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Song: What You Don’t Know #1

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In different islands, countries, and continents, all over the world there are local songs, some of those local songs with the advent of internet, have been able to cross boundaries to other continents, but I am not sure if the song I have mimicked to compose this song has. Whatever it is I believe you are going to enjoy the wordings of the song, even if you do not know the song.

We are Heirs of the Father

The Composed Song


What you don’t know, you will abuse

What you don’t know, you ‘ll ignore (greatly)

What you don’t know you will not value

‘Cause you don’t know it, you ‘ll d’dain it.

Solo 1:

There’s even an ancient pool

At Jerusalem by the sheep gate (oh yea)

This pool ‘lso have five entrances

That people could take to enter there


Solo 2:

And this pool in the Hebrew word

Is also called, Bethesda (Oh yea)

At the entrance of this ancient pool

Lie great multitude of the sick folks (ones)


Solo 3:

Angel at certain time ‘ld enter the pool

And he will also stir the pool (strongly)

Leaving the healing power of the Almighty God

‘Ven inside the pool for one to be healed


Solo 4:

The first person with infirmity

Who could enter into the pool (after stirring)

Such a one will even receive

An instant healing from his diseases


Solo 5:

There’s a man ‘mong the multitude

Who had ‘firmity for thirty-eight years (in pain)

He had been there for a very long time

Yet he wasn’t healed he was in pain


Solo 6

Then Jesus when he sees him

Having known that it’s been long (very long)

That he had been in that position

He even asks of him will you be made whole?


Solo 7:

He does not know whom Jesus was

Thence he answered “sir, I ‘ve gotten (no one)

Not even a man who will assist me

To put me inside the pool after it’s stirred


Solo 8:

Jesus after this also says to him

Rise up and take up thy bed

Begin to walk for you have been healed

From thine ‘firmities you ‘ve been made whole


Solo 9:

And instantly the man was made whole

He took up his bed an’ begins to walk (amen)

For he did not know whom Jesus was

That cometh to him and healed him


Solo 10:

You may also not ‘ven know Jesus

He is healer, the Son of God\

The Great and mighty One of the Universe

He’s the King of kings, the Lord of lords


Solo 11:

Yea He is ready to do His wonders

Even in thine life only if

You ‘ll allow him to enter thine heart

Miracle you ‘ll receive and be saved



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