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Soul Untroubled


Heart And Soul

There is a principle of life that we call the soul. It is said to be the spiritual part of us, an aspect of our fundamental nature. We often regard the soul as a distinct entity, a mere piece of who we are. For ages man has wondered as to its location, and it is often associated with the mind, the place from where thoughts and ideas arise, or perhaps more often with the heart, from where love and compassion are said to arise. It would be interesting to imagine that our souls are present in both our hearts and minds and that we are our souls and are souls are us, the only distinction being that our souls are that aspect of us that is forever untroubled.

We may sometimes worry about that part of us that is the soul; what will happen to it when the body goes? If we die before we wake, which direction will it take? We may worry about our souls, but our souls worry not. They are just fine. So, at some level, so must we be.

When we are down, we may say that our hearts and minds are troubled -- troubled down to our very souls. But being aware that our souls are by their nature, untroubled, maybe it is our souls that we should look towards for comfort and uplifting, becoming alive to all that fundamental untroubled-ness. We can imagine that we are our souls, and our souls are us, and that our souls are trouble free, for how could we imagine otherwise when we understand that the soul is God's infinitely loving and untroubled spirit within.

Soul And Spirit

When we see the soul as a part of the higher power that is God, the soul becomes more than what we may have thought it to be. Instead of being a small part of us, we can see it as a very large part. It's that piece of God, and the peace of God, that lies within. With this, all good things are possible. Moving through the world, our souls precede us, bringing smiles to faces, then leaving behind feelings of peace and well-being. With a little faith, we can become alive to our souls and be bearers of cheer and good will, and with a little faith, we can be alive to our souls and feel for ourselves this well-being. Faith is more than believing. Faith is remembering and practicing. We become alive to our souls when we practice being bearers of good will. We do this with cheerful words and kindly actions, friendly greetings and wishing well so longs. We become alive to our souls when we remember that we are powerful spiritual beings in this physical world yet not at odds with it. The eternal goodness of God embraces and enhances the world, and through our souls, we too enhance. Faith leads to trust, and trust is letting go, allowing the untroubled spirit of God to abide in us, allowing ourselves to be our souls


God And Soul

We have been told that we were made in the image and likeness of God. We naturally believe this to mean that we look like God, and it is comforting to know that God can have face that smiles upon us. But what if there is a deeper level of meaning to this idea, a spiritual level where we, as our souls, share the qualities of beauty and love, and all that is good, the qualities that are of God. Although we may not always feel untroubled, we remind ourselves of the power of faith and trust, and the power of the eternal spirit within as we go about our business, practicing at every step. And we grow, becoming that better part of us, that higher part of us that is the soul.

Soul Untroubled

We are our souls. We have always been our souls. When we were infants, we knew this well, and it's probably the only thing we did know, because we could not physically tell the difference between ourselves and a hole in the wall, but we knew how to smile -- and we still do. We may have appeared to be small, but being our souls, we were quite large. As we grew, we grew out of some things and we may have forgotten about soul, forgetting completely or relegating it to some little thing inside us. As we grew further, we grew out of more things, and as we became too big for our breeches, we grew smaller to our souls. It may now be time to grow back into them.

We are our souls, and our souls are untroubled, and this may be sometimes difficult to see or feel because of the troubles we often experience in our lives. There may be situations or circumstances that bring us stress and worry, frustration and disappointment. We may have some physical ailments, or some not so healthy habits, as well as some hurtful memories. We may find ourselves at times being impatient and unkind. We may become angry, angry with others, ourselves, and even angry with God. The best we can do is to stop and be still, letting go, turning our attention towards all the good things, cherishing them. We put our faith to work by remembering that God is good, and that the world is good. We remind ourselves that soul and spirit do not suffer from these troubles. We put our faith to work by practicing kindness and patience. We are patient with ourselves; we are patient with others; we are patient with God. We turn inward, and as we do; we may catch a glimpse of all the good that is inside us, the good that we are made of. Looking outward, we may catch a glimpse of all the good that surrounds us. We move forward, even if means just taking a few small steps on that feel good path. Unhurried and unharried, we begin to become more alive to the freedom that lives in the untroubled-ness of our souls.

Our souls are free and so are we, trouble free and, in a way perhaps, free from gravity. Being alive to our souls is rising above, if just for the moment, our troubles, as in a flying dream, soaring skyward to see even more of the good that surrounds us, then floating back to this good earth. We do this while we are awake and alive, the untroubled soles of our feet firmly planted. Balanced and focused, we see direction. So, we continue to grow within our souls, and to this growth may there be no limit, as we continue on that upward spiral path with soul and spirit.


© 2014 Paul K Francis