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Song: Secret Things Belong to God

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication



In different islands, countries, and continents, all over the world there are local songs, some of those local songs with the advent of internet, have been able to cross boundaries to other continents, but I am not sure if the song I have mimicked to compose this song has. Whatever it is I believe you are going to enjoy the wordings of the song, even if you do not know the song.

Come and take your place oh Lord.

The Composed Song

1. God knows human hearts better/2x

More than how humans know their hearts/2x

2. God Knows ‘dividual’s heart better/2x

More than the one whose heart is in his body/2x

3. Jesus knows all men on earth/2x

Thence he commits not himself to men/2x

4. Spirit of man is God’s candle/2x

Which he uses to search hearts of man/2x

5. Secrets of the hearts of the men/2x

Only God knows and search ‘em out/2x

6. Secret things b’long to Lord our God/2x

But revealed things b’long to us and our c’ldren/2x

7. The thoughts inside the hearts of men/2x

Tend only towards vanity/2x

8. No thought can be w’tholden from thee/2x

The ruler of the Universe/2x

9. My downsitin’ an’ uprisin’ thou know/2x

You understan’ my thought afar off/2x

10. My path an’ lying down you surround/2x

You ‘re acquainted with all of my ways/2x

11. Words in my tongue that I want to say/2x

They ‘re not hidden to you my Lord/2x

12. I beseech thee my heav’nly Father/2x

Compass me ‘ven with thy mercy/2x


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