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Take The Long Way Home


How can we have faith in our direction, if our direction is not based on faith?

There is a song by the 70's rock band 'Supertramp', that I have always loved, called;


It reminds me of the Israelites Exodus, and the Israelites Exodus reminds me of us.

What should have taken, with over 2 million men women and children, 3 weeks at the very most, took 40 years. What should and could have been a somewhat direct line between Egypt and Israel, became to most convoluted and crazy loop-de-loop. What was a path to that distination, became a path that was completely an around about and out of the way of that destination, to then finally down and into it.

And it wasn't because they got lost, or it was not because they didnt have a map.

It was because they had more fear of their surroundings, than they had faith in their GOD...and folks, that can be us too!

Let's just think about that for a moment; They had just passed through the opened and dried up red sea, and then watched as it came back and covered up and destroyed the Egyptians that were chasing them. They had a pillar of smoke to guide them during the day, and a pillar of fire at to protect them at night. Those are some extremely visible and very powerful examples of God within their midst. Yet, with all of that, they STILL had more fear of their surroundings, than faith in God!

But you are probably asking yourself; What does that have to to with us?

Because, my friend, that can often BE US!


How is it we can see it, feel it, hear it, but not believe it.

So, a line from that Supertramp song 'Take The Long way Home' is;


If you are like me, there are probably times in your life where you have had concerns about things not working out. Fears over problems in marraiges, children, finances, relationships, jobs, health, on and on and on. That can seem to be a natural thing for us, to have fear about stuff.

But what if you're a Christian, is it still a natural thing to you?

There is a verse for that answer that I believe sums that up;

They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. (2 Timothy 3:5)

So, the answer is 'It shouldn't be!'.

No matter what is going on around us, with us, or in us, the power of God will sustain us, and provide the peace that strengthens us. But...If we, who believe in God and His power, live like people in the World who do not even recognize His power, then what kind of examples are we as Christian's of Gods power? Jokes, that is what kind of examples we are. Big jokes of Christianity, is what we are to those who see is. When a person who is not a Christian, examines a person who IS a Christian, and see's the same fear, bitterness, anger, or depression, it makes that person a joke of Christian faith to the viewer.

God was right about sending them around the Philistines, they would have run right back to Egypt, but the Israelites were even worse than that...they didn't just fear war, they feared EVERYTHING! With all the examples of God and His presence being there WITH THEM, they still had more fear than faith.

That is why God said; "No one from this evil generation shall see the good land I swore to give your ancestors." (Dueteronomy 1:35)

Because they forgot. And because they blew it, they lost out on the wonderful gift that God had for them.

This is where you're really saying; But what does this have to do with me?

God has my back


So, what does this have to do with me?

So what it comes down to is, like the Israelites, we can find ourselves NOT believing that God has our fronts, because we forgot that God has had our back.

Stop and think about that.

Where are you now? Reading this, on an electronic device, probably clothed, food in your stomach and obviously VERY MUCH ALIVE to be able to do it. Making this simple truth evident; God has brought you through everything so far. All the fears, all the problems, all the times you saw no way out, there was a path that God had chosen before you even knew it. We feared the future, because we forgot the past.

What is most common, is that the enemy like to have our thoughts of the past to bring shame and regret. Now, I am not saying to forget the past, but not to live in any shame or regret of it. Living in the shame of the past is what stops us from being most effective in the present, or of really trusting God in the future. And THAT is the enemies goal. To paralyze our faith.

So what this has to do with you, me, all of this;

We have His promises, we have His WORD. We can access His promises and His Word at any time we want to remind us of it too. We have His proof. We are alive, and we have made it through every obstacle in our past. God has protected us so far. So, based on that proof, we should surmise that He will continue to do so. We have no excuse. We should know it.

God has our backs, AND He also has our fronts.

We do not need to live in any shame for our past, and we should not live in any fear of our future.

That way, the path that we take, will be direct. It will be right to our destination. It will not be a long out of the way loop-de-loop that takes 100 times longer than it needed to take, because we will be walking in FAITH!

Stop taking the long way home.