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Season's Greetings! I Welcome You With All My Love. Thursday's Homily for the Devout 17

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

The Flame of God's Light. To my Friend's



"Namaste! The Light in me, pays homage

To the Light in you. When my little ‘i’, merges

Into the Emptiness of sleepless Self, we’ll both

Blend together in harmony, for we are One." - Lantern Carrier


Homily for the Soul

Season's Greetings! The first stanza of my poem welcomes you, an acknowledgement of the Light in you, as YOU:

"From Delight we came,

In Delight we grow

At the end of our journey's close,

To Delight we shall return." - Vedic scripture.

I have come to you in the Spirit of Love ... of forgiveness. Pardon my transgressions even as I entreat the Ordainer Supreme to forgive others. This is a time of beauty --to smell the fragrant roses, to watch the jasmines clap as lavenders blush. To await the singing of the inner nightingales, whispering the eloquence of the one called Christ.

No need to believe, of course. The Festival of Lights is hidden in the smiles of our children, in family love and in the beauty of nature. It shines in our generosity and goodness, our kindness, altruism and benevolent Spirit. It has no labels or doctrines for the soul.

Let us give thanks and praise, but remember those who do not have, for the Light shines in the downtrodden and the homeless too. Their hearts are equally stirred by a decent cup of coffee, as a serene 'O Holy Night.', for deep down, we are one.

This is a time for merriment, true, but it took a stranger from Wuhan, China, to show us that this is in fact a globally connected world. Just yesterday, I thought of my brother and sister in Texas. He felt it in Grenada, W.I, just as she did in Texas.

The sitar of the Invisible, is the same note, shining in our souls .... in our breaths: This sweet realm where our joys and sorrows are made; where our Paths of love and hate, day and night, good and evil collide, each trying to swing the pendulum, for the greater or seemingly lesser good.

"Blessed are the merciful", said the Christ. Blessed was his parents indeed and what a good shepherd was Joseph. A mother of all mothers, Mary was! Such a cute and sacred child lying in the stable of a manger, roughing it in such a way, so as to remind us to be humble, kind, peaceful.

"Blessed are the peacemakers", He said, for they shall be called the children of God." "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." (Biblical scripture)


Yet the heart of what we do at Christmas, is all about Gratitude, of showing appreciation, of coming together as a family, in the cause of harmony and oneness. Of good food too, and perhaps my loving friend Linda, is doing her culinary best, even as I write.

But we celebrate the Inner Light, as everything begins in the inner world in seed form. Whether its Hanukkah, Ramadhan, Diwali or otherwise. They reflect the lives of all those who left us benchmarks to follow. Don't expect too much of yourself; neither should you feel sad or lonely. Not even dejected or in despair.

We cannot move faster than Grace and Allah or the Supreme Entity, knows us all and guides us according to our receptivity to Love. There is beauty in all things and Louis Armstrong was only repeating the Heart of the Seer, when he said that it's a beautiful world.

Challenges are made to strengthen us and a rose never grows without thorns. Sunsets seemingly dies, only to herald the night, which in turn acts as a precursor to the luminous dawn.

When I am down and lonely, I hear the carols which enchants my heart, I see a Santa with his sleigh and reindeer ... the snowflakes invigorates my breath so I can feel pure and alive again. There's gaiety on streets, in buses and trains, while we hold lavish parties at my workplace.

O.k, so things are different this year, we say. Are they? The God of Abraham and Isaac; of David and Jacob in the well ... of the good Samaritan ... of Lazarus, is neither dead nor sleeping, but constantly knocks in the Heart of humans.

We go seeking the treasure, like the deer, forgetting that the musk is within our own body. In that sense, adversity is merely a wake-up call, as the Beloved loves us, as It encourages us to rise and carry on the sojourn, to find our way Home.

"Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven." - The Christ.


Wisdom from the Master

"Mother Mary's feet were pure.

Father Joseph's eyes were sure.

Their son Jesus' Heart was both pure and sure." - Sri Chinmoy

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

You are Heaven's dearest child,

For the upliftment and enlightenment

of the whole world, You sleeplessly remain awake." - Sri Chinmoy

Wisdom from the Master

"We meditate on the Christ.

We repeat His Name countless times.

Without the Christ Consciousness,

Our life is totally lost.

Christ is for all.

He is our Divinity's son

And humanity's Father." - Sri Chinmoy

Fear not. A new dawn is beckoning!



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