we purge or listen, hearing someone’s truth, in hindsight, we realize life lessons we didn’t expect.

I believe to stop and take inventory is a good idea. Be proud of your tenacity and fortitude fueled by pure grace. Hey, fellow earthlings, life is full of trauma, fight, and flight are actual reactions to true anxiety producing events. Stress can affect you. Allow yourself that humanness, as we are learning, forgiving, and moving toward our tomorrows. We go up ladders, and slip down slides, as life bewilders. Regardless of differences, our status is temporary and we should recognize we are seeking our true purpose in the story. As the circus swirls around us, we labor to inhale and exhale. But you did! You made it through to today.

I’m not sure what you had to overcome. Perhaps you loved someone, even yourself, for one more day; You may alter someone’s life in ways you never imagined. Are you the person who stayed clean of addiction or a negative habit today? You are a rock star! Did you help a child release emotion after a meltdown, snuggling in to let them know their emotions matter and that it’s okay to not to be okay? Thank you for loving the littles, you are mentors. You may have gone to work, came home, and then cared for others; you’re a magnificent human! Did you take steps to further your learning? Maybe paid a bill, took a test, got a driver’s license, swallowed the medicine that makes you sick but keeps you going? I want to tell you how fantastic you are, and that you matter. Today is more because you have made memories, met challenges, prayed for answers, given hope, and had faith.

Those days when you think it’s not worth the effort, routine, or you’re not enough. I have something to tell you. God is in the details. Allow the ebb and flow and His Spirit to fuel your heart. We are part of the story, with a daily chance to live and love for one more day!

Psalm 37: 23-24

“The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.”

God Is In The Story

© 2022 Kathy Henderson