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Seek and Surrender

Paul has an enthusiasm for exploring the world of faith and spiritual well being, which he wishes to share through all that he writes.



Life is a journey of many paths. I have often found myself on what may be described as a seeking path. But what is it exactly that I seeking? I think that some beauty and wisdom can be worthy objectives, and a little peace and joy may also fit the bill. Perhaps what I am really looking for is to know better the mind of the higher power that is called God. This sounds like a tall order, but the bit of wisdom I already possess tells me that I just may find that which I seek, and that more wisdom will come my way when I understand, "what is right and just and fair - every good path." On this road, wisdom enters my heart and knowledge is pleasant for my soul. I have learned that God, "has made everything beautiful in its time." And I know that "there is nothing better for men than be happy and do good while they live. That everyone may eat and drink and find satisfaction in all his toil - This is the gift of God." Beauty, peace, and joy exist as parts of the natural state of God's reality, and they are here and available to all.


Every Good Path

Every good path is any that is trod upon by people of good will. But one good path may take a completely different course than another. The world is full of diverse cultures that follow different spiritual ways, as it also contains many who follow their own path, not deferring to a higher power or believing in a god. But they all walk the good path when they proceed with goodness and love in their hearts.

There are people who serve humanity through their works in medicine and curative endeavors. There are those who spend their lives seeking justice and fairness for all people. There are some who seek insights into the mysteries of existence through the exploration of the physical world, from the expanse of the cosmos to subatomic particles, while others do likewise through deep thought and reflection. Some pursue these things and more without an inclination to a power or intelligence, while others see a deep connection. And there are those whose most important purpose in life is to provide and care for their families, finding joy in their toils, as well as in their celebrations. And of the paths toward peace and joy containing hearts and souls full of kindness and compassion, there are many.

It looks like I am having some sucess in my seeking, as I continue to gain a little more wisdom here and there, but there are times when I feel that much is eluding me. When I am physically or emotionally down, I may find myself straying onto the path of anger and impatience, not feeling very kind or loving. Any beauty, peace, or joy seems to be very far away, or at the very least have gone into hiding. So, I take a moment to stop and slow. I breathe and let go. I remind myself that these good things are always present and realize that I am the one who is hiding. I am surrounded by them, and they want in. I am being sought, as I believe we all are. Beauty seeks us. Joy wants us. Wisdom is knocking on our doors. Peace just wants to be. I pause from seeking these things as to possess them, and instead, surrender to them as to receive them. And perhaps a little wisdom does enter my heart, as my soul feels the pleasantness of some newfound understanding. Now I find myself just seeking a little forgiveness and healing - and some humility.


There are times during my seeking when, again, I feel myself straying. finding myself on the path of self-righteousness and judgement. This can be very distracting, enough so that I may begin to lose my way and find myself walking into doors and tripping over roots. So, I pick myself up, brush myself off, and, removing any splinters (or planks) from my eyes, I continue on my way. But as I rise, I catch a glimpse of the man with the withered hand. He cannot see. He is lame and cannot make his way into the healing pools. I see this man and realize that there is no reason that I cannot be healed by him. So, I surrender further. I surrender to the forgiving and healing ways of Christ. I surrender because I am surrounded. I am surrounded by light. I am surrounded by love. I surrender and become a prisoner. I become a prisoner of peace, a prisoner of freedom. And with compassion and a humble spirit, I move along.

I continue my journey of seeking because I now know that there is no limit to what can be found. There is no limit to the compassion and understanding of which we are all capable. There is no limit to the ever-flowing love. This is wisdom. This is beauty. This is peace and joy. And perhaps this is truly a glimpse into the mind of that higher power that is God.

Life is a journey of many paths. And I will continue on my seeking path because I know that God has, "set eternity in the hearts of men; but they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end." I am a seeker.


Biblical Notes

  • "what is right and just...." - Proverbs 2:9-10
  • "has made everything beautiful...." - Ecclesiastes 3:11
  • "there is nothing better...." - Ecclesiastes 3:12-13
  • "God has set eternity...." - Ecclesiastes 3:11

This article contains my own views concerning these scriptural passages and is not intended to challenge any other views or any beliefs based on them.

© 2021 Paul K Francis

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