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Sharing Your Faith With Others

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I am passionate about writing spiritual insights and thought-provoking articles and sharing encouragement with people. Be encouraged!


Never Box God, Share It!

Life will never give us an easy trial, it will always be a challenging one. But even if life is showing us how hard it is, may we still see the brighter side of it to continue to live.

An example would be, if we have a friend, colleague, or member of our family who is experiencing a hardship, let's talk to them and be an encourager. People who have been hurt can hurt others too, so before that happens while they're with us, let's talk to them and share our faith. There is no other beautiful way of encouraging hopeless people apart from showing or sharing our faith.

When we encourage other people, they are not just the one who gets encouraged, but it is the both of you because you will learn from their experience and at the same time they will learn from you by sharing them your faith or your testimonies.

Sharing our testimonies to others can be their guide in overcoming the same situation you have experienced in the past. And it will always be good to do it for others. Our hearts will be filled with so much joy by helping others through sharing our faith.


How to Share Our Faith?

There may be times that it will be awkward to share our faith, especially for those non-believer friends, but I hope that awkwardness will never be a hindrance to spreading the good news to others which is the "gospel". When our friends are worried or about giving up their life, it is an opportunity for us to talk to them and let them know who Jesus Christ is.

Here are the things you can do to share your faith with your loved ones and non-believer friends or members of the family:

Talk over a cup of coffee - Sit down and have a cozy chat over coffee with a friend is a good way of showing them how important they are to you, spending a few minutes or hours and sharing your faith is very worth it. When you ask them how they are doing, just listen, let them share everything they have experienced in life after some time that you were apart from each other. After listening, give your feedback and share your faith with him/her.

Show your bible - After hearing your friend about what they are going through, you can open your bible and give him/her encouragement from the bible. There are so many verses in the bible that can bring your feeling back to life. From being a hopeless one to a person who is now full of hope because you just knew that the Lord Jesus Christ will never leave you alone.

Share the gospel - Having so much pain in our hearts is an awful feeling and I really know that. But sharing the gospel with a friend who has a heavy feeling, can make him/her surrender everything he/she is going through. When we share the gospel and once they have accepted Jesus Christ in their lives, that's already one of the biggest help that we can do who needs Christ in their lives.

Pray for them - After the sharing moments, you can pray for your friend, it is also one of the biggest help that we could ever do to a friend who is going through tough times. Jesus said in the bible to pray for one another because God truly listens to us. When we pray for others, it can give them so much peace in their hearts and minds after hearing the word from the bible, and the gospel. Never underestimate prayers!


Be a Friend by Showing Love

People who are going through something difficult are not just the people who are non-believers or believers. Tough times are being encountered by all of us that sometimes we can no longer understand why it is happening to our lives, but even if life is too difficult sometimes, we can always still find happiness in any circumstances.

There are times that we are called to share our faith because we have a friend or a person who we just met in a small and simple event at church or could be to anyone and from anywhere. That calling is sometimes can give you hesitations because the enemy does' want you to do it, he hates seeing people being together for Christ. So when that feeling arises, remember it is just a lie from the enemy. Ignore it and move forward with your calling.

God would really love for you to share with people about Him. It glorifies Him, and we are making Him smile for that. With that simple act, our God can smile at us and will even reward us for being a good child of Him. When we share our faith with others, it is showing love to others because we want them to overcome hardship just like what we have experienced, and this is also showing love to God because we are making Him known to people.

Showing love to others makes everything easy even if we are facing a too difficult situation in life. Remember, God wants us to love one another because He first loved us.


Bible Verses

Allow me to share these verses with you all.

Psalms 96:3

Tell people about His glory. Tell all the nations about His miracles.

1 John 5:10

The one who believes in the son of God has this testimony within Him.

Hebrews 3:14

When we have come to share Christ if indeed we hold out original conviction firmly to the very end.


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