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Surrendered My Life For Christ

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Overflowing happiness when we surrender our lives for Christ. Huge difference from not having Christ to having Him in life.


To Whom You Are Depending To?

Being a child of our fathers is one of the greatest gifts we could ever have in this world. Having a father who would want only nothing but the best in life is very sweet and loving. Who are we to say no for the best right? We all want that. That's why we would want to depend on our fathers because we know he has so much in store for us which always makes us excited to see how big and beautiful the stuff he has for us. Those eyes and lips are smiling because of that excitement.

Our father here on earth is like the Father we have in heaven, both of them would only want the best for us. So let's see what we have below when we surrender our life to our God Father. Let's depend on Him.

  • As our Father, He will be the one who will protect us from any harm
  • He will let the Holy Spirit fill our hearts, minds, and souls to avoid doing evil things and not be tempted
  • We, as His children will be taught things about how to overcome hardships in life
  • Our Father will teach us how to endure the pain while He is mending our hearts in His process
  • He will teach us to trust Him with all our hearts no matter how difficult the situation is
  • As a kid, He will never let us stumble into something evil while we are walking on the journey of life, He will help us walk with faith to not get easily fall down just like our fathers here on earth.
  • God wants us to relax and trust Him as He goes into the battlefield and fight for us. That battle is not ours, it's His.
  • His plans cannot be amended by anyone. His timing is not delayed. His love is steadfast. We are keeping Him busy when we pray.

You can take a look at the picture below to see the life and the love between a child and a father which is similar to God's love for us.


You Made the Right Choice

Have you encountered the most difficult situation in your life? The situation that you haven't handled before. The situation never crossed your mind to happen nor you did not see it coming.

I know it is difficult. I may not know the exact feeling of being in that situation, but know that we are all the same, we are all humans that living the same world, however, not all of us has the same way of living the world with God in our hearts and that's where the handling things will come in because we have a choice.

You made the right choice if you surrender your life to God because:

  • The way you see things will become more different - If you encountered difficult things, you will not see or think about any negative things to do just to overcome instead you will choose to endure and pray to God.
  • You will not depend on your own understanding - In decision making, you will not depend on your own understanding instead you will ask God's wisdom to do the right thing and align to His will.
  • You will have careful thought - It will take you some time to do a certain thing because you just don't want your emotion to be your decision-maker or your driver when you want something to achieve.
  • You will choose to pray over getting into a fight - when you are persecuted you will avoid the fight or revenge instead you will pray for them.
  • You will be wiser in everything you do - you will not just do a certain task without thinking about it wisely, for example buying stuff impulsively.

These are just some of the things that you will become when your life is surrendered to God.


Worry No More

The world has full of uncertainties that's why we need someone who knows what the future holds. We did not create the world and so we need who created it. We don't have the ability to see what will happen in the future and so we need someone who can guarantee that we will have a better one. That is God.

I know there will be days that we are so happy as if things are really going so well and are in place that we don't worry about anything and so we forget God. I hope even if we are either having good or bad times, we don't forget God. Because either of the two is being given by God. Could be He wants us to have a lighter day to thank Him or a challenging one to come closer to Him.

If our lives are surrendered to God, we worry about nothing because it is being fought for us and all we need to do is to trust Him with all our hearts. We do not have control over the things in this world but God does. God knows everything because He was the one who created the world and knows how an issue will be resolved. So let's surrender our lives if all the impossible can be possible in His ways and stop worrying.


Bible Verses

Allow me to share these verses with you all.

Philippians 4:6
"Don't worry about anything instead pray about everything."

Matthew 6:34
"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."



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