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Song: What You Don’t Know #2

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In different islands, countries, and continents, all over the world there are local songs, some of those local songs with the advent of internet, have been able to cross boundaries to other continents, but I am not sure if the song I have mimicked to compose this song has. Whatever it is I believe you are going to enjoy the wordings of the song, even if you do not know the song.

We are family, we are one

Composed Song


What you don’t know, you will abuse

What you don’t know, you ‘ll ignore (greatly)

What you don’t know you will not value

‘Cause you don’t know it, you ‘ll d’dain it.

Solo 1:

After the children of Israel

Had crossed also the red sea

They continued on in their journey

Through the wilderness to promised land


Solo 2:

In the wilderness of the Shur

They ‘ve been journeyin’ for three days (oh Yea)

But they couldn’t find water to drink

Till they get to land of Marah


Solo 3:

Water ‘vailable in land of Marah

It is e’en ‘xtremely bitter (oh yea)

And the people cant drink out of it

‘Cause of its bitterness it’s undrinkable


Solo 4:

Then the people began to murmur

‘Gainst Moses and the Lord

They were asking what they ‘ll even drink

Even from Moses and Lord


Solo 5:

While doing all these there even

Was a tree ‘side bitter waters

But none of them know the use of it

Thus they ignore it, they disdain it


Solo 6

As they continued with their murmuring

Then Moses stepped aside to a place

Where he cried out unto Jehovah

For his miracles and wonders


Solo 7:

Just about then, Lord opened his eyes

And he shewed him even a tree

Which they ‘ve been seeing but they have ignored

As the miracle tree they needed


Solo 8:

And Moses stand even to his feet

And walked to where the tree is

Cutting one of the branches there of

Which was cast into the waters


Solo 9:

And when the tree gets inside the waters

And its constituents mix with it

The bitterness of the water

Was even removed and becomes sweet


Solo 10:

There the Lord even proved them

And he made for ‘em a statute

He also made ordinances for ‘em

To show unto ‘em how great he is



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